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    timkit here with another suggestion thread. This one is going towards Halloween for this year. Now I know there is only 2 months or so until it happens and I wanted to come up with some suggestions for additions/changes/removals for a future update.

    EDIT: Made some edits...

    NOTE: The following suggestions below are only for IF there is to be a Halloween event this year on mgftw. So far nothing has been confirmed so we do need to wait and see...

    First Suggestion: Bring the Supreme Executioner Tank back, but moderately nerf him down so hes manageable within his scenario.

    The Supreme Executioner Tank was a tank that we fought inside the Spooky Night Scenario during last year's halloween event. If we players do feel that we do really want the tank to come back to mgftw, then he should be made moderately weaker so he isn't going to be so hard to kill.

    Second Suggestion: Give Custom COOP it's own Halloween Event

    Custom COOP rarely gets played often by players and the only way you'd get a full server just like with VS is to invite players. If only we were able to do something unique within Custom COOP for halloween, it'd be pretty good. Suggestions could be ranging from doing campaigns such as: Haunted Forest, The Dark Parish and replacing them with the usual Custom COOP campaigns to make things interesting.

    Third Suggestion: There should be tokens for completing a Scenario for Halloween [Player that suggested this idea: Wes [™۞]]

    If we wanted to be able to obtain items this year during halloween, we could earn Trick Candy or Treat Candy from completing quests and by earning them on the mgftw servers. These candies should be earned alongside the 4 candies from last year's event.

    NOTE: The next suggestions below are only ones in general for a future update...

    1. Give the Sickening Tank his own scenario.

    The Sickening Tank is the only special tier tank in mgftw to not have it's own scenario. If you guys want, we should have that easter event we fought him in turned into a scenario where he is the final tank we have to kill in order to clear the scenario.

    For the scenario, it's name could be "Sickening". In order to access it you would need to take a daily quest from the vault of memories. As for any other requirements, I'll let the admins come up with that idea if this gets accepted.

    Here's the link to the thread about this suggestion:

    2. There should be some new quests aimed towards Custom COOP.

    The COOP server itself already has plentiful quests for us to be doing on the server. While it was great to see the additional Sara quests, it would also be good to see some quests where we would need to do actions on a certain objects or find quest items on the Custom COOP server.

    3. Piercing Bullets Buff Enhancement: Supreme Piercing Bullets

    Supreme Piercing Bullets
    Your bullets against tank barriers and armors will deal 3 times their usual damage.

    Piercing Bullets is already a good quest buff out there to use for players that want a damage increase on their weapons. However I also wanted it to be useful in a supportive manner where bullets would be more damaging against tank barriers and armors.

    This buff enhancement can be crafted and will have the suggested requirements:
    Box of empty shells: 0/10


    4. Fire Wall Buff

    Fire Wall
    Allows you to place down a burning barrier that will block the infected's path. The fire deals 10 damage every tick to both survivors and infected that are nearby and will ignite nearby infected on fire. It has a durability of 2000 HP and will last until it is either destroyed or 60 seconds have passed.
    <Only 1 Fire Wall can be placed down at a time>
    <Crouch down and SHOVE to place down the Fire Wall>
    <Incompatible with Grenade Trap Buff>
    <Once per round, X VS>

    This buff can be crafted and will have the suggested requirements:
    Rusted Metal Chunk: 0/30
    Vinegar: 0/10
    Welding Gun: 0/15
    Wire: 0/20

    Cash Cost: $202,250
    Fr-Pills Cost: 1,500
    Level: 230

    Have you ever heard Louis talking about wanting to make a fire wall? It would be pretty cool if the survivors could do that and use that barrier to their advantage against the infected.

    5. Explosion Shrapnel Buff

    Explosion Shrapnel
    All explosions caused by you will have the ability to produce shrapnel shards that can pierce through enemy infected. Explosion damage dealt against tanks also bypasses their explosion immunity.
    <X VS>

    Make it available to buy from the market with the following suggested requirements:
    Cash Cost: $150,000
    FR-Pills Cost: 1,000
    Level: 210

    6. The No Rescue for You Buff should be renamed to Survivalist Buff

    The buff effect itself remains the same with +5 seconds being added onto timer based finales for each player with the equipped buff with a few small changes...

