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[PR] Firehawks (No level Limit required)

Discussion in 'Clan Introduction & Recruitment' started by vollaster, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. ふたきKanata

    ふたきKanata MG Donor

    if it is due to my level problem , i will level up at soon as possible.
    if it isn't i want to know how to join your clan

  2. Tricky

    Tricky MG Donor

    We have no level requirement here at Firehawks.
    We are currently full and are not recruiting.
  3. raz

    raz Head Administrator Staff Member

    Hey fellow 'hawks,

    Little bad news i'm afraid, at the moment I have far too much stuff going on at home, family issues etc, that I'll have practically no time to help run the clan any more. I'm happy enough to stay in but Tricky, I'd suggest you appoint another co-leader in my place, because chances are I won't be able to help you much at all.

  4. Adward

    Adward Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    Sad times, hope you manage to sort out your issues bro!
  5. dT_Tb

    dT_Tb Member

    Same here ;)
  6. Tricky

    Tricky MG Donor

    Thanks for letting me know Raz and to echo what is quoted here, I hope things get sorted whatever they may be.
    Take care bro.
  7. TastyFish

    TastyFish Member

    I have returned from my 2 week vacation. Should see me in the games again.

    Raz, good luck with your personal matters.
  8. ???

    ??? Guest

    Steam name:

    Link to steam profile:http://steamcommunity.com/id/yellowprint
    In-game level:92
    Favorite server: mgftw.com Asia | Points Reloaded 16-COOP
    Why you would like to join:
    I want double knife ?????
    Any previous bans(don't lie i will check):nope , my reputation is always at 4.9~5.0

  9. crazyforyou

    crazyforyou Junior Member

    Steam name: Death
    Link to steam profile:http://steamcommunity.com/id/cryforyou
    In-game level:48
    Favorite server:mgftw.com Asia | Points Reloaded 16-COOP
    Why you would like to join:
    I want the clan buff!And join clan seem cooool(when you join the game)
    Any previous bans(don't lie i will check):no

  10. erik

    erik Senior Member

    You're our newest "POTW" (Player of the Week) for the MGFTW.com Steam Group. I've seen nothing but impressive results from you and an amazing willingness to help the new players. Good for you, and good job representing your clan.
  11. Pochy

    Pochy Guest

    ass kissing
  12. dT_Tb

    dT_Tb Member

    I've been playing with you recently and the only I concern is I've seen you farming a couple of times right out of the saferoom. Other than that, everything is ok.
  13. Pochy

    Pochy Guest

    ass kissing
  14. Penguin

    Penguin Guest

    Hi fellow firehawks, i have just updated this thread with the current list of members that are in the guild and also cleared up some space by removing some people that have not been active fort awhile.

    As of right now there is
    7 spaces available in the clan.
  15. Penguin

    Penguin Guest

    We now have 8 free spaces available in the clan
  16. Rai

    Rai Junior Member

    Hey guys, I just created this account after several days of thinking. So I kinda new to the forum, but I am happy and want to join a clan so I choose Firehawks.

    Steam name: Rai (Genmai)
    Link to steam profile:
    In-game level: Currently 44
    Favorite server: Coop Asia (EU and NA are to far from me, ping problem)
    Why you would like to join:
    I want to have more fun and get to know more people, making friends (since there are so many in-game and I don't know all of them, people come and out like wind)
    Any previous bans(don't lie i will check): I don't think so
  17. Penguin

    Penguin Guest

    I have no problem with you joining, i have added you on steam and will invite you to the clan as soon as i see you online.
  18. Hawk

    Hawk Member

    My name is Hawk. I have been playing PR servers and other servers on MGFTW for awhile. Im in a clan right now but I have decided i want to switch out. I wanted to go to a clan where i can learn how to play better and learn from the best then rather be in a newer clan. As far as I know I have never been banned on PR servers. Im in the 100s level area. Plus my name is in the guild name which is cool. So if u have any room i would like to join. :)

  19. Hawk

    Hawk Member

    THANKS ;)
  20. Hawk

    Hawk Member

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