Questions/notes regarding revival of HI.

Discussion in '[L4D2] Hidden Infected' started by R.B. ☠, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. R.B. ☠

    R.B. ☠ New Member

    Hi everyone,

    So glad to see the HI-server back up. Spent hours on it again since relaunch.

    Yet i have some questions/notes:

    - The common infected released by the hammer now also damage the hidden infected. Is this intentional?
    - If u buy items being an hidden infected resulting in ur credit amount being 0, the moment u want to suicidevest u get the notification that 'you can't use vest with a negative amount of credits'. Is this a bug and if so, is this known?

    With kind regards,

  2. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    For the second one R.B I can definitely confirm it is a bug from someone i've steam chatted. Just wish I had a screenshot for it. The suicide vest is supposed to be free no matter how many credits you have.

    For the first one, It shouldn't be intentional but I would not be 100% on that. I do know that hidden infected survivors take no damage when hit by common infected. However I have not been on hidden infected enough to know if anything about that has changed recently. Might want to ask some more people about that first problem.

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