    <Does not affect The Parish and Cold Stream finales>
    <Maximum: +60 seconds>
    <X Survival>

    that's it for now with the suggestions, will add more later on.

    7. Add in the Warrior and Guardian Tanks for mgftw VS.

    These two tanks can act as support tanks to support other infected against the survivors. There can only be a maximum of 1 out at once. They have 45,000 base health and have their effects reduced with the effect in a smaller radius. They can be spawned when the infected has gained 93 bounty (bounty requirement for tier 1 tanks) and they are available to be spawned with a 20% chance.

    8. Add in a new tier 3 tank: Supreme Corrosive Tank

    !tankinfo description
    The Supreme Corrosive Tank is an enhanced version of the Corrosive Tank.

    It's Corrosive Acid becomes more dangerous the more lower HP the tank has and it has the ability to affect more of the survivor's stats. Extreme caution is recommended around this tank and its highly devastating acid attacks.

    Supreme Corrosive Tank (Tier 3)
    HP: 325,000
    Speed: 1.50
    Attack Speed: 0.6
    Damage: 100
    Immunities: Fire, Explosives, Melee
    Absorbs: Acid


    Acidic Body (Passive)
    The tank's body is made up of a highly corrosive substance. Whenever any survivor hits the tank with a vomit jar, it will absorb 100% of damage from all sources until the acid wears off. This tank also has a hard acid armor which makes acid bullets become useless against it.

    Acid Rock (Passive)
    When the rock is thrown and it hits any survivor, it will instantly slow down their movement speed by 35%. Additionally the rock also explodes and will leave a trace of acid on impact.

    Acid bleedout (Passive)
    The tank will drop acid for every 1% of maximum HP that it loses.

    Supreme Acid claws (Passive)
    After a hit with its claws, the tank will soak survivor with acid and will periodically expose them for 10 seconds. The effect deals 1% of the survivor's maximum HP (minimum: 20) as true damage each second to the affected survivor.

    Supreme Corrosion (Passive)
    Each time the survivors are exposed to the tank's acid (damaged by it) their body parts will slowly begin to decay. Survivors will suffer a loss on their basic statistics:
    -0.2% of Max HP lost for the round (Min HP: 20 or 1% of max HP)
    -0.4% of Max incap HP lost for the round (Min: 100 HP)
    -0.1% speed lost for the round (Min: 75% base movement speed)
    -0.006 melee swing speed is lost for the round (Endless)

    -0.1% of Increased Damage through buffs lost for the round (Min: +0%)
    -0.1% of Increased Defense through buffs lost for the round (Min: +0%)
    +0.1% of Increased Cooldown time through buffs gained for the round (Max: +50%)
    +0.1s of Increased Action time through actions gained for the round (Max: 300% action time)

    Acidic Disease (Passive)
    All survivors have a 0.2% chance to become affected by the Acidic Disease bad status effect as a result of any acid damage taken. The Acidic Disease will cause survivors to be unable to heal off the corrosion stacks they have gained from taking any acid damage. The effect lasts for the rest of the round.

    Corrosive Blast (Active)
    The tank charges up acid by generating large amounts of it for 5 seconds, targeting any survivor that is near the tank. The tank then throws that acid onto the survivor, dealing 2500 true damage and inflicting 100 corrosion stacks. Then causing a damaging wave to circulate outwards from the affected target that hits all other survivors within 500 units for 625 true damage and inflicts 50 corrosion stacks. Cooldown: 75 seconds.

    Acid Spit (Active)
    The tank will spit acid out from it's mouth towards the current aggro target. Cooldown: 10 seconds.

    Acid Hell (Active)
    The tank will force acid under all survivor's feet for 10 seconds, regardless of how far away they are from it. Cooldown: 60 seconds.

