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Tank Ideas

Discussion in 'Suggestions Box' started by Jang23, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Since I missed out on giving out a new tank idea on April 15th, I've decided to introduce 3 new tank ideas, 2 of these tank ideas are Special Tier while 1 of them is a Tier 2, could potentially be a Tier 3 depending on how powerful it's seen.

    Here's the 2nd and last tank idea associated with the Japanese Mafia theme. Combine the various fighting abilities of yakuza characters into 1 very powerful punching tank ^^

    Assassinator Tank (Special Tier)

    This tank was a former yakuza who was sent to assassinate higher ranking yakuza members of neighbouring yakuza clans. This was done to repay a debt that his own clan was in, and to learn some secrets about the fighting styles used by them to his advantage. When the infection came, he was one of the first to be bitten and turned into a powerful infected tank. Some of the survivors investigating a yakuza building came across this knowledge with information on the former yakuzas and thus named this tank, the Assassinator.

    Health: 1,000,000 HP
    Punch Damage: 300 HP
    Speed: 1.5
    Hit Interval: 1.0
    Blocks: Varies

    1. (Passive) Yakuza Styles: The tank changes up his fighting style every time it drops below a certain health threshold. This changes the weapons/abilities that the tank uses to fight the survivors with and his resistances to all damage sources. While changing fighting styles, the tank becomes damage immune for 10 seconds and heals off any bad statuses/effects it gained.
    2. (Passive) Brawler: When the tank reaches 90% HP, it changes to the Brawler fighting style. This gives the tank access to brawler HEAT actions, allowing him to wrestle survivors around and damage their body in various ways. The tank deals high claw damage but has slower move and attack speed. The tank can only be damaged by melee and true damage sources.
    3. (Passive) Rusher: When the tank reaches 60% HP, it changes to the Rusher fighting style. This gives the tank access to rush HEAT actions, allowing the tank to quickly overwhelm its target with the speed of its punches/kicks. The tank has lower claw damage, but has higher move and attack speed. Additionally the tank cannot use heavy weapons/objects while in this style. The tank can only be damaged by fire/blast/acid and bullet sources but has 30% damage reduction vs bullets.
    4. (Passive) Beast: When the tank reaches 30% HP, it changes to the Beast fighting style. This gives the tank access to beast HEAT actions, allowing the tank to brutally damage the survivor with more complicated wrestling and grappling actions, making quick work of them. The tank can use much heavier weapons/objects to attack the survivors but cannot claw attack in this style. The tank has 30% damage reduction to select sources and becomes damage immune to all other sources. Using HEAT actions changes which damage sources the tank can be affected by.
    5. (Passive) Legend: When the tank reaches 15% HP, it changes to the Legend fighting style. This lets the tank use all HEAT actions and allows him to combo survivors with his abilities having reduced cooldown. The tank deals major claw damage, has very high move and attack speed and can be damaged by all sources, having 30% damage reduction.
    6. (Passive) True Fighter: When the tank is about to die, it goes into its berserk state and regains 100k HP back. The tank then goes through all of its fighting styles again, requiring 25k HP be taken off to make the tank change fighting styles. The tank gains double HEAT and some of the heat HEAT actions can now instantly/permanently kill survivors if not dodged/mitigated. The tank gains 99% damage resistance while using them.
    7. (Passive) Last breath: Once the tank is about to die again, it goes into its desperate state and becomes damage immune. In this state, the tank gains very high claw damage, move and attack speed for 60 seconds. Additionally it can no longer use HEAT actions anymore, but any survivors killed through any means have a chance to become permanently dead. The tank will then explode and die after time passes.
    8. (Passive) HEAT: The tank gains HEAT through any claw attacks it does or from the punch abilities it performs on the survivors. After reaching a certain level of HEAT, the tank can spend it to unleash HEAT abilities, allowing it to dish out serious damage and effects to the survivors it targets. While gaining HEAT the tank also gains more claw damage and damage resistance. Any time the tank performs a heat ability, its damage resistance becomes 50%.
    9. (Passive) Object Attack: When the tank is in Rush/Beast style, it may pick up random objects on the ground that match its weight size and use them to attack the survivors with. Some of these objects let the tank deal more damage or inflict bad statuses to whoever it hits with them. The objects can also be used in some HEAT actions, and becomes discarded after 5 uses.
    10. (Passive) Punch Combo: When the tank is in Brawler style, it may dish out a series of combo punches to the current aggro target, dealing damage and stunning them at the end of the finishing move.
    11. (Passive) Rush: The tank may rush around in any direction, giving it a short burst of speed. The tank dodges all damage while it is rushing.
    12. (Passive) HEAT combo: While in legend style, the tank can combine HEAT actions to combo against a survivor/group of survivors at once while only paying the HEAT cost for 1 action. This comes at a cost of a short cooldown before the tank can act again.
    13. (Active - Rush HEAT) Object Obliterator: The tank uses the currently held object to deal a devastating effect to a targeted survivor/group of survivors. Melee weapons let it deal damage with varying bad statuses inflicted. Projectile weapons let the tank deal source based damage, ignoring defenses and giving nasty bad statuses. Unique weapons let the tank deal major damage and in some cases launch survivors into the sky. Objects used with this HEAT action become discarded after use.
    14. (Active - Rush HEAT) Disarm: The tank immediately deals a very fast punch to the nearest survivor, this stumbles the survivor and disarms them, making the survivor drop his primary/secondary weapons and melee weapons. The disarmed survivor becomes feared and cannot pick up anything for 10 seconds. The tank cannot target a recently disarmed survivor using this ability.
    15. (Active - Brawler HEAT) Arrest: The tank targets a survivor and attempts to knock them on their back, if successful, it places the target under arrest for 20 seconds, making the survivor unable to do any sort of actions. During this time, nearby infected will aggro to the arrested survivor and deal x2 damage, having a chance to inflict bleeding. Arrest has a higher chance to succeed VS low HP/incapacitated survivors and the tank cannot target recently arrested survivors.
    16. (Active - Brawler HEAT) Wrestle: The tank targets a survivor and wrestles them around. The effects of the tank wrestle can vary depending on the tank's animation, this may damage other nearby survivors near the victim or cause the tank to severely damage the victim and give bad statuses. The tank cannot be interrupted while wrestling.
    17. (Active - Beast HEAT) Heavy Charge: The tank prepares by bulking up for a few seconds, and then brutally charges towards the largest group of survivors nearby. Survivors caught in the tank's way take damage and are knocked into the air. If the tank impacts a survivor at the end, it grabs them and throws them into another group of survivors, dealing major damage and has a chance to give broken bones.
    18. (Active - Beast HEAT) Heavy Smash: With a heavy object in the tank's hand, it targets a nearby low HP/incapacitated survivor. The tank focuses with all its might for a few seconds, then smashes the object directly onto them. Depending on the size of the object it can deal major damage and heavily bleed them or instantly/permanently kill the victim if the object is very heavy in size. With very heavy objects the tank can be shot at to reduce the strength, allowing the victim to be saved if damaged enough. low HP/incapacitated survivors cannot be helped during this time.

