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MVPS for Scenario (POLL)

Discussion in 'Suggestions Box' started by timkit, May 30, 2019.


What do you guys think about these MVP for scenario suggestions?

  1. Yes, I'd accept this idea for the next mgftw update!

  2. No, who even needs MVPs anyway...

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  3. I don't know

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  4. my response is in the forum post below!

  1. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Hey'll, timkit here with an idea we discussed in discord #scenario.

    So... MVPS, if anyone doesn't know what they are, they are Most Valued Player. or the person who did the best for the match/round... whatever.

    You will need to put in a decent amount of effort as a survivor in order to be awarded one of the MVP awards (as well as any item rewards). This won't apply to one-time scenarios, however regardless you should do your best to help out the survivors in any way possible.

    There won't be a damage MVP because we don't need one. However...

    There's a number of MVP's worth earning

    General Support MVP:
    • Assisting survivors with common infected surrounding them.
    • Freeing/Saving teammates from special infected.
    • Healing teammates when you.
    • Defibbing teammates that are dead.
    • and so on...

    Caretaker MVP:
    • Focusing on the tank mechanics and/or helping out in a way that benefits your team, it can be things like...:
    • Helms Deep: Dealing damage to and killing Common/Special Infected, Aggroing the Supreme Infernal Tank towards water while it's fire shield is active.
    • Heartbroken: Aggroing the Cupid tank away from survivors in love/and or while it's ready to use Super Hug. Aggroing the Heartbroken tank away from injured survivors.
    • Missing Squad: Dealing damage to and killing the Evil Bots at anytime throughout the scenario.
    • Prison: Assisting with destroying Prison Cages, Dealing damage to and killing tier 1 backup tanks, Aggroing any tier 1 backup tank away from survivors working on the cage.
    • Cleanse: Stopping the tank from using his lethal abilities to kill a survivor. Aggroing the tank away from shadow marked survivors. Defibbing back any survivors further away from most survivors.
    • Special Cargo: Defibbing a pile of bodies of dead survivors at any 1 time.
    • Awakening: Dealing damage to and killing Parasites. Aggroing the tank away from parasite marked survivors.
    • Trainwreck: Dealing damage to and killing the evil turrets. Defibbing back any survivors further away from most survivors.
    • Summit: Helping with and completing the trackers at appropriate times throughout the scenario. Aggroing the tank away from any injured survivors.

    NOTE: for the General Support MVP, you can't really be doing the same action multiple times, you could also be doing other actions too to help out the survivors.

    Then at the end of the scenario, depending on the number of players that did well, a select few players may gain the MVP reward for either 1 category, or both. Then a quest giver for the respective scenario will speak out to you, giving you a reward from a various range:

    (For the Helms Deep, Heartbroken, Missing Squad and Eradication Scenarios)
    [PR - QUEST] Erika: Good job on keeping the survivors alive and well throughout this ordeal... take this reward! You've earned it!
    [PR] You've Acquired <Item>.

    (For the Trainwreck Scenario)
    [PR - QUEST] The Gunsmith: Thank you for taking care of that monstrosity that was encountered at the trainwreck site. Here's a token of my appreciation for your help...
    [PR] You've Acquired <Item>.

    (For the Summit Scenario)
    [PR - QUEST] Ethan: Good job on taking out that stone beast! Go and get your reward my good sir!, you've earned the bragging rights.
    [PR] You've Acquired <Item>.

    These items can be as follows:
    - Any item earnable from the Traveller Box.
    - Any |<| Common Crafting Materials 1x to 3x.

    Then at a lower chance:
    - Master Crafter, Mimic Ticket, Precious Box, Torn Ticket. (If you manage to do well, but is only given out once per day).
    - Super Precious Box (If you manage to do extremely well, but is only given out once per day).

    Here's what other players have said about it so far:

    alright done vote
    good idea
    hope scenario have some changes

    (Was able to post this restored in its entirety)
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2020
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  2. Dope

    Dope New Member

    discovers db and fib champ on cargo xD
  3. Binsen

    Binsen MG Donor

    I think this type of idea would be a good motivation for people to not just "Damage spam and do nothing else"

    However, I would like to put another thing, this way it brings controllers more efficiency, and that would be "Amount of SI Killed". I agree that this alone might not sounds to plausible, but for controllers that have a job of SI guarding, this can really give them a reward for doing their job, which is make all SI focus you while others focus on tank.

    Also, saying the caretaker would be a good idea to make people go and focus parasites in Awakening and Shove Melees struck in survivors, however the latter one is a bit difficult, its more better to just die and get defibbed than just ask for someone to shove the weapon out, maybe a change of that would make it more worthy of doing, since shoving someone 10-20 times is not worth timewise.

    Just my bit of though on it.
  4. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    i see coming just the player with the biggest mouth rewarded , im against this
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2020
  5. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    After discuss with vak in clan discord i will give a chance to this idea if it can help new players learning strat