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Suggestions for Deadly Shove Buff (POLL)

Discussion in 'Suggestions Box' started by timkit, Jan 4, 2020.


Should Deadly Shove Buff have changes implemented into a future minor update + preferred option

  1. Yes, Deadly Shove Buff should have these changes ^^

  2. Yes, Option 1 is better.

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  3. Yes, Option 2 is better.

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  4. No, Deadly Shove Buff is fine as it is.

  5. I don't know

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  6. My response is in the forum post below!

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  1. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    This idea seemed large enough to make a forum thread about... but basically here's the idea from Myoule when I steam chatted with him about it:

    also i want to make suggestion for deadly shove

    [Yesterday, 23:03]
    timkit [™۞]:
    go on
    jelly tank calls
    sorry :(
    I'll be back soon

    i'm in scen
    i'll type it out
    you can state your opinion later
    sometimes it's annoying how deadly shove get used when you didn't intend to
    moreover when you have the enhancement

    [Yesterday, 23:05]
    timkit [™۞]:
    I can understand the annoying usage
    when you shove someone below 250 current HP
    given the shoves deals 250 damage

    i was thinking if it's possible to make a settings
    where it only activate to uber and tank or tank only

    [Yesterday, 23:06]
    timkit [™۞]:
    like in COOP you say


    [Yesterday, 23:07]
    timkit [™۞]:
    I see...

    because of the enhancement price
    somehow only few times where i get actually to use it
    because sometimes jockey passed me without me knowing
    or other SI
    pretty much that's about it

    (End of Necessary Chat, everything else chatted past this was Irrelevant to the Idea)

    Give the Deadly Shove Buff user options to decide when they should use the buff.

    1. This could be done in the form of holding the USE button for a few seconds to enable/disable the buff effects of Deadly Shove.
    2. Giving the Deadly Shove Buff some settings to decide on if it should be applied towards all SI, SI only, Uber SI and Tanks only OR Tanks only

    Would it also be possible to have the Deadly Shove Buff effect not activate when shoving any SI whose HP is below 250 Current HP. Assuming that a normal shove kills the SI as normal. This can help reduce cases where a deadly shove was wasted on any SI with low HP that was better off being killed in other ways. Just something that could improve the buff's usage within all gamemodes.

    Do feel free to leave your thoughts below!

    (How to Vote)
    1st option is for if you say yes to the Deadly Shove Buff changes, regardless of which option you find better.
    2nd option is for if you say yes to the Deadly Shove Buff changes, but prefer option #1 with the buff.
    3rd option is for if you say yes to the Deadly Shove Buff changes, but prefer option #2 with the buff.

    Other options are self explanatory.

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