    Since the Awakened Boiling Tank was awakened about a year ago, I've decided to go awaken the last dormant tank idea of the original 4.

    Awakened Pulverizer Tank (Special Tier)

    The survivors weren't able to stop a dormant tank from developing into an extremely powerful fighter tank variant. This tank boasts incredible strength, being able to dish out devastating effects to the survivors it pulverizes.

    Health: 700,000 HP
    Punch Damage: 500 HP
    Speed: 1.7
    Hit Interval: 0.5
    Blocks: Fire and Melee

    1. (Passive) Power Claw: The tank attacks deals an additional 5% current HP as damage, have increased range and cleaves in an area around.
    2. (Passive) Bulk up: The tank's bulky body gives him 25% damage resistance including true damage.
    3. (Passive) Fighter Spirit: The tank has the spirit of the Fighter Tank within itself, giving it a 10% chance to cause an explosive earthquake on hit with the chance increasing as the tank's health drops.
    4. (Passive) Pulverize: Every 7th punch on a target deals 3x damage, stuns and dazes them. If the tank knocks the affected survivor into a wall, they take additional damage and become binded for a short time.
    5. (Passive) Power Punch: Each time the survivor gets pulverized, they suffer from additional bad statuses: Confuse, Fear, Blind, Paralyze, etc. On the 15th pulverize, the tank deals an immensely powerful blow that instantly kills and destroys the body.
    6. (Passive) Pierce: The tank's Pulverize cannot be blocked by any means.
    7. (Passive) Penetration: The tank ignores defense.
    8. (Passive) No Survival: The tank gains move speed every second if it hasn't killed a survivor. It's move speed resets once it does.
    9. (Active) Super Disposal: The tank can pickup and throw away a nearby survivor. If thrown into another nearby survivor, both survivors suffer high damage, suffer broken bones and are moderately slowed. If thrown into a wall instead, the survivor takes major damage, becomes binded, then becomes heavily slowed and dizzy for a short time after. While picking up and throwing away a nearby survivor, the tank gains 50% damage resist.
    10. (Active) Earthen Fist: The winds up for a few seconds before punching the ground extremely hard, this makes a giant fist erupt out of the ground at a target's location, dealing major damage and flings the survivor away. At the tank and target's location it also causes an earthquake, launching nearby survivors into the air. While winding up, the tank gains 50% damage resist.
    11. (Active) Supreme Earthen Fist: The tank does an extremely loud yell while winding up for 5 seconds, staggering all survivors. It then punches the ground with tremendous force, sending shockwaves, causing giant fists to erupt out of the ground at the locations of 6 survivors, dealing severe damage. At the tank and all target locations it also causes an earthquake, launching nearby survivors into the air. While winding up, the tank gains 99% damage resist. This ability becomes active on every 5th Earthen Fist.

    For the Awakened Pulverizer Tank, these are the statuses it inflicts whenever it pulverizes a survivor:
    Normal: Stun (5 seconds) and Daze (10 seconds)
    2nd: Confuse (10 seconds)
    4th: Fear (10 seconds)
    6th: Blind (5 seconds)
    8th: Paralyze (20 seconds)
    10th: Dizzy (10 seconds)
    15th: Instant kill and perma death (cannot be blocked).

    Additionally, the tank has a chance to inflict Neutralize for 30 seconds on any survivor Pulverized, regardless of count.

    This is a unique tank that does utilise picking up stuff similar to Santa Tank in order to utilise its abilities. It also does have unique ways in which it must be taken down however.

    Alchemist Tank (Tier 3)

    This tank used to be a renown alchemist, being known for his chemistry and knowledge on alchemical theories. After having been turned into an infected, it seems to recall being able to make tools that could be used for destruction or to help itself in various ways.

    Health: 320,000 HP
    Punch Damage: 200 HP
    Speed: 1.7
    Hit Interval: 1.0
    Blocks: Fire and Melee

    1. (Passive) Transmutation Circles: The tank places down transmutation circles that'll become available for the tank to activate after some time. These transmutation circles contain objects whose materials can be transmuted into something useful for the tank. These materials can also be combined with useful minerals/ores taken from the survivors to upgrade them into more powerful versions. After transmutation, the tank gains 25% damage resistance, which scales down overtime for 10 seconds.
    2. (Passive) Mineral Absorption: Each time the tank deals claw damage to a survivor, it'll gain a useful mineral, but also inflict a negative effect based on the mineral that it took from the victim:
      - Iron: The survivor takes 15% more damage from all sources, lasts 10 seconds.
      - Gold: The survivor loses 1 bounty, $100 and 10 FR-Pills.
      - Silver: The survivor moves and attacks 15% slower, lasts 10 seconds.
      - Carbon: The survivor deals 15% less damage with all sources, lasts 10 seconds.
      - Tungsten: The survivor cannot damage the tank for 5 seconds.
    3. (Passive) Element Absorption: Sometimes, when the tank deals claw damage to a survivor, it'll gain a useful elemental ore, but also inflict a negative effect based on the ore that it took from the victim:
      - Fire: Causes all active cannons to aggro the affected target instead of other nearby survivors, lasts 10 seconds. For the tank, his transmuted held weapon deals fire damage and has a chance to burn his victim.
      - Electric: Causes all active Cannons to fire faster if they fire at the affected target, lasts 10 seconds. For the tank, his weapons deal shock damage and has a chance to stun his victim.
      - Ice: Causes all active Cannons to slow the affected target on hit, lasts 10 seconds. For the tank, his weapons deal blast damage and has a chance to freeze his victim.
    4. (Passive) Absorption Preserver: While the tank is equipped with a weapon, he cannot absorb anymore Minerals/Ores until the weapon's effect expires.
    5. (Transmutation) Boom Cannon: The tank summons out a cannon that aims at nearby survivors and shoots explosive cannon balls at them, exploding on impact and dealing blast damage. The cannon can be upgraded with Silver/Gold to a more powerful version, letting it deal increased damage with a higher explosive radius. The Boom Cannon lasts for 20 seconds before exploding, dealing blast damage to nearby survivors.
    6. (Transmutation) Bolt Cannon: The tank summons out a cannon that shoots homing bolts at any survivor within range, dealing damage and inflicts bleeding. If the survivor is hit by more than 1 bolt in a short time, they take additional damage until the survivor goes out of range. The bolt cannon can be upgraded with Silver/Gold to a more powerful version, letting the bolt cannon be able to fire 2/3 bolts at a time in a spread pattern. The Bolt Cannon lasts for 20 seconds before exploding, sending bolts in all directions to damage nearby survivors.
    7. (Transmutation) Mine: The tank summons out a mine that detonates when any survivor gets nearby or in 15 seconds, dealing major damage and knocking them into the air. If the survivor has 20% or less HP, the mine will detonate way more violently, instantly killing the victim. The tank can spend any Iron that it has to upgrade the Mine into a more powerful version, with the mine being able to explode into 3 mini-mines. The mini-mines cannot be shot/exploded to be destroyed and explode in 10 seconds if not detonated.
    8. (Transmutation) Spear: The tank summons out a spear that it uses to attack the survivors with. The spear lets the tank attack with increased range at a faster attack speed, while dealing less damage. The tank can spend Carbon/Tungsten that it has to upgrade the Spear into a more powerful version, with it being able to attack the aggro target doing more combos, also having a chance to inflict bleeding.
    9. (Transmutation) Hammer: The tank summons out a hammer that it uses to attack the survivors with. The hammer does not let the tank attack often, deals very high damage but gives it a chance to attack twice in one go. The tank can spend Iron that it has to upgrade the Hammer into a more powerful version, with the 2nd hit being able to release a shockwave, dealing AOE damage to nearby survivors.
    10. (Transmutation) Dual Swords: The tank summons out dual swords that it uses to attack the survivors with. The dual swords let the tank slice and dice the affected survivor, dealing damage and crippling them, preventing them from suffering knockback. The tank can spend Carbon/Tungsten that it has to upgrade the Dual Swords into a more powerful version, with the tank being able to do a double slash at the end of the combo, dealing more damage and giving large knockback.

    I'll be posting more tank ideas in the Winter, till next time!
  2. legendaryphoenix

    legendaryphoenix New Member

    A New Samurai tank has reveal a name for itself they call Themself yamato tank a powerfull samurai using Dual sword katana And armor can even reflect on a bullet it self
    Yamato Tank (Special Tier)
    Known as a Samurai Legendary on every world combat of Emperor LEGACY , It was betray by his own Leader itself Tank swear loyalty to revenge anyone that day abandon him on past

    Tank Health: 970.000 Health
    Punch Damage:Sword Dependant
    Hit interval:0,9
    Movement speed:3.0
    (Passive) Way of the Blade: a First katana attack that deal 30% physical damage and a second katana attack that deal 15% true damage and 15% physical damage.
    (Passive) Shield of the wind: If tank take damage it will shield % health and lost a shield at 5 second ,tank will recharge by moving for awhile Longer (200 full recharge Shield).
    (Passive) Samurai Fury: If tank attack Survivor it will gain 5 fury and lost 4 fury if dont attack Survivor at 4 Second,tank will gain % defense on each % fury,If Tank reach 100% fury tank will perform lethal or empowered ability.
    (Passive) Critical Power:Tank will increase % critical damage on each % missing health (Critical damage:100% max)
    (Passive) Samurai block Reflect:Tank has 50% reflect bullet at front on survivor addionatly Tank has 15% block damage melee at front.
    (Passive) Backstab Behind: Survivor will deal double damage on Tank when attack and shoot behind.
    (Active) Empowered abilites:If tank Reach 100 fury Tank will activate power that can increase % damage and empowered Fury abilites Tank will not use again until all empowered has use.
    (Active - Fury) Fatal blow:Tank will use katana back stab deal 750 damage and cause survivor bleed at 20 second, If Survivor are below 20% health tank will Lethal execution on survivor.If Empowered tank will heal 1% health on execution.
    (Active - Fury) Rage attack:Tank unleash a Samurai rage upon a body that gain attack damage and attack speed and movement speed at 20 second.Tank will stop ability if only there are 3 player,If Tank empowered Tank will increase 1,000 health and 10% Damage.
    (Active-Fury) Last Breath: Tank will use a wind the fling survivor at airbone and start to attack the survivor at air deal % physical damage ,Tank will provide 50% ignore defense at 12 second,Tank will provide 100% ignore defense if at least 3 or higher are attack in the air.If Tank empowered Tank will unleash a 3 tornado at outdoor for 15 second, if indoor tank will execute target that are 10% health.
    (Active) Samurai match :Tank will emege 1 survior to other this world and start 1 vs 1 fight if Tank kill survivor tank will steal 10% stat of survior in addionatly survivor can survive at 8 second.
    (passive) Isolation of death: Tank will deal triple on survivor that are alone.
    (active) yamato wield blood:Tank will lose 2% health and gain attack damage and have 50% to lethal damage on survivor.
    (Passive) final blow:If tank take lethal damage it will emerge every survivor to the fight match tank immume to bullet and have 240,000 Tank Health .Survivor will melee to attack the Tank but survivor will lose 50% attack damage and Tank has no defense.
    (active -Final blow) Mirage Dance of thousand death:If survivor dont kill the tank at 10 minutes it will summon 4 clone of yamato tank and both 4 clone and yamato use ultimate Katana charge ability it can penetration through on survivor it will instantly kill.
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  3. legendaryphoenix