    Supreme Effervescence (Passive)
    The tank's acid will deal 1% of the survivor's current HP (Minimum: 20) as damage. This is increased by +1% (Minimum + 20) for every 20% HP the tank loses.

    When this tank dies, everyone will be given 1x Corrosive Acid Sample and will have a 50% chance to gain another one alongside the main rewards.

    9. Add in a new tier 3 tank: Supreme Freezing Tank

    !tankinfo description
    The Supreme Freezing Tank is an enhanced version of the Freezing Tank.

    Just like the regular tank, beware of his ability to freeze survivors with his powerful slow abilities! He also has ways to regenerate his health and to permanently destroy any survivor regardless of their strength so be careful around this powerful infected.

    Supreme Freezing Tank (Tier 3)
    HP: 350,000
    Speed: 1.4
    Attack Speed: 0.5
    Damage: 150
    Immunities: Fire, Explosives, Melee
    Absorbs: None


    Liquid Nitrogen (Passive)
    The tank carries liquid nitrogen containers and throws these instead of rocks. Survivors close to the container explosion will suffer 2 to 5% (Minimum: 100 to 250 true damage) of their maximum HP as damage and their speed will be reduced by 50%. If too much speed reduction is accumulated, they will become frozen and instantly die to any tank's punch.

    Frozen Sentence (Passive)
    The tank will focus frozen survivors. He is also unable to be aggroed by any survivor when targeting a frozen victim through freeze.

    Chilling Fist (Passive)
    The tank's punches will also slow survivors down.

    Guard Penetrator (Passive)
    The tank ignores defenses upon attacking any frozen survivor.

    Nitrogen Release (Active)
    The tank opens up the nitrogen containers to release nitrogen gas. The gas will remain in the area reducing the speed of survivors nearby by 15% each second for 20 seconds. Cooldown: 10 seconds.

    Frozen Barrier (Active)
    The tank will put up a frozen barrier and encase itself in ice. This causes the tank to automatically regenerate 1% of its maximum HP every 4 seconds and become immune to all types of damage (including true damage) until the frozen barrier is destroyed.

    The frozen barrier can be damaged from the outside using melee weapons only and has 100 durability. Survivors take 5 true damage every time they attack it, which can't be blocked by moustachio bless. Additionally, the tank blows out freezing air, dealing 5% of the survivor's maximum HP (Minimum: 100 true damage) as damage and slowing them down by 25% to all survivors within 500 units every 5 seconds. Cooldown: 90 seconds.

    Freeze (Active)
    The tank will charge up deadly frozen air for 2 seconds, then target a far away survivor within 2000 units. That survivor instantly becomes frozen for 10 seconds and cannot be thawed out through any means. If the tank manages to strike his victim, the victim will be instantly killed (bypasses all damage nullifying effects). Cooldown: 75 seconds.

    10. Add in a new tier 3 tank: Supreme Electric Tank

    !tankinfo description
    This dangerous tank is an enhanced version of the Electric Tank. He gets stronger overtime with each passing moment and then will begin to generate electrical rage after he gets past a certain point. Make sure you kill this tank before he gets way too dangerous for the survivors to handle!

    Supreme Electric Tank (Tier 3)
    HP: 400,000
    Speed: 1.5
    Attack Speed: 0.75
    Damage: 400
    Immunities: Melee
    Absorbs: Fire, Explosions


    Storing Power (Passive)
    The tank stores power in the form of transferring energy from one form to another. The heat energy from fires and explosions is transferred into electrical energy, healing the tank for the the damage dealt to it from all fire and explosion sources. This tank is also immune to stuns and cannot have it bypassed.

    Electrical Aura (Passive)
    The tank carries a dangerously growing electrical aura that increases in intensity every 2 minutes. This causes the glow to change colour, starting from blue to yellow to red. After 8 minutes have passed, the tank pulsates out an white-red glow and starts generating electrical rage against the survivors. The tank also has +25% damage reduction against bullets and deals 1% (2% when yellow) (3% when red) of a survivors maximum HP as damage any time a survivor goes near the tank.

