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Tank Ideas

Discussion in 'Suggestions Box' started by Jang23, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Think it's time for another awakened tank idea, this time, I'm awakening the dormant boiling tank.

    Awakened Boiling Tank (Special Tier)

    This tank has evolved to become more affecting overtime. You should be aware of your surroundings, and of what the tank will be able to do to you with it's heat.

    Health: 800,000 HP
    Punch Damage: 250 HP
    Speed: 1.4
    Hit Interval: 3.0
    Blocks: Melee

    1. (Passive) Hot Environment: The tank will rapidly increase the temperature of the environment and beings within it, dealing 1% of the victim's maximum HP as damage and gives -1% action speed slow per second within 500 units. If the tank doesn't damage anyone for a short time, it's damage, action speed slow and radius will increase until it does, which then reduces overtime back to normal.
    2. (Passive) Boiling Shield: The tank gains damage reduction whenever it can deal any AOE damage to the survivors. The tank also uses it as a charge towards the Boiling Eruption ability which activates at 100%. Once activated, the damage reduction/charge reduces to 0% and no more can be gained for 30 seconds. While Boiling Forever is active the tank gains damage reduction/charge per second regardless.
    3. (Passive) Environmental Factors: If the tank is set on fire at anytime, it's damage reduction/charge gained is halved but will gain additional movement speed.
    4. (Passive) Penetration: The tank ignores defense.
    5. (Passive) Boiling Punch: Every tank punch on a survivor inflicts the boiling status, causing the survivor to take half of the Hot Environment damage dealt every 3 seconds and also deal 10% of that as damage every second for 10 seconds. The longer the tank hasn't punched any survivor, the longer the status duration.
    6. (Passive) No escape: The tank gains move speed every second it hasn't damaged a survivor. It's move speed resets once it does.
    7. (Passive) Infected Vampirism: If any common/special infected attack any survivor who is being affected by the Hot Environment or Scorched Earth, they'll regain HP back equal to 10x the damage dealt. The effect doesn't affect tanks and becomes disabled when Boiling Forever is active.
    8. (Passive) Taunt Ignorance: The tank ignores taunts from Dying Berserk survivors.
    9. (Active) Scorched Earth: The tank expands the effects of Hot Environment to affect all survivors, dealing 25% damage every second for 20 seconds. Additionally being on the floor will make affected survivors take 50% increased damage and have a 5% chance per tick to be inflicted with the boiling status. The tank regains HP back equal to the damage dealt.
    10. (Active) Boiling Eruption: When the tank's Boiling Shield has reached 100% charge, he will erupt, sending out hot blood everywhere for 20 seconds. Hot Blood Puddles then form on the ground, dealing burn damage and slowing anyone who gets near one. The tank's Hot Environment will also be able to deal double damage for 20 seconds. Boiling Eruption cannot activate while Scorched Earth is also active.
    11. (Passive) Boiling Forever: When the tank's health reaches 10% or less, he will make the Scorched Earth effect become permanently active, at a cost of no longer being able to regenerate HP. The tank also ignores all taunts, damage blocking effects and defense modifiers.

    When the survivor is affected with the boiling status:
    [PR] You're boiling hot! You will take damage and give it out to nearby survivors for 10 seconds!
    [PR] Stay away at all costs!
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2020
  2. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Here's 2 new tier 1 tank ideas... :P enjoy

    Remover Tank (Tier 1)

    This tank has developed special spores that allow it to disable the benefits of nearby survivors as well as prevent the usage of abilities against itself at close range.

    Health: 50,000 HP
    Punch Damage: 125 HP
    Speed: 1.25
    Hit Interval: 2.0
    Blocks: Fire and Melee

    1. (Passive) Removal Spores: The tank releases special spores into the air that will affect nearby survivors, making them feel less powerful. This will reduce all attack and defense bonuses in half. Radius: 1000 units.
    2. (Active) Ability Removal: The tank uses the spores in the air to vibrate in motion, nullifying any active abilities that the survivors can use. Any affected survivors, will not be able to use their active abilities for 10 seconds. Survivors with abilities already active will have their effects nullified. Radius: 1000 units.
    3. (Passive) Neutralize: The tank's punch has a chance to inflict Neutralize, reducing all attack and defense bonuses to 0 for 15 seconds.

    Devourer Tank (Tier 1)

    Before this tank became infected, it was a human that hated the infected so much that he'd eat the infected for breakfast. Now a tank, it still retains the same hatred it once had, but will devour the infected he targets to use it's abilities to harm the survivors.

    Health: 80,000 HP
    Punch Damage: 180 HP
    Speed: 1.4
    Hit Interval: 1.5
    Blocks: Fire and Melee

    1. (Active) Infected Devour: The tank eats a special infected that is immediately processed, healing the tank for 2.5% Max HP. Additionally this eaten Special Infected then allows the tank to perform an ability unique to it in 5 seconds. The tank can only eat 1 Special Infected at a time until it has performed an ability.
    2. (Devour) Smoker Blast: The tank vomits out vicious gases that deal a small amount of damage overtime for 10 seconds.
    3. (Devour) Boomer Vomit: The tank vomits out bile, dealing damage to nearby survivors, slowing them down slightly and inflicting bile for 10 seconds.
    4. (Devour) Hunter Leap: The tank gains the abilities of a hunter and leaps up, then comes back down dealing small impact pounce damage and stun for 2 seconds to any survivors hit for 10 seconds.
    5. (Devour) Spitter Spit: The tank vomits out an acid puddle, dealing small acid damage for 10 seconds.
    6. (Devour) Jockey Jump: The tank gains the abilities of a jockey, allowing him to jump and gain a 20% chance to avoid any damage taken while jumping for 10 seconds.
    7. (Devour) Charger Charge: The tank charges for 5 seconds, dealing small impact damage and knocking back any survivors in his way. The tank can turn while charging and will stop if stunned/frozen or if it hits a wall.
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  3. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Now that the Summer Event is over, here's about 4 tank idea's....

    One of them is from a quoted post that I decided to give further imagination to. The other one is the Supreme Hunter Tank with him being buffed up, then got 2 new raid tank ideas. Enjoy!

    Witch Tank (Tier 2)

    This tank was formed from a conglomerate of witches fused together. The result is a tank with a super enhanced reproduction system that is able to reproduce witches at a fast rate.

    Health: 250,000 HP
    Punch Damage: 250 HP
    Speed: 1.7
    Hit Interval: 3.0
    Blocks: Fire, Melee and Acid

    1. (Passive) Witch Reproduction: Every 15 seconds, the tank will spawn a witch at his current location.
    2. (Passive) Strength In Numbers: The witches' basic stats are weaker than that of normal witches, however they should not be ignored. If more than 1 witch targets the same survivor, that survivor takes 25% additional damage per additional witch targeting them.
    3. (Passive) Witch Guard: While this tank is alive, all witches currently alive cannot be startled by any fire/acid sources and become immune to damage from them. Additionally they resist 50% true damage from all sources.
    4. (Passive) Witch Slash: Whenever a survivor is hit by the tank, they'll take an additional 5% current HP as damage and will have 5% of their remaining HP converted into temporary HP, bleeding them out. Bleeding out caused through this ability ticks at double the usual rate until temporary HP is removed.
    5. (Active) Aggro Aggravation: The tank yells out a vigorous roar, alerting all witches and forcing them to become startled and target any survivors close to them at random. The witches become immune to damage for 5 seconds while being startled.
    6. (Passive) Witch Residue: When the tank dies, the tank will spawn between 2 to 4 types of witches where it died. The witches spawned by this ability also carry the Witch Guard passive.

    Couldn't find the Supreme Hunter Tank idea that I originally made, so gonna make this 1 from scratch again.

    Supreme Hunter Tank (Tier 3)

    This tank has turned into a very hungry hunter. He will not stop until he can hunt everyone down, using a variety of tools and traps that he can set up to catch them all! Be aware!