    legendaryphoenix New Member

    Never Heard about the ultimate hunter tank once before but let find out then

    Ultimate Hunter Tank (Special Tier)

    A new version of Supreme hunter. Once they are good hunter skill this time he return with a new power stronger than any hunter what face off before

    Health: 700,000 HP
    Punch Damage: 300 HP
    Speed: 2.0
    Hit Interval: 1.1
    Blocks: Fire and Melee

    1.(Passive) Ultimate Hunting Duty: The tank reduces incoming damage from all sources by 4times the number of alive survivors, down to 1 damage minimum. This damage reduction cannot be bypassed.it will reset once they kill survivor, tank will gain % damage on each % missing HP.
    2.(Passive) Ultimate Hunger: The tank gets more hungry and hungry overtime. Increases damage done to survivors by 15 HP each second that passes. Each time the tank kills a survivor, he resets it but also gains a permanent +10% claw damage increase until he dies.it will gain % damage if they kill survivor.
    3.(Passive) Assassination: The tank is able to deal fatal claw damage on lonely survivors.if they are in Mark of hunter they will deal 95% lethal damage and execute the survivor.
    4.(Passive) Supereme Great Meal: Killing a survivor will restore the tank's health by 30 HP multiplied by the victim's level and health bar this great meal only applied when tank are half health.
    5.(Active) Deadly Slash: The tank's next attack will be boosted and deal additional 400 HP damage to the next victim it hits, causing them Intense Bleeding (Bad status) for 15 seconds. Survivors with intense bleeding won't be able to be healed and won't be able to get up. (Cooldown: 50 seconds).
    6.(Active) Supreme Deadly Slash:If tank use at least Deadly Slash 5 times it will gain bonus % HP damage to the next victim it hits and deal 15% True damage over time.Survivor will become rupture and deal 10% damage if Survivor move, Incapicated have a chance to deal 200% damage when rupture.
    7.(Active) Bear Trap: Drops a bear trap in the ground that is triggered if a survivor passes by. Once triggered, the survivor won't be able to move and will instantly lose 15% of their maximum health and then receive 8 HP/s damage. To be released, teammates must stand on top of the trap for 2 seconds. The tank will apply 'Deadly Slash' effect on all hits towards trapped survivors completely ignoring the cooldown.
    8.(Active) Supreme Bear Trap: if using Bear Trap 7 time it will drops a powerfull explosion bear trap if survivor hit by explosion bear trap it will instantly kill survivor and dismember the corpse,Survivor must rescue at 7 second.
    9.(Passive) Trapped Sentence: The tank will focus survivors trapped on bear traps.
    10.(Passive) No Chance: If survivor below 20% health tank will execute the survivor bypass incapicated but chance to execute has 10%.
    11.(Active) Dubious Trap: The tank will drop a random other trap against survivors.
    - Trick Trap: Deals 200 damage, biles and inflicts a random status effect.
    - Stun Trap: Deals 250 damage and stuns for 3 seconds.
    - Acid Trap: Deals 400 damage and drops an acid pool.
    - Slow Trap: Deals 300 damage and slows by 50%.
    - Fire Trap: Deals 350 damage, drops fire and inflicts burning.
    - Air Trap: Deals 250 damage and launches the survivor into the air, having a chance to paralyze upon landing.
    - Dark Trap: Deals 300 damage, inflicts blind and fear for 10 seconds. Rarely dropped.
    - Explosive Trap: Deals 300 damage after a 3 second delay, other survivors nearby can be exploded, starting a chain reaction. Very rarely dropped.
    12.(Active) Mine seeker: Tank will deploy a mutiple mine in the ground,Once trigger it will deal 20% damage Max HP on survivor and survivor become stagger and stun 4 second.
    13.(Passive) Trap Surprise!: If the tank's traps fail to activate within 15 seconds of being planted, they will trigger anyway, having increased range.
    14.(Passive) Trap Master: When the tank is below 20% health, he will have a reduced cooldown on planting his traps. Additionally, he may randomly throw out traps towards any nearby survivors within 1000 units.
    15.(Active) Mark of hunter: Tank will mark survivor at the mark of Hunter tank will gain 100% invisible and can be see by survivor if tank kill survivor at Mark of hunter it gain 3% damage on each Mark of hunter.if tank didnt manage kill the survivor tank will gain 5% movement speed at 30 second.(Cooldown 150 second).
    16.(Passive) Hunter Desperation:If tank take lethal damage it become desperate and tank will become invisible permanent and gain 95% lethal damage tank will die some time if only tank kill survivor that Mark of hunter effect.
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  4. legendaryphoenix

    legendaryphoenix New Member

    There a tail about supreme thunder tank back from the death and he become a Ultimate thunder tank he become powerfull than before face he now have new skill to kill

    Ultimate Thunder Tank (Special Tier)

    A new powerfull Thunder tank has become every popular on every way he has become mastery of thunder and he will have a knowledge to used it and tremble might of all who challenge him.

