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One day booster for purchase from store items

Discussion in 'Suggestions Box' started by littlebrother, Feb 18, 2020.

  1. littlebrother

    littlebrother MG Donor


    I was wondering if MG has considered selling those monthly boosters from store with an alternative option to buy it as a one day booster instead.

    For example an ultimate booster cost $125/ month but user can consider purchase it for one day at $4/day. The same could be done for the other types of boosters.

    This will help players who may not actively play but would like to use their choice of booster on a preferred day (non-working day) to help them gain more exp and cash more efficiently.
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  2. david

    david Junior Member


    I can only play one day a week for a long time... rest of it just 2 hours /day
    makes me lost more than 50% of my booster /month.
    thats why im never get expensive boosters :X

    Good idea Littlebrother.
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  3. Parrots

    Parrots MG Donor

    It definitely can be more affordable and more flexible with more time option for the boosters.
    I could imagine.
    1 Day
    7 Day
    30 Day
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  4. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member


    When first reading it I liked the idea BUT...

    One could just buy a $4 platinum booster and do one day of farming for 24 hours, which might annoy other players and affect gameplay in general.

    It could be an idea up to the 10x booster maybe. Or perhaps do weekly boosters, or some other option.

    I'll discuss this with the others ok, I'll have to think about this :)
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  5. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    It's not a bad idea if there was a 1 day booster purchasable from the MG store, however I'd think it would be best to limit it to smaller boosters, given that the x2 and x3 day boosters already exist in-game. (given the x3 day booster is retrievable easily in 1 day with enough Custom COOP time played)

    Also given what Marvel says, I can agree with him too. Though you often don't see farming happen on servers now a days with solo players, that doesn't mean it can't happen with anyone.

    Better yet, is it possible to add in a way to get a x2 day booster in-game, since you can't get it outside of events. Also bring back that 7 day Poison Shield as well, was unfortunate to see it gone from the Traveller Token market.
  6. littlebrother

    littlebrother MG Donor

    Just an option to consider to prevent farming and yet still support MG.

    The one day booster is purchasable only with a minimum bundle of seven quantities (player can finally have the choice to activate each booster at their own preferred time); meaning players can still have the option to activate each booster at any time/day after each one of the booster (Total seven or more quantities depending on number of purchases) expire.

    Can call this the "Bundled Day-Z Boosters Package" or any other name that is more appropriate.
    Players can choose the following options for purchase
    1. x10 booster (bundled)
    dropdown menu for players to choose quantity from as low as seven to fourteen max in quantities purchasable.

    2. x20 booster (bundled)
    dropdown menu for players to choose quantity from as low as seven to fourteen max in quantities purchasable.

    3. x50 booster (bundled)
    dropdown menu for players to choose quantity from as low as seven to fourteen max in quantities purchasable.

    I do hope to see a platinum bundled booster as one of the variant bundled package.
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2020

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