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MG Kitties relaxing after EXAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Videos' started by littlebrother, May 18, 2011.

  1. littlebrother

    littlebrother MG Donor


    LEGEND Senior Member


    That ganja cats addicted!
  3. Nova

    Nova Senior Member

    Wow. That kitten wanted it's smoke so bad, it wouldn't let go rofl.

    My cat always goes for my friend's cigar pocket when he comes over. Guess they like this kind of stuff.
  4. Chocobo

    Chocobo <span style="color:#66CD00">Moderator</span>

    This video just made me day :)

    I laughed at this for about 5 minutes.
  5. Chocobo

    Chocobo <span style="color:#66CD00">Moderator</span>


    This must be how Kitties looks when he sees a tank coming at him.
  6. littlebrother

    littlebrother MG Donor

    i was like ok,, hmmm,, then,, whats wrong with the mouth,,, OMG,, its getting bigger..lol

    this is not tank coming at kitties, this is a prediction of kitties face looking at his exams' result..

    lol, i click the next video to find out the truth about the cat's shock face, the cat got rick roll,, haha.. thats pure animal abuse. lol
  7. hahahha... couldnt be better :P
  8. Kitties

    Kitties Head Administrator

    LOL you guys, i can't believe it took me this long to see this thread xD
  9. Hey Koolaid

    Hey Koolaid Head Administrator

  10. Chocobo

    Chocobo <span style="color:#66CD00">Moderator</span>

    Thank you Koolaid, this video is going to help me get through the 3 pages of my essay.
  11. littlebrother

    littlebrother MG Donor

    well, pray hard that this kitty don't nibble on your essay paper,
    cause i think at the end of the video, the kitty finally realise that those fingers were never food.

    nyan nyan.. oh, the horrorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..
  12. Hey Koolaid

    Hey Koolaid Head Administrator

    Lols for both of these :D and your welcome Austin :P
  13. PurplePuppet

    PurplePuppet Guest

    Never Disturb MG Kitties when getting a sun tan!!!![video=youtube;RE4JbrwXp6w]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RE4JbrwXp6w[/video]
  14. littlebrother

    littlebrother MG Donor

    lol, this match is fix!!!!!!

    everyone knows the dog would win, boooooo "Kitty BALBOA"...
  15. Hey Koolaid

    Hey Koolaid Head Administrator

    XD great find Purple Puppet!!