    Tank Health:800,000 health
    Punch damage: 400 damage
    Hit interval:1,0
    Block : Fire and melee

    1.(Passive) Thunder Knowledge: Tank still remember every skill that he learn from thunder tank and supreme thunder and he will used it to tremble on his way.
    2.(Passive)Electric armor:Tank will cover a electric armor on body and have 100% proctection and survivor will reduce damage taken from Armor.On each hit, Tank will lose 1% armor and regen armor 1% per second.if survivor shoot the tank when electric armor it will target the survivor that shot on tank deal equal damage survivor deal on the tank.
    3(Passive) Thunder Fury: Tank will gain 1% fury on each kill, if tank dont kill survivor it will regain a fury and if survivor hit by thunder tank will gain % fury equal survivor been deal by electric effect.Tank will gain % armor on each Fury.IF tank have 100% fury tank will use lethal fury.Upon use lethal fury tank will reduce 100% damage and 100% true damage survivor deal. If tank been daze by Explosion project tank will lose 10 Fury/S.
    4.(Passive) Projectile destruct: Tank will electric and destroy a projectile if they throw too high on the tank ( Distance 750).If tank electric the explosion projectile tank will become daze at 40 second and destroy passive electric armor.Tank will lose 5% health when been daze .
    5(Passive) Elite thunder Backup: After tank been daze 40 second tank will immume itself and summon a elite thunder tank Tier 2 and have 300,000 health and 250 damage. Ultimate thunder tank will not attack until Backup been killed.Survivor still have reward bounty for kill backup.
    6(Passive)Electric Asborb: If survivor hit a tank by electric buff it asborb 10% health and gain 45% damage and have 20% defense at 25 second.
    7 (Passive) Super Lightning Strike: Tank will summon a mutiple thunder bolt of lightning from the sky if tank use 5 time at once. randomly striking a survivor in line of sight. The survivor will deal 15% max HP and stun for 3 second and been electrocuted.with other survivors near them also been stunned.If Survivor hit thunder bolt of lightning 4 time it will instantly kill survivor.
    8(Passive)Ultimate Jolt:Survivor will deal 45 true damage if too close to the tank and periodically get jolted, causing them to mirco stun for a short period of time.
    9(Passive) Shocking Source: Damage taken from the tank will stun the victim for a few seconds. A victim can't be stunned again for 5 seconds.
    10(Passive) Ultimate Electric Shock: The tank will release a jolt of electricity, stunning nearby survivors, bypassing Shocking Source immunity. If bypassed, stun time will shorter.it increase stunning when tank below at 20% health.
    11(Passive) Electrocute: Targets stunned in water will also be electrocuted, causing them to randomly suffer small stuns afterwards.
    12(Active - Fury) Chain of lightning:Tank will Hurls a bolt of damaging lightning at a target enemy that jumps to nearby enemies. Each jump deals less damage.Survivor Deal 400 damage from Chain of lightning and stun 1 to 10 second.
    13(Active - Fury) Thunder Slap: Tank will recharge a claw at 15 second and after recharge tank will immume it self at 15 second. After Pass 15 second tank will jump into the air and smash to the ground fuel with electric deal random 1%-50% true damage on survivor deal ,Tank can have chance to earthquake on the ground, Survivor will stun at 5 second.If survivor too far it will stagger them for short of time.
    14(Active - Fury) Magnetic Shield: Tank will shield itself at 10 second , if survivor shoot the shield it will asborb ammout of shield they deal after 10 second pass it will release a powerfull magentic electric deal equal damage on shield taken.
    15( Active -Fury) Thunder of death:Tank will jump into the air and hidden for a short time tank will summon a massive powerfull Cloud Storm,Cloudstorm will random bolt electric impact target red zone on 5 second If survivor been hit by Cloud storm it will deal 50% true damage bypass all effect moustachio and defense and incapicated, if Kill Survivor it will bolt the corpse make survivor cant ressurection survivor.tank will reveal at 20 second or if survivor are indoor tank will instant reveal.Tank will asborb health if Survivor hit by cloudStorm
    16( Passive ) Thunder desperation: If tank take lethal damage it become desperate increase the stun time and deal triple true damage . Tank will die at 90 second pass. if tank die it will release electric and stun survivor 10 second
    17 (Passive ) Passive Trigger: if tank has ability are Active it will become a Passive and Trigger all ability on Tank that he has on him except all active are fury.

    A regular Thunder tank now Become supreme thunder tank He not known much since he weaker but still annoying

    Supreme Thunder Tank (Tier 3)

    Description: A new version thunder tank it has more electric to stun and more annoying effect way on him.