    Health: 350,000 HP
    Punch Damage: 200 HP
    Speed: 1.8
    Hit Interval: 1.3
    Blocks: Fire and Melee

    1. (Passive) Supreme Hunting Duty: The tank reduces incoming damage from all sources by 2.5 times the number of alive survivors, down to 5 damage minimum. This damage reduction cannot be bypassed.
    2. (Passive) Supreme Hunger: The tank gets more hungry and hungry overtime. Increases damage done to survivors by 3 HP each second that passes. Each time the tank kills a survivor, he resets it but also gains a permanent +5 claw damage increase until he dies.
    3. (Passive) Assassination: The tank is able to deal fatal claw damage on lonely survivors.
    4. (Passive) Great Meal: Killing a survivor will restore the tank's health by 90 HP multiplied by the victim's level.
    5. (Active) Deadly Slash: The tank's next attack will be boosted and deal additional 400 HP damage to the next victim it hits, causing them Intense Bleeding (Bad status) for 15 seconds. Survivors with intense bleeding won't be able to be healed and won't be able to get up. (Cooldown: 50 seconds).
    6. (Active) Bear Trap: Drops a bear trap in the ground that is triggered if a survivor passes by. Once triggered, the survivor won't be able to move and will instantly lose 15% of their maximum health and then receive 8 HP/s damage. To be released, teammates must stand on top of the trap for 2 seconds. The tank will apply 'Deadly Slash' effect on all hits towards trapped survivors completely ignoring the cooldown.
    7. (Passive) Trapped Sentence: The tank will focus survivors trapped on bear traps.
    8. (Active) Dubious Trap: The tank will drop a random other trap against survivors.
      - Trick Trap: Deals 100 damage, biles and inflicts a random status effect.
      - Stun Trap: Deals 150 damage and stuns for 3 seconds.
      - Acid Trap: Deals 300 damage and drops an acid pool.
      - Slow Trap: Deals 200 damage and slows by 50%.
      - Fire Trap: Deals 250 damage, drops fire and inflicts burning.
      - Air Trap: Deals 150 damage and launches the survivor into the air, having a chance to paralyze upon landing.
      - Dark Trap: Deals 200 damage, inflicts blind and fear for 10 seconds. Rarely dropped.
      - Explosive Trap: Deals 200 damage after a 3 second delay, other survivors nearby can be exploded, starting a chain reaction. Very rarely dropped.
    9. (Passive) Trap Surprise!: If the tank's traps fail to activate within 15 seconds of being planted, they will trigger anyway, having increased range.
    10. (Passive) Trap Master: When the tank is below 20% health, he will have a reduced cooldown on planting his traps. Additionally, he may randomly throw out traps towards any nearby survivors within 1000 units.

    Now here is your first new raid tank idea... I'm basing this one off of something you'd see people wear for halloween most commonly.

    Skeleton Tank (Special Tier)

    This tank formed from the masses of dead survivor skeletons all gathered into 1 heap pile. While it retains the abilities of a typical skeleton, it is also a user of dark magic.

    Health: 450,000 HP
    Punch Damage: 300 HP
    Speed: 2.0
    Hit Interval: 1.5
    Blocks: Fire, Melee, Blast and Acid

