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Looking for power 1&2

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Method [, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Method [

    Method [ Guest

    Looking for power 1

    Ok, now i complete quest "Looking for power 1", i collect 50 bags of mutated blood it's very hard and boring quest, need to kill ~150 paranoia tanks also i'm not only one who needed that item, almost of all high lvl players collect this blood for other quest.


    I think reward for this quest are ridiculous : 300000 exp, 10000 points, 10 gems - 3-4 hours play for me and i beat this reward...

    Looking for power 2

    It's a joke?



    I think this quest impossible complete without donate, need collect shaman brain and claw, i killed ~15 shamans tank and brain droped only 1 times and claw too, so need month maybe more to complete this quest, so now i need buy Liquid Enhancer.

    P.S. Don't wasted youre time for this quest, easy way - buy Liquid Enhancer.
  2. Cocaine

    Cocaine Head Administrator

    Last Games we killed Shaman, i found 2 Shamans Heads and Claws, but couldnt pick up, cause the quest wasnt active....
  3. Method [

    Method [ Guest

    How much shamans tank you kill? 2-3? And you are very lucky, i know what i talking about drop rate for this items ~25% or less, so need 2 items brain and claw so need kill ~8 shamans tank lol...
  4. Cocaine

    Cocaine Head Administrator

    6 in general, so its 33,3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 % ;)
  5. Method [

    Method [ Guest

    It's boring for me, i'm buy enhancer.


    [QUOTE='Method [
  7. Method [

    Method [ Guest

    New version [v1.1.2.9d]
    A new update has been applied.


    • Shaman tanks will only spawn on Extreme Coop servers
    • Common infected will be disabled when a shaman tank spawns. Special infected however, will still spawn.
    With this new changes this quest very hard to complete) Because kill ~6 shamans in extreme servers it's a LOL.
  8. Pessego

    Pessego Guest

    [QUOTE='Method [
  9. Method [

    Method [ Guest

    I estimated it LOL
  10. Indomitable

    Indomitable Senior Member

    agricultural lol. declaration of guild war right there. :P
  11. Wanted

    Wanted MG Donor

    From where i can take this quest? i not able to find it in radio.
  12. Method [

    Method [ Guest

    Need reach 200 lvl first.
  13. -GothaX-

    -GothaX- Member

    So why were shaman tanks removed from COOP? I see more lvl 1's on extreme than on normal coop...
    And most of the time Extreme servers are empty.

    Really, bad decision to remove it from Normal COOP servers, IMO
  14. Indomitable

    Indomitable Senior Member

    Shaman tanks were removed from normal coop due to the specialty of some players in agricultural activities that give them a large turn out. :P
  15. Method [

    Method [ Guest

  16. aialex

    aialex MG Donor

    I wonder is there any statistic of killing Shaman tanks on Extreme servers? Have any shaman been killed since removing from normal coop?)))
  17. Method [

    Method [ Guest

    Complete now looking for power 2, quest work correctly.

  18. evilpaul

    evilpaul <span style="color:#66CD00">Moderator</span>

    [QUOTE='Method [
  19. Raised in Hell

    Raised in Hell Senior Member

    He did buy the enhancer thus he is level 207 in the screenshot when he completed the enhancer.
  20. evilpaul

    evilpaul <span style="color:#66CD00">Moderator</span>

    LOL, I didn't notice that!

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