    Tank Health: 315,000 Health
    Punch Damage:310 damage
    Speed: 1,6
    Hit interval:1.3
    Block: Fire ,melee

    1(Passive) Shocking Source: Damage taken from the tank will stun the victim for a few seconds. A victim can't be stunned again for 5 seconds.
    2(Active) Electric Shock: The tank will release a jolt of electricity, stunning nearby survivors, bypassing Shocking Source immunity. If bypassed, stun time is shorter.
    3(Passive) Electrocute: Targets stunned in water will also be electrocuted, causing them to randomly suffer small stuns afterwards.
    4(Passive) Jolt: Survivors too close to the Tank will periodically get jolted, causing them to be micro-stunned for a short period of time.
    5(Active) Lightning Strike: The tank will summon a bolt of lightning from the sky, randomly striking a survivor in line of sight. The survivor hit will be stunned and electrocuted, with other survivors near them also being stunned.
    6(Active) Supereme Lightning Strike: if the tank use Lightning strike at 5 times it will unleash a 3 bolt of lightning and stun will increase deal 5% damage.
    7(passive) Electric pulse: if tank punch survivor it will add a pulse attached on him ,Pulse will deal 100HP/S nearby survivor get closed deal 50HP/S.
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  5. legendaryphoenix

    legendaryphoenix New Member

    So there a story about imprisoner back from the dead and revive turn into the powerfull version

    Frenzy Imprisoner Tank ( Special round Tier)
    After Imprisoner been kill there some powerfull warlock tank who could revive a tank and turn them into mindless corrupt rage of imprisoner and sworn to kill it

    Tank Health:1.000.000 Health
    Punch damage: 650 damage
    Hit interval:0.6
    Immume: Bile,melee,fire
    1(Passive) Master of the cage:Tank can use diffirent of the cage both diffirent of the cage
    deal random true damage as well as diffirent cage.
    2(Passive)Prison fury: Tank will gain 1% fury at 1 second.Tank will gain more % fury if tank does not attack survivor. assault and defense imprisoner will gain % fury and perform 1 lethal ability it gain 100% defense if 100% fury. Frenzy imprisoner tank have 200% fury it will gain 100% defense and 100% true damage and perform lethal ability.Frenzy imprisoner tank will perform 2 lethal ability instead 1 lethal abilites.
    3(Passive) Riot Shields: Shooting the tank's arms does no damage.
    4(Passive) Cage Match: If a prison is active, only those inside the prison can damage the tank. Tank punches to those inside will not stun them but tank still knockback survivor.
    5(Passive) Pursuit: The tank deals 200 bonus claw damage to the survivor with the highest health and gains 20% speed if they are aggroed.
    6(Passive) Prison Lust: If the tank cannot raise a flesh prison it gains 100 claw damage, 10% damage resistance per half second and ignores defense until it can.
    7(Passive) Volatile Prison: If a prison despawns or is replaced, all survivors take damage equal to 10 times the prison health.
    8(Passive) Accelerated decomposition: The body of survivors that die inside cages will deal up to 25 HP true damage each half second to other survivors around. If a body is defibbed, the effect expires but the person who used the defibrillator will receive 300 HP + 3 HP times their level as damage.
    9(Passive) Imprisoner bodyguard:after the start assasult imprisoner and defense imprisoner tank will come to support
    10(Passive) Moustachio Bypass: If the tank or the victim is inside a prison the tank will ignore Moustachio Bless effects.
    11(Passive) Lockdown: Dead bodies inside a prison cannot be resurrected until the prison they are in is destroyed. Those alive inside a prison cannot use defibs and cannot be revived by anyone outside a prison.
    12(Passive) Imprisoner Breserk: If the frenzy imprisoner tank is about to take lethal damage, the assault and defense imprisoner tank becomes breserk and moving and attacking 50% faster, as well as dealing double damage. During this state, if the frenzy imprisoner tank die the bodyguard die from him
    13(Passive) Desperation: If the tank is about to take lethal damage, it will enter a desperation state, moving and attacking twice as fast, as well as dealing triple damage while being damage immune. The tank will die some time after, but only if all active Cage Fury have been destroyed.
    14(Active -Fury) Fire Cage:Tank will raise a fire cage Survivor that are inside the cage it deal 5% max HP and will deal 10% max Hp from tank.if survivor that melee the cage it deal 2% damage on each melee and 60HP/Sec if survivor been burn.If survivor alone it deal 15% max Hp from Tank.
    15(Active -Fury) Electric Cage:Tank will raise a Electric cage if survivor melee the cage it will electric at 5 second and deal 3% True damage on each melee this effect are permanent.if they are in prison they will electric at 10 second and deal 5% true damage.
    16( Active -Fury) Spike Cage: Tank will raise a spike cage if survivor inside the spike cage and tank punch through the cage it will deal 3% damage and become rupture for 45 second.if they are outside it deal 5% damage and become bleed effect at 60 second.Tank will gain reflect defense if spike cage been destroy
    17(Active - Fury Cage) Front assault : Frenzy will call Assault imprisoner tank to battle on the cage if they are inside Assault imprisoner and Frenzy imprisoner unleash a batte rage it will gain 800 damage deal on survivor and 45% attack speed.
    18(Active - Fury Cage) Defense Strike:Frenzy will call a defense imprisoner in battle tank will use riotshield on those cage if survivor outside melee the cage defense will knock survivor back and become daze at 15 second and incap if tank are inside the cage it gain 30% defense.
    19( Active - Fury Cage) Cage Flesh:Tank will asborb 2% health equal how many survivor inside the cage,assault imprisoner will heal 1% health and defense imprisoner will heal 1% health if they inside the cage.
    20(Passive) Prison backup: If Tank are below 75%,50%,25% health it will not attack and move tank will led out the roar and call some backup tank to the battle,backup tank send some diffirent tier to fight, if they die Frenzy imprisoner tank return to the fight.
    20(Passive)Soilder weapon:If frenzy imprisoner tank below 25% health tank deploy soilder tank to the fight but his health will decay 1% overtime at fight due to max limit of special tier.if Soilder tank backup die frenzy and defense imprisoner will gain access a new gernade.
    21(Passive) Master of gernade:if soilder Tank backup die he can now access a gernade to use and can auto throw random gernade.
    Concussion gernade:Tank will throw a concussion gernade deal 10% True damage and tempeory become daze and confuse at 20 second
    Toxic Gas gernade:Tank will throw a gas gernade deal 8% true damage and deal 4% true damage overtime.If stay longer survivor will become a sleep at 30 second. if tank hit survivor when they sleep it deal 15%+40% true damage.
    Smoke gernade: Tank will throw a smoke gernade make a tank become a invinsible at 15 second. after tank hit survivor effect invinsible will be removed.if survivor enter the smoke gernade it deal 3% true damage.

    A second imprisoner that support for Frenzy imprisoner is Assault Imprisoner Tank it will support combat against survivor inside the cage.

    Assault Imprisoner Tank ( Special Tier)
    Tank health:1.000.000 Health
    Punch damage: 0 damage ( 700 damage at the cage)
    Hit interval: 0.4
    1(Passive) Riot Shields: Shooting the tank's arms does no damage.
    2(Passive) Cage Match: If a prison is active, only those inside the prison can damage the tank. Tank punches to those inside will not stun them.
    3(Passive) Pursuit: The tank deals 200 bonus claw damage to the survivor with the highest health and gains 20% speed if they are aggroed.
    4(Passive) Prison Lust: If the tank cannot raise a flesh prison it gains 100 claw damage, 10% damage resistance per half second and ignores defense until it can.
    5 (Passive) Imprisoner Fury:Tank will gain % fury at 1 second ,if tank attack survivor inside the cage it gain 5% fury on each attack.if Tank reach 100% fury it perfom lethal ability and gain % defense and True damage Reduction on % fury have.
    6(Passive) NightStick weapon:Tank carry 2 nightstick inside the cage it deal 350 damage AOE attack on each survivor inside the cage.
    7(Passive) Weakling Strength: Tank will deal no damage if not inside the cage
    8(Passive) Prison Resist : If tank Inside cage Tank will immume all effect.
    9(Passive) Assault Thornmail:If assault imprisoner tank inside the spike cage it will reflect the damage to all survivor inside the cage and deal 40+10% durability damage .
    10(Active -Fury) Nightstick Spinning death: Tank will spin with Tonfa deal 8% total Max HP on survivor this effect can be use from inside cage and outside cage.
    11(Active - Fury) Terror Yelling: Tank unleash a powerfull yelling make survivor reduce 30% damage if they battle on the cage tank will taunt the survivor if Frenzy imprisoner inside the cage it will gain 60% damage bonus 30% damage From Frenzy Imprisoner
    12 (Active - Fury) Fury Strength: Tank Will unleash a powerfull attack deal 30% true damage and 50% attack speed this effect will increase time if they survivor inside the cage.
    13 ( Passive) Rage Breserk: If Frenzy imprisoner tank are in lethal damage desperation,Tank will immediately going to breserk mode and have 40% true damage deal. If Frenzy imprisoner tank has die then Tank will die.
    14(Passive) Prison Strength:If Frenzy imprisoner tank take 75%,50%,25% health,Tank will not attack and move and let out some batte rage roar ,all backup tank will gain 45% damage 25% attack speed, this effect will removed until 1 of tank has kill.
    15 (Passive) Soilder Empowered:If soilder tank backup die it will empowered the nightstick and can applied with daze and confused at 15 second,tank can gain 10% defense.

    Third Powerfull defense call Defense Imprisoner Tank.

    Defense Imprisoner Tank (Special Tier)

    Tank Health:1.000.000 HP
    Punch damage: Riot shield Depedant
    Hit interval: 1.0
    Speed:4.0 ( 1.0 Riot Shield)

    1(Passive) Riot Strength: Tank will riot shield to knock back survivor if too close they deal 400 damage and been daze 15 second
    2(Passive) Riot Deflection: Tank will riot shield to deflect damage from Survivor deal 3% damage max HP
    3(Passive) Riot Shields: Shooting the tank's arms does no damage.
    4(Passive) Shield gun: Tank can use both riot shield and Sub machine gun, Sub Machine gun will deal 40 damage if they are medium and long range.
    5(Passive)Shield Break : If Riot shield been break it will gain additional % damage deal on next punch
    6(Passive) Defense Riot: Tank will gain a 45% defense if there 1 imprisoner or higher number imprisoner alive.
    7 (Passive) Defense Fury: Tank will gain % defense on each % fury tank have.
    8(Passive) Fury Strength: Tank will gain 1% fury on 1 second.If tank survive enough 10 second tank will gain 10% fury if tank inside cage fury will increase.
    9(Passive) True damage Block:True damage from tank will block by any mean.
    10(Active - Fury) Rocket Barrage: Tank will use a rocket barrage target on redzone if survivor hit it deal 10% damage and become stun at 5 second.
    11(Active- Defense) Defense cage:Tank will use riotshield to defense those cage . Those Riot will disappear at 10 second .If survivor damage on the cage with riotshield it deal 0 durability.
    12(Active - Defense) Riot Electric: Tank will use a electric at riot shield near the cage make survivor damage a cage deal 10% true damage.
    13( Passive) Breserk: If Frenzy Imprisoner tank become lethal damage desperation it will become berserk and increase powerfull 300 damage deal on riotshield.If Frenzy Imprisoner die the tank will die.
    14(Passive) Shield Recharge: If Riotshield destroy it will use again at 60 second.
    15(Passive) Prison defense:If Frenzy imprisoner Tank are take 75%,50%,25% health it not attack and move and let out some Roar ,all From backup tank gain 30% defense and 100% true damage reduction.This effect will be removed until 1 of the backup tank has kill.
    16(Passive) Flashbang gernade:If soilder tank backup has die he will gain a gernade flashbang and automatic throw gernade it deal 5% true damage and blight them at 0 to 30 second depend on health of tank.
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  6. legendaryphoenix

    legendaryphoenix New Member

    We heard the real name of ultimate shaman tank call is a Dread khan a powerfull tank using both magic and death corruption

    Dread Khan Tank (Special Tank Tier)
    The Dread Khan is a true name that are hidden from Ultimate shaman tank itself this time he using both Shaman magic and his powerfull relation death of himself.