    1. (Passive) Bone composition: The tank is made up of mostly old bones. While these bones have been worn down through weathering overtime, they can still give the tank immunity to most forms of damage. Additionally the tank is immune to all bad statuses and can't have it bypassed at all.
    2. (Passive) Lunge: If the tank is near any survivor, instead of punching them it can lunge at the survivor. This lunge deals 500 damage, staggers the survivor back and stuns them briefly.
    3. (Passive) Bone rush: If the tank is targeting a far away survivor, it can call on bones to come down and home in on the survivor, dealing 200 damage. Bits of the bone can break up and fall to the ground afterwards, causing nearby survivors to trip and take fall damage.
    4. (Passive) Dark Paranoia: If the tank is fighting the survivors in closed areas, it'll turn off the lights, blinding all survivors until they and the tank go outdoors. This becomes disabled while the Dark Fog is active or after a teleport for a few seconds.
    5. (Passive) Skeleton Infected: While this tank is alive, it'll summon the skeleton version of the infected, skeleton versions make very few noises, hit harder and have resistances VS most forms of damage, only headshots/melee decapacitations will deal normal damage.
    6. (Active) Scary Face: The Skeleton Tank can look in the direction of a few survivors, scaring them with its menacing face. Any survivors affected become scared, turn around and run away from the tank for a few seconds.
    7. (Active) Bone Walls: The tank summons up walls made with bones. These walls will stay around for 20 seconds, blocking all projectiles and damages any survivor that hits them with melee weapons/shoves, stunning for a short time. It also forces the survivors to go around and find the tank in a different location.
    8. (Active) Dark Void: The tank activates a dark portal, damaging nearby survivors and making them unconscious for several seconds. Once the survivors wake up, their vision will be darkened significantly for some time and will take damage overtime until they can fully open their eyes due to having a nightmare.
    9. (Active) Dark Fog: The tank makes the area dark, forcing all survivors to become lonely. After 10 seconds, the tank will aggro the furthest survivor away from all other survivors until they're within close range or become killed. All survivors without goggles equipped also have a chance to become blind while lonely survivors take double damage from all sources and are more highly aggro'd by the infected. The Dark Fog itself will last for 30 seconds.
    10. (Passive) Grave Resurrection: Once the tank dies, it'll attempt to revive itself by summoning a gravestone, this gravestone has durability and will continuously summon skeleton infected per second while the gravestone still stands. Should 60 seconds pass, the tank will revive itself with 50% health but also boost the power of its abilities.
    11. (Passive) Skeleton Desperation: If the tank is about to take lethal damage for the second time, it'll go into a desperation state, summoning bone walls and activating the dark fog permanently, making it hard for the survivors to know how many still remain alive. It'll crumble down and die once 45 seconds pass. Lonely survivors take 3x damage and have no ways to protect themselves while desperation is active.

    Here's a 2nd new raid tank idea... This tank idea is pretty much based on the werewolf tank skin that you can see when playing on the Bloody Moors Campaign.

    Werewolf Tank (Special Tier)

    This tank mutated from a werewolf that used to exist in folklore mythology. Now in the form of a werewolf itself, it can do anything that the wolf can do in real life. Don't underestimate this werewolf! It knows how to act and will be able to call for backup if it ever feels threatened! Be careful!

    Health: 800,000 HP
    Punch Damage: 150 HP
    Speed: 1.75
    Hit Interval: 0.6
    Blocks: Fire and Melee

