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Please Change My MG Forum Username

Discussion in 'Server Questions / Issues' started by The Hood, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. The Hood

    The Hood MG Donor

    Changing your user name. I would like to change my name in the forums. I would like to use my Steam name. Anyone know how? Would I have to make a new account? Thanks.
  2. Raised in Hell

    Raised in Hell Senior Member

    No you don't have to create a new account, one of the super moderators can change your name. Just say what you want your new name to be and i'm sure one of them will change it when they have time.
  3. Stefeman

    Stefeman Head Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, post here what you want to be your forum name, and we will change it for you. no new accounts needed.
  4. Jill

    Jill Junior Member

    i want to be "jill" or "jill27(if jill its already taken)". thats my name in game. if any1 can help me thx.
  5. davzee

    davzee <img src="http://mgftw.com/webdesigner.png" />

    Super mods can change users names? how the fk you do that then? ive got administrative access aswell as super mod access to the forums and all i can seem to change are sigs, avatars and profile pics :?
  6. Psychokitty

    Psychokitty Guest

    Hi,want to change my name to PsychoKitty please.

    Thank you
  7. joerve

    joerve Senior Member

    done, and done.


    You have to be the master of all roots to change names. :)

    No just kidding, I dont know, just search a user and change the name, and save wont work for you?
  8. davzee

    davzee <img src="http://mgftw.com/webdesigner.png" />

    lol no theres no save button....i can edit things but theres no save button lol :?
  9. Joervetest

    Joervetest Junior Member

    yeah I did some testing with this account, and I can't give anyone permission to change usernames via the acp.

    You have to edit the config to do that.
  10. Collector

    Collector <img src="http://mgftw.com/leadweb.png" />

    only the main roots can do it at the moment. as you can change to much and do sql commands with to much access.
    believe marvel didn't want that
  11. The Hood

    The Hood MG Donor

    Thanks for the response. If possible I would like my name to be 'The Hood'. That's my in-game name. Thanks again.
  12. The Hood

    The Hood MG Donor

    Ahhhhh, that's so much better. Thank you. ;)
  13. PurplePuppet

    PurplePuppet Guest

    Could you take away [UK] and just leave purplepuppet...cheers :))
  14. TJ

    TJ MG Donor

    Can you change mine to TJ? Thanks
  15. Jsut found out when you sign in through STEAM it will log you in as your steam name.
  16. :O
  17. Collector

    Collector <img src="http://mgftw.com/leadweb.png" />

    changed both TJ and Purplepuppet
  18. ?

    ? Guest

    Giggity Giggity Goo [​IMG]
  19. The_Jackal

    The_Jackal New Member

    Can you change mine to The_Jackal?

  20. Don Juliano

    Don Juliano Banned

    Can you change my name pls in juliano76