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Parallel Universes [VIDEO}

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Ping, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Ping

    Ping Guest

    It's the strangest idea in all of Science.

    "Nature is really trying to tell us something"

    It emerged by accident, from bizarre experiments.

    "It just didn't make any sense"

    "People were very disturbed by the very idea"

    Scientists resisted it.

    "They tried to explain it away"

    But a maverick would force them to face it seriously.

    "A man of brilliance, changed everything"

    The idea means, we live in a giant bubble.

    "It's hard to believe"

    You are just a clone.

    And 9/11, didn't happen.

    "This type of thinking, it's unearthly"

    This program has to be one of the most interesting i have seen. It may sound crazy, but it's actually very interesting. Of course, you have to understand it to be 'amazed'. It's hard to get your head around. It may be a bit boring at start, but it gets very interesting.



    I would advise everyone to watch it, it's just 'mindboggling'

    Here's the tl;didn't watch bit.

    This man is about to enter a parallel universe. He's walking to walk through Grand central terminal in NYC. When suddenly, everything changes. Somehow, he slips, into another parallel world, in which America has been overwhelmed by a terrible disaster. Grand Central has been abandoned, the crowds have gone and New York Is controlled by vigilantes. Then just as inexplicably, he's back home. Or so he thinks. Now he's in another parallel universe, in which the Nazi's won the 2nd world war. America is ruled by a fascist government and is a familiar face almost everywhere. For years, parallel universes have been dismissed as crazy speculation, now some of the world
  2. avilroad

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  3. Pessego

    Pessego Guest

    Makes you wonder right. Just add some herb and Pink Floyd, and you'll get one step closer to true enlightment.
  4. WeeJocky

    WeeJocky Game Server Moderator

    Personally, I am not a believer in the many worlds interpretation of QM (that's not to say I outright say it's BS, simply that I don't believe it's real). There is no way I could outright disprove it, just as there is no way that anyone could prove it, by the nature of the kind of theory it is (much in the same way that no-one can prove/disprove religious beliefs). And this is where I loose a certain amount of disrespect for any physicist who interprets Everett's theory as fact.

    As for that programme, I skimmed through a bit and it seems like the standard kind of media interpretation of a complex scientific topic that so many of these shows are. It's biased towards the belief (the segments I saw only interviewed believers) and most of the show is style over substance.

    (from the sceptical mind of WeeJocky :P)
  5. davzee

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  6. longjohn

    longjohn Member

    does this mean their might be MG site somewhere out there, and they're playing left 4 dead 3, fuuuuuuuuuck
  7. Warmonger

    Warmonger Senior Member


    I think these scientists make it overly confusing for people to understand these
    ideas. I also thinks its on purpose.

    Basically every time you make a choice/decision you are altering your future.
    There is always that what if I did this or that instead of this or that.

    Like if you took a right turn instead of a left turn maybe you wouldn't have got into a car accident and that changed your life maybe.

    It is possible that there exists that "what if" in other dimensions. Like maybe you are a successful handsome guy with a hot wife in another dimension, but in this one your ugly and fat and alone playing Left 4 Dead 2 lol.

    Everything is energy. Even your thoughts. That rock might seem lifeless but it is made of elements that contain atoms that are constantly in motion.

    Another idea is that our dimension is at a specific wavelength/frequency.
    There are other wavelengths also. Like if you are watching NBC, that doesn't mean ABC doesn't exist anymore, its just on another wavelength.

    Another reason we cannot find life in the universe is we are not looking at the right frequency.
  8. davzee

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  9. lukemurawski

    lukemurawski Senior Member

    I just thought about having sex, woo hoo please let me slip into that universe :D!

    Contrary to popular belief, that ideology is simply a thought experiment bound by the laws of quantum mechanics; the general laws of relativity contradict the infinite quantum parallel universe idea by superimposing a manifolded spacetime in which different variants of mass constitute different interpretations of space and time. In Gen. Rel., spacetime is infinite and anything that is infinite has no beginning nor end; in other words, in an infinite isolated system, no parallel universe can exist (unless it's membrane bound R^n).