    Electrical Rage (Passive)
    The tank generates +6 electric rage every 2 seconds, or every time it hits any survivor. For each electrical rage stack gained, it deals +1% additional punch damage, gains 0.005 attack speed and 0.01 movement speed. Once it hits 100 electrical rage, it will generate a dangerous electrical ability and have 75% damage resistance for the duration of the electrical ability.

    Shocking Source (Passive)
    Damage from the tank will stun the victim for a few seconds. A victim can't be stunned again for 10 seconds.

    Electric Rock (Passive)
    The tank will throw rocks that contain explosive electricity. It will explode and stun any nearby survivors on impact. Additionally, the electricity from the rock will instantly cause any nearby explodable objects to explode, dealing 10% (20% when yellow) (30% when red) of a survivors maximum HP (Minimum: 250 (blue) 500 (yellow) 750 (red)) as damage to any nearby survivors within the explosion.

    Electrocute (Passive)
    Targets stunned in the water will also be electrocuted, causing them to take 1% (2% when yellow) (3% when red) of their maximum HP (minimum: 50 (100 when yellow) (150 when red)) as damage whenever they get stunned through Electrocution.

    Supreme Electric Shock (Active)
    The tank will release a sudden powerful jolt of electricity, dealing 250 (500 when yellow) (750 when red) damage and stunning all survivors in its vicinity for 4 (5 when yellow) (6 when red) seconds. This stun ignores the Shocking Source immunity. Cooldown: 25 seconds.

    Discharge (Electrical - Active)
    The tank stores electricity for 4 seconds, and then releases it out as an electrical attack at all survivors within range. Any survivors hit take 25% of their maximum HP as damage and are stunned for 5 seconds on hit.

    Thunderbolt (Electrical - Active)
    The tank roars out to the clouds to target all survivors. The clouds gather electricity, then in 5 seconds strike down dealing 10% of the survivors maximum HP (500 minimum) as true damage and a 5 second stun (+1 second for every additional hit) to all survivors in open areas. The damage dealt is able to stack if hit more than once.

    Electric Blast (Electrical - Active)
    The tank targets a random survivor within range and zaps the target with electricity after a few seconds. This causes the target and any survivors nearby to take 1500 true damage and become stunned for 10 seconds. Additionally the target is affected with electrocution for 30 seconds afterwards.

    Electric Trauma (Electrical - Active)
    The tank will focus a large amount of dangerous electricity into a single punch. This makes his next tank punch deal double damage to its victim, stun them for 3 seconds (This stun ignores the Shocking Source immunity) and gives them the clot for 30 seconds. The Clot Bad Status Effect cannot be cured off without using a First Aid Kit and if the affected victim dies while affected or after 30 seconds have passed they become permanently dead for the rest of the round.
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    should bring back the map for sickening tank we fought a year ago and make it the scenario
  3. timkit

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    hey'll, I decided to go ahead and add to this forum thread for ideas going towards christmas/next year... let me know your thoughts!

    1. Fireworks Launcher Buff

    Transforms your Grenade Launcher into a Fireworks Launcher that shoots fireworks! The Fireworks Launcher does 33% less damage but does travel and reload 20% faster. When the Fireworks explode, they will ignite and stun any infected nearby within 350 units as well as leaving a small firework puddle at the impact site.
    The firework puddle deals 100 HP/s to any infected as well as igniting them and staying around for 2 seconds.
    <Tanks can't be stunned in 15 seconds of another stun/freeze>
    <Firework must travel for 0.3 seconds to gain full damage>
    <Incompatible with any other Grenade Launcher buffs>
    <The cooldown on stuns is 30 seconds>
    <✖ VS>

    2. Advanced AI

    <Buff Enhancement for Cupid's Arrow>
    Let's you take control of your infected pets by issuing commands to them. The following commands that you can issue to them are:
    Example Command 1: Forces the pet to stay where it currently is.
    Example Command 2: Makes the pet follow you where ever you go. It will even save you if you are trapped by special infected or prioritize healing you if you have less than 50% of your maximum HP.

