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removing junk quests

Discussion in 'Guides' started by longjohn, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. longjohn

    longjohn Member

    my current quest inv:


    junk quests items:
    1.infected blood sample x14
    2.ancient coin x31
    3.poison sample
    4.rice box x5

    quest items I like to keep:
    1.jockeys head
    2.smokers head
    3.spitters head
    4.hunters head
    5.chargers head
    6.boombers head

    I've been wondering if I'm allowed to request to remove junk quest items I currently have. The problem is, my inv gets filled up, and I cannot pick up new quest items. if you can, please remove the junk items.

    thanks in advance
  2. HonorCode

    HonorCode Head Administrator Staff Member

    Interesting, there should actually be no junk in ur inv.

    I'll add an option to remove certain items :).
  3. longjohn

    longjohn Member

    thanks for the quick responds!

    now i'm going to be checking my inv more often, will post feedback later, thanks again. :)
  4. Steph

    Steph Game Server Moderator

    Im having the same problem with my inventory items. Getting things for quests I didn't even start yet and having left over stuff from old quests. I posted about it on the quest walkthrough thread but not many look there any more.
  5. longjohn

    longjohn Member

    most recently new option was added to our quest inv, if you select any of your quest items you should have the option to remove that item. Although i've had some problems with it.

    here is my quest log:
    This is the msg I normally get:

    the items I currently have aren't needed by any quests I currently have, nor do I need to deliver any items to the radio.
    my question is, is anyone else have this problem?
  6. longjohn

    longjohn Member

    just heads up, if you want to remove quest item you just need to select the item and it will give you the option to remove it. It doesn't instantly remove the item, but on the next map load it shouldn't no longer be in your inventory.

    thank you Honorcode for adding the remove option, it works now! I've just tested it myself so it works 100% for me, if it fails for you post here if anything.
  7. rickhunter

    rickhunter Guest

    Remove quest that you can finish. like Keith Daughter Picture.
  8. Steph

    Steph Game Server Moderator

    You mean cant finish? If so, you can finish this, the picture spawns in death toll.

    (I picked up a shaman claw to add to my quest items that I dont need by the way. They just keep piling up.)
  9. evilpaul

    evilpaul <span style="color:#66CD00">Moderator</span>

    Oooo! Where in Death Toll?
  10. Ping

    Ping Guest

    Finale, the wooden bunker that you pass through to get to the house where you start the finale, as you go in it's one of the rooms on the left.
  11. Raised in Hell

    Raised in Hell Senior Member

    any1 found the location for darwin quest 1 (kill 20 inf)
  12. Steph

    Steph Game Server Moderator

    Nope. I had it open for each map on the campaign and kept refreshing in every 5 steps or so after killing inf and nothing. Still bugged I would take it.
  13. Raised in Hell

    Raised in Hell Senior Member

    Did you try dead air 4th round or the finale? Or did it still say bad location on those maps too?
  14. erik

    erik Senior Member

    Are you serious. Really.
  15. erik

    erik Senior Member

    I'm not grasping the whole "Finish 15 Finales" quest myself... so, in the same spirit, here, I wanted to ask...

    WHAT CONSTITUTES A FINALE WITH ALL SURVIVORS? Seems someone's always "deceased" even if we all make it.

    2,900+ hrs in-game on this account and still haven't finished 15 finales per the quest. lol.

    Either I suck at COOP or I'm missing something here. Ideas?
  16. erik

    erik Senior Member

    FYI in re: Junk Quests...

    The ones you can't finish (Darwin's Friend II,) the one where you have to collect the Weight Reduction Tool, etc., with the Auto Grade (Veteran) Enhancer, etc... they are valid quests; just incomplete.*

    The Development Team has plans to implement some quests soon once we knock-off some stuff on our to-do list.

    I, personally, CAN NOT WAIT.

    New Quests = YAY
  17. e36

    e36 MG Donor

    Can you just drop the inv that you don't want? I did.

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