    1. (Passive) Wolf in the Shadows: The werewolf tank is normally quiet while the moon isn't active. During this time the tank appears to be more transparent, makes less noise, has a 33% chance to avoid all damage and gains a significant movement speed boost while aggroing any survivors.
    2. (Active) Wolf Bite: Instead of clawing his current victim, the tank can choose instead to bite into them, this deals 300 HP damage and causes all 3 bleed effects simultaneously for 20 seconds. When the moon is active, the Werewolf Tank is vicious in his attacks and will instead deal 1000 HP damage as well as inflict bleeding.
    3. (Passive) Bleeding: While the survivor is bleeding, they leave behind a trail of scent for the Wolf Tanks to follow, allowing for them to easily target the survivor. When the moon is active, the survivor with the most time left on bleeding will be targeted for aggro until their bleeding stops. Werewolf Tank cannot use Wolf Bite on any survivors that are bleeding.
    4. (Passive) Thirst for Blood: The tank will deal up to +100% additional damage to any survivors that are injured/incapacitated. This is ignored whenever the tank is consuming any survivors with Kidnap.
    5. (Passive) Moon Activity: While the tank is outside in his inactive state he will slowly gain charge from the moon. Once the tank is fully charged from the moons illumination, it'll cause the tank to let out a howl, activating his active mode for 45 seconds. Once the active mode ends, the tank will go back into his inactive state.
    6. (Active) Wolf Pack: The tank lets out a powerful roar, summoning out up to 3 Wolf Tanks depending on its current health. The lower it's health, the more likely all 3 Wolf Tanks appear. The Wolf Tanks spawned from this ability have 30,000 HP each, deal 100 claw damage, have 50% defense and have some unique abilities of their own. The Wolf Tanks spawned will cease to be active and will hide once the Werewolf Tank stops being active. Additionally each activation of the ability will buff up the Wolf Tank's stats if any Wolf Tanks were killed during the previous use, up to +33% additional stats can be gained.
    7. (Active) Ferocious Slashes: The tank waits a moment... charging its claws with blood. It then lets out ferocious slashes at any nearby survivors while moving around for 4 seconds, being able to turn around if needed. Each slash deals 500 damage, staggers, ruptures and drops the survivor's defense for 20 seconds. Each additional hit on the same survivor deals more damage and increases the effects.
    8. (Active) Wolf Target: With at least 1 Wolf Tank alive, the tank lets out an angry howl, then will randomly mark 1 target. After 10 seconds, the survivors becomes the target for all Werewolf Tank and Wolf Tank attacks for 30 seconds with the tanks aiming to get the survivor away from the others. Being stunned/frozen will reset aggro.
    9. (Passive) Taunt Resist: The tank ignores any aggro overriding effects.
    10. (Active) Kidnap: If there's at least 1 or more injured survivors, the tank/Wolf Tanks will target 1 of them, taking away into the shadows and in hiding for 10 seconds. Once the survivor has been moved back far away enough, they'll become incapacitated instantly and start taking damage while the Wolf Tanks proceed to eat them alive. At 25% incap HP left, the Wolf Tanks will stop damaging their victim and let the survivor call out for help for 15 seconds, also marking their incapacitated body if not found. After time passes, the Werewolf/Wolf tanks will then proceed to fully eat the survivor, which permanently kills them 5 seconds later.
    11. (Passive) Filled up: If the Werewolf Tank/Wolf Tanks manage to fully eat any survivors alive, they will regain HP back. The Werewolf tank will regain 10% max HP while the Wolf Tanks each regain 50% max HP back. Afterwards the tank cannot use Kidnap again for 60 seconds, with this timer pausing when the tank stops being active.
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  4. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Since my birthday passed yesterday, I figured I'd post the ultimate tank ideas that I made since the last few days ago, enjoy ^^

    I'll probably nerf Ultimate Knight Tank in the future, will leave Ultimate Shaman Tank as it is...

    Ultimate Shaman Tank

    The most powerful variant of the Shaman Tank that is known to exist... This extremely rare tank is a master of magic that can devastate the survivors with deadly abilities that should be avoided at all costs!

    Health: 750,000 HP
    Punch Damage: 250 HP
    Speed: 1.7
    Hit Interval: 0.75
    Blocks: Fire, Melee and Acid

    1. (Passive) Ultimate Heal: The tank heals for 7,500 HP every 45 seconds. The lower the tank's health is, the less time it'll take for it to regenerate HP back. It also clears all bad statuses.
    2. (Passive) Shaman: The tank has knowledge of the abilities that it has. This means that the tank may wait until some abilities are available at the same time to use them all in a particular order.
    3. (Passive) Magic Desperation: Should the tank be about to take lethal damage, it will go into a Desperation state. In this state it can no longer regen but all of its active abilities have significantly reduced cooldowns and can all activate at their full potential. Additionally the tank will move and attack at double speed. The tank will then explode and die after sometime passes.
    4. (Active) Supreme Inferno: Leaves a trace of fire that deals 150 HP damage per tick. On every 5th use, a pool of blue fire is left behind, dealing 750 HP per tick, burning any survivors for 30 seconds. The blue fire itself cannot be removed/absorbed.
    5. (Active) Teleport: The tank teleports to the first survivor or to the nearest survivor on final chapters. As the tank's health lowers he'll teleport to any survivor much further away from the tank.
    6. (Active) Mutation: Infects nearby survivors with the Mutation bad status that forces them to temporarily forget how to fight. Below 20% Health the tank bypasses Mutation status immunity.
    7. (Active) Drop Acid: Leaves a pool of acid that'll instantly slow any affected survivors by 25%, dealing high damage as well as moderately slowing them.
    8. (Active) Flesh Shield: Uses death tank bodies to block all sources of damage for 10 seconds.
    9. (Active) Super Vomit: The tank biles all survivors nearby, inflicting a random status effect and blinding them temporarily.
    10. (Active) Supreme Poison: Infects nearby survivors with poison. The lower the tank's health is, the higher the duration and potency of the poison on the affected survivor. Below 50% health the tank bypasses Poison status immunity.
    11. (Active) Supreme Meteor Shower: Summons a rain of meteors that will drop on random locations. Meteors that hit the ground will leave behind small chunks of rock for sometime, damaging survivors that step on them. The tank must be on an open area for this to work. Below 20% health the meteors will start homing in on targets.
    12. (Active) Radiation Exposure: Irradiates nearby survivors, causing any other survivor who gets close to them to take major damage and also have a small chance to be affected themselves, for half the current duration.
    13. (Passive) Irradiate: The tank deals 1 to 60 HP of damage to nearby survivors based on proximity to the tank.
    14. (Passive) Debilitating Claw: The tank will always inflict a random status effect on any survivors punched. The tank will not inflict a random status if the survivor was already affected with one.
    15. (Passive) Death's Bounty: Upon killing a survivor, all ability times are reduced by 2.5 seconds.

