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server lag?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by clark009, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. clark009

    clark009 Junior Member

    why server mgftw.com HK | Points Reloaded 16-COOP is laggy?
  2. Flying Boobs

    Flying Boobs Guest

    if the lag is really bad and just happens sometimes and ALL the players in the server is lagging.. then it's most probably a hacker ddos attack towards the HK server.. if it happens, then maybe you should move to another server..
    maybe to CA/EU server just temporarely if you still want to play.. i'm sure the admins will solve the ddos attack as soon as they can..

    if it's another matter, like it's lag all the time, and another player in the server is not experiencing it.. then it's maybe your connection.. try checking your antivirus and/or programs.. maybe it's eating your bandwith by automatic updating or something else..
  3. clark009

    clark009 Junior Member

    server mgftw.com HK | Points Reloaded 16-COOP still laggy,please fix
  4. Tom1993

    Tom1993 Head Administrator Staff Member

  5. b29

    b29 Junior Member

    hi I'm from Russia. Never played l4d and have not heard about your server
    I recently decided to set up a server Killing floor. finally picked it up yesterday. today, so decided to see the log of the server and found the line that look like this.

    NetComeGo: Open myLevel Fri Sep 26 12:44:05 2014
    NetComeGo: Close TcpipConnection Fri Sep 26 12:56:27 2014

    I was very surprised, because I have these ports are closed.
    the same line for ip:

    I got interested in Google, I found the server and forum.
    Looks like someone sends fake requests on your behalf on a server other games and those other servers, you as a result of this attack.
    I is not very happy, but how to deal with it I do not know.
    I decided to write here of interest.
    Sorry if poorly understood - use a translator
  6. Stefeman

    Stefeman Head Administrator Staff Member

    Are you from http://sourceplay.ru/?

    Along with other sources, we're getting incoming DDoS traffic from http://sourceplay.ru/ as well, which suggests that it is part of the DDoS attacks against us.

    Our security and network rules are very strict, it's not us. so it's very likely that it's your server that is compromised and attacking us.

    Please, check your own security and if you find anything, inform us.
  7. b29

    b29 Junior Member

    No, I have nothing to do sourceplay.ru. I have a small home server for pampering (experiments) superfortress.su (
    it is unlikely that I have a problem with security. I zuxel router and two laptops with debian. One of the laptops acts as a server.
    Apparently someone takes ip and port with gametracker.com and consistently refers to them fake requests on your behalf with the result that these servers are beginning to DDoS you. t. e. Me and my kind used as the proxy.
    I'm looking for right now, the possibility of termination of this hole t. To. I'm not happy that I am helping the scoundrels
    but I'm not good at networking

    p.s. I faced a similar situation when lifted server cod5(waw)
  8. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    It comes down to this, you're running a game server, a packet is being sent to your game server with my IP address in it by an attacker (it's not really my IP but it's spoofed so it looks like it comes from my server). Next, your server replies to that IP address (me) with a much larger packet, so the attacker is using your server to amplify (increase) his attack strength.

    So we're not attacking you, you're attacking us although it looks like the other way around. The attacker is abusing your server.
    There are several patches to prevent this from happening, or you can use iptables to limit outgoing UDP traffic.

  9. b29

    b29 Junior Member

    yes it is true.
    I do not blame your server. Apparently there is a translation error.
    I am now looking for ways to get rid of. But it looks like the forces of the game is not solved.
    Probably really need to use iptables, but I do understand that the little
  10. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    It depends on what you're running but it can get complicated, look at the Quake 3 solution:


    I don't know what game you are running, but you should somehow limit responses to UDP packets, that requires a lot of tweaking though and in-depth iptables knowledge.

    I think you can better ask on a Russian gaming site, there are def. people there knowing how to prevent this.

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