    Tank health:850.000 HP
    Punch Damage: 250 damage
    Hit Interval:0.7

    One of his magic can instantly kill survivor and burn the corspe or can corrupt the body make corpse will explode the body avoid getting close to the tank when in low health.

    1(Passive) Master of all magic: Tank still know of ultimate shaman tank ability and all shaman magic he will now control all of magic Means this tank now can used any random abilites that await to tremble of him both of his active abilites will become passive trigger.
    2(Passive) Potion Of magic:If survivor get punch by Dread Khan Tank He now gain 2 stack of Magic.on each stack he gain 1-20% damage .When Tank reach 20 stacks he now applied unbreakable moustachio ,dying breserk,breserk and ignore defense.This Stack will reset if not punch survivor at 10 second.
    3(Passive)Magic Fury: Tank has made some of magic tank can gain % fury on 1 second. Tank will gain 5% fury if he used magic ability .Tank will gain % defense when he reach 25% or more.Upon reach 100 fury tank will perform Fury ability tank gain 100% defense and 100% true damage reduction.
    4(Passive) Corruption Corpse:if tank used magic kill any survivor tank will corruption the corpse.if survivor dont save at 10 second the corspe will burn make survivor cannot defib.Corruption corpse has 50% chance to explode the body.
    5(Active) Rain of mutation:A Magic on him will create a massive mutated and radition on the sky. Tank can only use this ability when 25 minutes is pass.or when tank are desperate.
    6(Passive)Magic Desperation: If tank take lethal damage he will become desperate tank will become desperate tank will activate Rain of mutations tank will turn punch damage to true damage and gain 50% damage boost.Tank will die some time if only abilites fury has use 2 limit.Tank will not used any shaman ability and active-fury magic healing.except some fury that are damage.
    7(Passive) Irradiate: The tank deals 1 to 60 HP of damage to nearby survivors based on proximity to the tank.
    8(Passive) Debilitating Claw: The tank will always inflict a random status effect on any survivors punched. The tank will not inflict a random status if the survivor was already affected with one.
    9(Passive) Ultimate Death's Bounty: When tank kill survivor Tank gain 1 stack on each kill survivor ,Tank will gain 2% fury on kill.
    10(Active) Inferno Of Death: Tank unleash a trait of fire Deal 2% damage per tick.When he used 5 time the blue trait fire will left behind deal 15% damage per tick and can ignore any effect buff and moustachio.the Fire cannot be removed.
    11(Active) Magic Teleport: Tank can teleport to the first survivor and nearest survivor.Tank can used teleport 3 time instead of one if they far away from tank cooldown from teleport is unlimited used.
    12(Active) Ultimate Vomit: Tank will biles all nearby survivor. inflicting a random status effect and blinding them temporarily.Survivor will reduce 50% damage temperoraily.
    13(Active) Ultimate Poison:Infects nearby survivors with poison. The lower the tank's health is, the higher the duration and potency of the poison on the affected survivor. Below 50% health the tank bypasses Poison status immunity.if Survivor poison for too long at least 4 time it instantly kill survivor.
    14(Active - Lethal)Cloud of Corruption: Tank will unleash a cloud from the sky. Cloud of corruption will start to mutated survivor and inflict bad status effect for 2 minutes .it Can only removed by Blessing.if all Survivor been removed effect tank gain 25% fury.
    15(Active - Lethal) Pain Death:Tank will unleash a powerfull trace of acid it leave behind on 20 second.if survivor hit it deal 10% true damage and can ignore defense.if survivor stay at 6 second it will deal 15% true damage and can burn the corspe.
    16(Active - Fury) Magic Healing: Tank will become defense it cannot attack and move tank will heal 2% overtime at 8 second.Tank can be intterupt by explosion, freeze,stun has small chance to interrupt the tank,if Tank been hit by any projectile weapon or any effect freeze tank will become daze at 10 second.If intterupt tank gain 30% fury.
    17(Active - Lethal) Mind Rage:Tank will unleash a powerfull mutations make survivor become rage and start to kill survivor this effect only removed when kill survivor.All nearby survivor become rage will lost 2% health decay overtime and disable some buff.
    18(Active- Fury)Reanimated the dead:Tank will use a powerfull magic that can summon a dead survivor or infected and Special infected to fight a long side with tank ,dead survivor is immume to anything .this dead survivor or infected and special infected can be melt at 15 second.dead Survivor that are reanimated the death cannot defib.
    19(Active- Lethal) Fear beyond death:Tank will use a powerfull mutations that make survivor become a illusion at 10 second ,at 10 second pass survivor become fear at 15 second and deal 5 % damage when been hit by illusion and have 50% chance to cardiac arrest survivor.
    20(Active - fury) Death Shield:Tank will use a powerfull magic that can used his powerfull death tank that block it at 40 second.Tank gain 30% defense and heal 250+%fury,if Death shield is gone it gain 30% fury and have 50% unbreakable effect.Survivor can shoot the death shield to decrease the cooldown.cooldown on death tank wont decrease if has less 10 second .Less cooldown on death shield it will heal 2% and faster.(Cooldown drop is 2-5 second)
    21(Active) Rain of meteor:tank periodically summon 3 meteor on the sky deal 1500 damage on impact leave both fire and acid at the floor.Meteor will fall down on random direction impact and faster if tank are low health.if tank are 10% health it will homing meteor strike target.
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