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  1. Tali

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    Recruitment is now open once again

    ~ we are not merely a clan, we are an empire
    Elements Of Pain is one of the first clans to be created on mgftw back in 2012. It was widely known as one of the best versus clans and most members were dedicated versus players who played long games every day keeping the competition alive and kicking.

    Over the years many players left or moved on and versus wasn't what it used to be. But ΞØP is still here and launching a new era on the mgftw servers.
    We are currently welcoming new players along with veterans who wish to join us and have epic versus battles once again.

    Apply if you are:
    active, experienced with the system, play by the rules and want to be part of a legacy!

    There are plenty of places available and players who show dedication and exceptional team work will become part of the clan's leading team, helping it grow, organize events and recruit more new members into our family.


    If you were removed due to inactivity and wish to be added back, contact me here or on steam and we will sort it out.

    Our leader Jones' playlist of coop and (mostly) versus games and moments on the mgftw servers https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYc5hS8gjcgedfVvgAjRxP1qz-xSVDrKy

    hope to see you in game and have a great time together ~
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  2. Tali

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    Welcome to the clan Blackpink (aka 22) and Dad (aka nanner/fatal banana)
    thank you for joining us and hope we grow the clan together ^_^


    the other active clan members are

    [​IMG] (co-leader)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Thanks for the welcome @Tali! :smiley-happy014:

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