    3. Bring back the christmas event from 2016?

    If you all don't know what I'm talking about... read here:

    If anyone remembers that this event was a good change of pace for VS... I'd like to imagine how much fun it would be if it was brought back... I miss it alot. Will ask your thoughts for this.

    4. Bring back the Festival Party Scenario, alongside the christmas event

    Wes on steam requested me to add this in as a suggestion.

    The tank is pretty cool when it comes to fireworks and all... I did like that and the scenario, I think people did like it as well too... so it would be nice to bring it back again.

    that's pretty much about it for now... later!

    * The Cooldown on stuns won't activate if the stun can be applied but didn't activate on the tank due to stun/freeze immunity.
    * The Commands will be the ones used by survivors by holding the Z and X keys to show them.
    * The % of your maximum HP for when the pet spitter heals you can be changed to have it heal earlier or later.
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    You should bring back the Festival Tank scenario as well.
  5. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Here's some more suggestions... mainly event buffs for the infected

    also half of the event buffs are for tanks

    5. |E| Earth Pound
    On every 3rd tank pound on an incapacitated survivor, you will bind him to the floor and prevent him from being able to crawl for 5 seconds. You will not be able to bind the same survivor again for 30 seconds.

    6. |E| Fear of Death
    On each hit, the tank's punches have a 2% chance to inflict fear on the punched survivor for 2 seconds. The chance is increased by 2% for every 10% of missing health that the tank has. The survivor cannot be feared again for 10 seconds afterwards.

    7. |E| Regeneration Field
    On any regeneration the tank receives, all other infected nearby within 500 units gain 50% of the heal amount.
    <Does not affect other tanks>

    8. |E| Penetration
    The tank's punches on any survivor penetrate and ignore all defense modifiers.
    <The tank cannot benefit from any buff attack modifiers or attack speed bonuses>

    9. |E| Slow Punch
    The tank's punches are 50% slower than usual but slow down survivors by -20% for 5 seconds on hit. The slow effect also bypasses |E| Slow Resistance buff.

    10. |E| Infected Guard
    The tank gains 5% defense for each special infected nearby the tank.
    <Maximum: +50% defense>

    11. |E| Smoking Gas
    When the smoker dies, it releases black smoke that makes nearby infected caught within the smoke 50% invisible until it dissipates.
    <Does not work with tanks>

    12. |E| Timed Explosion
    On activating from the !activate menu, you can make the boomer explode automatically after 5 seconds. The explosion deals 50 true damage to all nearby survivors but does not inflict vomit on them.

    13. |E| Dizzying Pounce
    Dealing maximum pounce damage on any hunter pounce will immediately inflict daze for 10 seconds onto the survivor affected. The Daze Bad Status Effect being inflicted bypasses all status immunity buffs.

    14. |E| Spit Splitter
    Your spit will last half as long as usual, but after it expires 3 more spit puddles will spew out 120 degrees away from each other within 250 units for half the remaining time of the original spit.

    15. |E| Infectious
    Your claws will have a 1% chance on each hit to inflict a random bad status effect onto the survivor affected. The chance is doubled if survivors have reached 75% of the map.

    16. |E| Juggernaut Block
    While charging, you will be immune to all stagger effects and take 50% reduced damage for the charge duration.
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    Im okay to bring more infected buff to help versus but in return i think we can make able on mg store old reward , and timkit why do not add them to honor store ingame ?
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  7. timkit

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    That might not be a bad option to add some event buffs to the honor market... but that would be worth a good discussion, including with the ideas for the new event buffs too.
  8. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Hey'll, heres a few Buff Enhancement suggestions from myself...

    17. |E| Emergency Provisions
    Buff Enhancement for: Health Dispenser Buff

    Healing effects also restore any survivors on their last strike. <X VS>

    18. |E|Relocatable Automata
    Buff Enhancement for: |E| Slaying Automata Buff

    You are now able to relocate your turret to another location. This can only be done once per round.

    19. |E| Swift Waters
    Buff Enhancement for: Speedy Water Buff

    While inside water areas, you gain a +5% increase to fire rate and attack speed.

    that's pretty much it :P


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