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Steam summer sale videos

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Penguin, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. Penguin

    Penguin Guest

    i have noticed some amusing videos popping up on youtube like i do every year to do with the summer sale, take a look at these :P


  2. Ping

    Ping Guest

  3. erik

    erik Senior Member

    I'm getting all excited about it, then I stop and think "Wait, why get excited for a bunch of games you'll buy but never even bother to play?"

    In all seriousness, I wonder if they'll apply PRE-PURCHASE discounts at any part of the sale. I'm totally suckered-in and sold on the benefits/features of pre-purchasing; most of them are just totally superficial frivolities. However, they're frivolities that I want. A good example is that, by pre-purchasing Payday 2, you get an extra mask for your bank robber character. (lol... and I bought it simply because of that...) Being a consumer doesn't always make sense, but it's sure fun.

    I really hope they have some sort of coupon or something OTHER than "today only -40% off" type stuff. Never seem to have the cash when the huge, huge yet time-sensitive deals happen.
  4. Hey Koolaid

    Hey Koolaid Head Administrator

    well as always i seem to screwup and buy something that goes on sale the next day lol. Defiance looks good but i'm debating on it.
  5. Penguin

    Penguin Guest

    its a lot of fun, and it has a good storyline to it. Just got to remember that technically it is still in alpha, still many more updates to be released
  6. erik

    erik Senior Member

    Me too, every god damn time.