    In other words, gentlemen (and ladies if we have any), physicists are throwing up pieces of B.S. on the wall and seeing what sticks. Most of the postulates have no proof, and I simply don't believe in their outrageous ideas. If thinking about sex will open up another universe as Quantum Mechanics states, then me thinking about God should open up an universe (under general probability) where God exists, and because God is supreme in everything, God should coexist in all the parallel universes. See what I did there? I used the laws of quantum mechanics to prove that God exists. I want the Nobel Prize!
  10. Ping

    Ping Guest

    I've watched the video multiple times and haven't seen where they say that thinking makes a parallel universe, however i did remember that your dreams are in a parallel universe. Now to be honest, i don't know what to believe - We can believe what scientists first put, that space and time is inifnite and therefore parallel universes do not exist (or however you want to put it), but also we don't know the wonders of space, we are just a single thing in a massive universe, no-one actually knows, and this is why people believe one thing and another. We can believe it or not, but we don't know anything at all - really.

    Also in the video it explains something, each 'thing' has a certain atom structure... and if space and time is infinite, then that structure must reach a point where all the combinations are used up and there is a same atom structure as something else, for instance the Earth. Therefore there is another earth somewhere, and this just repeats, because time and space is infinite. However, the multi-verses theory is quite interesting, space and time can be infinite, just that it is infinite in the multiverse, and the universe, where if you leave the universe you are in, which is 'not possible' to be scientists, you get to another universe, but if space is never ending, then it could not be the universe that never ends, but is in a multiverse that never ends, with infinite universes of repeating the same atomic structure as another.

    Quite confusing really... I'm not a big 'scientist' fan, but I am quite amazed at some of the things they come up with.


    I'm interested about the choice so called 'theory' though, how in one universe you do one, then the universe splits and can effect your future. Say in one universe you read about a boy narrowly missing being hit by a train. The universe splits, and the boy dies by the train, but then the universe splits again, the boy broke his leg falling into the train, and one of his legs is run over, but in another, he slips and falls unconcious... well really it's confusing to understand.

    The wonders of joyful and complex science. :)

    There might have never even been an MGFTW :P
  11. lukemurawski

    lukemurawski Senior Member

    Thinking is a form of electrical stimuli that has implications beyond scientific understanding (i.e. consciousness). I'm studying QM and GR right now, so I can tell you that the universe splits every time you think. Personally, I think that part of QM is B.S. :)

    We need to understand what space really is. The no-communication theory of QM utilizes Hilbert spacetime, and GR uses minkowski spacetime as its basis. Both contradict actuality in that one disagrees with the other. The calculus derived knowledge of infinity makes it impossible for a different 'space' to exist in the same 'space', so parallel universes cannot exist unless you curl up different membranes (i.e., different dimensions of space), in which theoretically you can have an infinite number of universes with R^inf.

    A membrane collision between R^n and R^n+1 creates what is known as a "quantum fluctuation", which apparently caused the Big Bang. In other words, we're throwing B.S. on the wall and seeing what sticks. Trust me, I asked someone I know who is a doctor and he agrees too.
  12. Ping

    Ping Guest

  13. lukemurawski

    lukemurawski Senior Member

    Plain English translation:
    Thinking causes a change in the universe, and any change will cause the universe to split. When you think about something, all that's basically happening is that there are signals being sent from the cells in your brain to other cells in your nervous system. That's a physical change, and is inherently linked to consciousness. I'm studying QM and GR right now, so I can tell you that the universe splits every time you think. We as scientists have a right to disagree with any theory we think is B.S... The universe splitting theory is utter nonsense, and I'd love to punch the lunatic in the face who believes in that mathematical nonsense. There are so many assumptions in the math that it's not even funny anymore.

    To understand parallel universes, we need to first understand what space (and time) is. Mathematically speaking, there are many different interpretations to space, and the mathematical basis for space contradicts each other in QM vs. general relativity. If we think that the universe is infinite, then there is no way to have different parallel universes unless we can have different universes in the same space. Because parallel universes are completely different 'spaces' each with their own laws of physics and time frame, the only way to accomplish such a deed is by having multiple dimensions which we can refer to as "membranes" of spacetime, linked together by alternate dimensions and loops.

    A collision between two membranes, or two universes, can give rise to a new universe through a gigantic explosion called a "big bang", in which matter and energy can be created (or flow in) from virtually nothing.

    Again, more B.S. on the wall. Hopefully it sticks :P I talked to one of the best people I know, and he's a doctor, and he agrees with me.
  14. Pessego

    Pessego Guest

    That only proves it doesn't matter how much science or technology evolve, there will always be unexplainable things, things which the human mind just can't fully understand, and that
  15. lukemurawski

    lukemurawski Senior Member

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/zn7-fVtT16k" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  16. Ping

    Ping Guest

  17. MarksmanR

    MarksmanR MG Donor

    Maybe there's a planet 1000 lightyears away with humans on it who also play videogames and have thought of the "zombie" concept.;)