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Mutated Bullets Buff Enhancement (IDEA) (POLL)

Discussion in 'Suggestions Box' started by timkit, Feb 11, 2020.


Should this buff and buff enhancement idea be implemented into a future mgftw update?

  1. Yes, this would be good for the tech users ^^

  2. No, I don't like this helping drone variant buff :(

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  3. I don't know

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  4. My response is in the forum post below!

  1. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Just wanted to throw a voting forum thread for this buff enhancement. Feel free to vote above if you want to see this idea within mgftw.

    Mutated Bullets (Buff)

    Buff Requirements:
    Cost: $212,342 Cash
    FR-Pills Cost: 1,175 FR-Pills
    Required Level: 201

    Gives your bullets a 3% chance on any shots on infected to apply a Mutation Infection to the target, causing mutations to attack them from the inside. The infected will take (your current level / 2.5) as true damage per second for 5 seconds. If you proc the debuff on any tanks already affected, they instead take 50% total damage instantly.
    <Won't work with Shotguns and against some Tanks>
    <Tanks can't be affected within 5 seconds of a previous Mutation Infection>
    <Tanks take 33% reduced true damage>
    <X VS>

    Potent Mutation (Buff Enhancement)

    Crafting Requirements:
    |-| Box of empty shells (x10)
    |-| Custom Weapon Parts (x10)
    |-| Mechanical Parts (x5)
    |-| Mutation Refiner (x200)
    |-| Reinforced Tank Skin (x150)
    |-| Rusted Metal Chunk (x15)
    |-| Vinegar (x10)

    Level Needed: 225
    Cash Cost: $3,036,270 Cash
    FR-Pill Cost: 4,040 FR-Pills

    Buff enhancement for Mutated Bullets Buff. Removes true damage reduction against tanks and gives a 5% chance against non-tank infected to inflict Mutation Infection debuff.

    As for Mutated Bullets the following tanks by default are immune to Mutated Infection:
    Duelist Tank, Nullifier Tank, Shaman Tank, Juggernaut Tank, Supreme Shaman Tank, Supreme Duelist Tank. This debuff can also benefit from the Debuffer Class using it with their abilities.

    I did have to nerf this idea down from minw0's original idea:

    Here's what some players have said about this idea:
    Sky High [Σ]:
    sadly no id :) i vote yes and maybe this buff make game ez..hm 125 per sec true damage bit overpowered.. or not im not sure

    all bullets
    are mutated?

    timkit [™۞]:
    yeah, its basically a damage overtime effect on infected
    meaning you won't need to be close in order to damage them

    still tho
    no bullet chance
    if all of the bullets shot are mutated
    it's too op

    timkit [™۞]:
    should be better now

    why won't it work with shamans

    timkit [™۞]:
    shamans give mutation, should be obvious lol
    also would be op if it worked with shotguns

    shotguns i can understand

    Sensation [Σ]:
    nerf the true damage to 100
    and it seems good

    timkit [™۞]:
    its now current level/3

    Sensation [Σ]:

    Sensation [Σ]:
    make it
    current lvl / 2.5
    for perfect 100 damage
    and for tanks since its already 1/3 true damage
    it will dead 33 damage
    also can you please explain me the buff enhancement
    i cant seem to understand it

    timkit [™۞]:
    here's how the buff currently works
    by calculations
    if you were to unlock the buff at level 201:
    its 67 true damage to non-tanks
    at max level, its 83 true damage to non-tanks
    on tanks: at level 201 its 44 true damage, at max level its 55 true damage
    and its this true damage per second for 10 seconds
    for this debuff to activate, its a 3% chance per bullet with everything that isn't a shotgun
    if you were to get the buff enhancement
    it removes the true damage penalty on tanks and makes it the same damage regardless of the infected
    therefore, 67 and 83 true damage respectively
    also the chance on non-tanks is increased to 5%

    Sensation [Σ]:
    and how long does the debuff stay?

    timkit [™۞]:
    the debuff is for 10 seconds

    Sensation [Σ]:
    the true damage dps

    timkit [™۞]:
    and only 3 tanks, it can't work on
    shaman, supreme shaman and manipulator tank
    that's it
    everything else can be affected

    Sensation [Σ]:
    so its high damage
    83*10 is 830

    timkit [™۞]:
    its a damage overtime effect if you can get the debuff on the tank ^^

    Sensation [Σ]:
    take it down to 5 seconds
    and buff it by curret level / 2.5
    so it will be 100*5
    500 is viable
    and 5 seconds duration
    that way tank wont be debuffed for long
    it wont be OP
    and we would have enough damage as well
    thats my suggestion on balancing it
    coz 10 seconds is way too op

    timkit [™۞]:
    but im keeping the chance the same
    and the tank immunity

    Sensation [Σ]:
    tank immunity is perfect
    idm that
    but the damage was op
    according to me
    are you talking about the 3%?
    if yes
    then thats perfect as well

    Chach [⁂]:
    its um
    i dunno

    Seve |:
    ooh look nice the idea

    well i can say its reasonable debuff for player with reasonable price but try to nerf it a little bit

    Gemini [™۞]:
    nicee nice nice

    Last edited: Feb 22, 2020
    david likes this.
  2. littlebrother

    littlebrother MG Donor

    seems feedback from players in -game chat its kinda OP.

    Maybe make it an item obtainable from players with level 230 onwards? or whichever level MG thinks is appropriate.
  3. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    If you wanted to know what the buff and buff enhancement originally was, given its OP state:

    The problem with this is that there's a lot of true damage going out all at once, especially if all players targeted a tank at the same time. Nerfing it was the only way to ensure that it was kept as a more simple debuffer buff effect rather than a DPS effect.

    Anyways I nerfed the buff and buff enhancement costs ^^

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