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Message of peace!

Discussion in 'Videos' started by The_Jackal, May 26, 2012.

  1. The_Jackal

    The_Jackal New Member

  2. Nova

    Nova Senior Member

    Moved to the correct sub-forum
  3. [?²] B?B

    [?²] B?B Guest

    thanks jackal i share.
  4. Miracle470

    Miracle470 Member

    forget about peace since no1 carrying about what happending in Syria
    ppl getting killed with or without reson -.-
    see the last video on utube 70 children got killed and no1 said a word

    in case u wonder wtf happend, thos kids have been slaughtered with knives and the saw by the Syrian army

    here is the video but i warn u dont watch if u cant handel the blood and the brutal


    Adminstrative note: Shocking content


  5. Ping

    Ping Guest

    the fuck is this


    peace can never happen
  6. Angel

    Angel MG Donor

    Oh my god, this is just... I honestly have no words to say. It's just plain nightmare.
  7. MetallicA

    MetallicA <span style="color:#66CD00">Moderator</span>

    Are you even allowed to post something like this ?
  8. Miracle470

    Miracle470 Member

    i have no clue but i warned u guys befor watching it
  9. MetallicA

    MetallicA <span style="color:#66CD00">Moderator</span>

    It's not about warning us :)
    It's about the rules (if there are some)
  10. Pessego

    Pessego Guest

    [h=1]"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." [/h]
  11. davzee

    davzee <img src="http://mgftw.com/webdesigner.png" />

    That is shocking, do not watch if your the faint of heart, didnt realize stuff like that was allowed on youtube
  12. MetallicA

    MetallicA <span style="color:#66CD00">Moderator</span>

    They are allowed.
    You just gotta be 18+ to upload/watch
  13. Stefeman

    Stefeman Head Administrator Staff Member

    Even youtube dosent seem to want censore that video..

    Since it has come to this, here is something for you all:

    As this is in offtopic and the content is really happening (unfortunately), i'm not gonna delete or lock this thread for now.

    Any hateful messages, chatting, discussing against any ethical race/religion (for example: muslims or islam alltogether) is not allowed, so if theres any hateful messages i'll close this thread.

    Sure it's allowed to post this and discuss about what horrible things are happening in the world, but keep it clean.

    Thank you.
  14. Vulcan

    Vulcan Game Server Moderator

    The United Nations is a Genocide/War machine. The UN's primary purpose is to engineer and create war and death. Since The UN has taken over The US and our military there is lots of death to come for everyone and if you doubt the UN has taken over the US military look here.
  15. We make a big deal out of this now thanks to rapid communication and broadcast systems, but you've got to understand, violence and death have been part of our human history. Psychologically, greed and envy can never be completely rid of, and someone is bound to stir up hysteria every now and then. That's just the way we are programmed.
  16. Warmonger

    Warmonger Senior Member

    Sorry but shit will hit fan

    Not to argue but the Iranian leaders are very much looking forward to a confrontation and end of world event. In fact president Ahmadinejad is Obsessed with the Return of 12th Imam.

    Ahmadinejad seems to believe
  17. ppl who take me seriously in this will be wise men :).. "WORLD WAR 3 gonna launch soon by gulf prince by nuclear weapons aimed 180 degrees to the NEW CITY". already they launched 16 nuclear plants in gulf on 16th dec 2011 i guess, im not sure abt date. dubai is a conn city, an illusion for ppl who are idiots and puppets of USA programming money system. war was suppose to start on 2013 23-28th feb but due to bin laden it was delayed. i guess it will happen years after.. maybe aft 2018, i dont know. people who are in navy and airforce will get news on the latest so they can protect their loved once in time, but for others just think they are not so lucky. no matter how rich and powerful u are, u will die. WW3 will be alive for 27 years.

    world is big, explore it, live it, save it. instead of looking at the world with tiny hole (playing games), go out and play the game of the world system. become strong, feel the pain to get stamina, save money as much as u can, be creative and think for all positives for yourself, because WW3 is inevitable and it is comming soon. believe me or dont, but just remember what i said so that when it happens, ull regret urself :)

    to open ur eyes watch these http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/
    it will show u real world outside ur PC. but it wont give u the details that i gave u above.

    may we all live longer.
    ?? ? ? ??
  18. Nova

    Nova Senior Member

    All this talk because people think they're smarter by reading a newspaper article or watching a movie.


    Message of peace thread just turned into rant about war and secret dodgy business thread
  19. Don Juliano

    Don Juliano Banned

    ..people are greedy,and they look only for personal interest,doesn't matter if people have food or water,as long as they can make money out of it.War start from this reason...control,power,manipulation,economic domination and so on....
  20. TJ

    TJ MG Donor

    Could've sworn this thread was supposed to be about peace... :confused: