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Discussion in 'Clan Introduction & Recruitment' started by Stefeman, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. Stefeman

    Stefeman Head Administrator Staff Member

    These tags represents the guild and/or the people of the guild,
    so only use the guild tag if you are in that guild.

    Depending the guild rules, using guild tag in your name can be optional or required.

    Click the Name for further Informations !


    [?] Angels of Death

    [G?D]Gang of Devils

  2. Stefeman

    Stefeman Head Administrator Staff Member

    If you are a guild leader, and you have a tag that you wish to reserve for your guild, post it here in it's original form, and it will be added to the list above.
  3. Hey Koolaid

    Hey Koolaid Head Administrator

    [?] Umbrella Corp.
  4. atreyucore

    atreyucore Senior Member

  5. Cocaine

    Cocaine Head Administrator

    Updated and fixed some Stuff....

    You have no Thread about your Guild Atreyu ?
  6. Bonekeep

    Bonekeep Guest

    Yes! Bot Da Farm included... THE GREATEST VI FARMING GUILD EVER (and only)! :]
  7. Cocaine

    Cocaine Head Administrator

    Guys, if you want me to add your Guild or Tag, post here or send me a PM.
  8. Teh R3aper

    Teh R3aper MG donor

    ? ? ? ?

    New guild tag but our old guildtag is still being used
  9. Traxx

    Traxx MG Donor

    Can I join your guild sir? =]]
  10. Cocaine

    Cocaine Head Administrator

  11. Traxx

    Traxx MG Donor

  12. Cocaine

    Cocaine Head Administrator

    Do it in his Guild Thread....get out here !!! :whip:
  13. Traxx

    Traxx MG Donor

    Aye Sir :llama: xD
  14. lunalove215

    lunalove215 Junior Member

  15. Cocaine

    Cocaine Head Administrator

    ....what is your guild called ?

    you have your own thread ?
  16. luizlf

    luizlf Junior Member

    Please, Reserve my Guild Tag:
    |?| smile
    I am a owner :)

  17. Ping

    Ping Guest

    |?| <== Reserving this
  18. Cocaine

    Cocaine Head Administrator

    @ luizlf & Ping

    Please add your Guildname and Link to your Guildthread.
  19. /!\WANTED/!\..The Wanted
  20. Warmonger

    Warmonger Senior Member

    WAR guild

    Tag is