    Ultimate Knight Tank

    The most powerful variant of the Knight Tank that is known to exist... An extremely rare tank that boasts unimaginable feats of strength that fears anyone who dares to approach it.

    Health: 750,000 HP
    Punch Damage: 500 HP
    Speed: 1.7
    Hit Interval: 1.0
    Blocks: Fire, Melee and Acid

    1. (Passive) Ultimate Earthquake: The tank creates an earthquake that can throw survivors into the air. The earthquake strength of his fists will increase when punching incapacitated survivors and becomes higher as the tank's health lowers, affecting all abilities.
    2. (Passive) Protection Aura: Decreases damage taken by other nearby infected by up to 50%. Less effective the further away from the Tank (Radius: 750).
    3. (Passive) Bottled Anger: If the tank hasn't performed an Ultimate Earthquake in 30 seconds, it's next punch will activate it, regardless if anyone is incapacitated. Below 20% health, every 4th tank punch instead activates it.
    4. (Passive) Flesh armor: The tank uses flesh armor to reduce damage taken. At first, the tank shields 100% damage taken. On each hit, the tank loses 1% damage reduction and regenerates 1% per second.
    5. (Passive) Courage Aura: Increases damage done by other nearby infected by 200%. Less effective the further away from the Tank (Radius: 750).
    6. (Passive) Aftershocks: Should a survivor survive an Earthquake, they will begin to emit earthquakes from themselves, launching themselves and other nearby survivors. The aftershocks decrease in power after each one.
    7. (Passive) Enhancement Aura: Every 5 seconds, nearby Special Infected have a chance to become Uber Infected. The chance decreases the further the SI is away from the Tank (Radius: 1000, 0-25% chance, 3 Uber Max)
    8. (Passive) Super Strength: The tank's punches have increased range, deal increased knockback and affect in an area around. The rocks that the tank throws fly faster, are explosive and can launch survivors close to the impact away.
    9. (Active) Empowering Yell: The tank lets out a mighty roar, transforming all special infected on the map into Uber Infected. SI's that are already Uber Infected instead turn red, gaining resistances to fire/acid and headshot damage.
    10. (Active) Supreme Shockwave: The tank slams the ground, throwing every survivor, and then causes constant earthquakes around itself every second for 10 seconds, flinging nearby survivors away. Below 20% health the constant earthquakes happen much faster and can stack against survivors already launched.
    11. (Active) Super Charge: The tank charges violently into nearby survivors, flinging them away. The victims take 500 damage upon impact, and may suffer from fall damage.
    12. (Active) Super Disposal: The tank can pickup and throw away a nearby survivor. The survivor thrown will suffer severe damage if they hit a wall at high speeds.
    13. (Passive) Keeping Friends Close: The tank will randomly teleport all Special Infected to it's current position. Uber Infected will instead be teleported half the time and Empowered Uber Infected 25% of the time.
  5. ratchet

    ratchet MG Donor

    These are awesome ideas, and to be quite honest I would love to see them implemented.

    Looking at what you have noted down here for each though I feel it would need to be a very specific team of people to kill each of these monsters.

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