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Lets improve/combine/remove some underused buffs? (POLL)

Discussion in 'Suggestions Box' started by timkit, May 24, 2020.


What do you suggest happen to these buffs?

  1. I say we should improve on some of these buffs.

  2. I think it would be best if we were to combine this buff together with another one.

  3. Some of these buffs are useless! Get them out of my sight at once! (Remove them).

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  4. None of these buffs need to be changed at all, I say we leave them.

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  5. I don't know

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  6. My response is in the forum post below!

  1. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    As the title says! During this version in V2.0 there are a number of buffs within mgftw that have gone without changes and/or remain underused or are mostly unviable in most cases for their buff usage.

    Infected Buffs are included in here too, even though VS is considered to be inactive for now.

    Made a poll for this as well, be sure to vote above!

    Survivor Buffs:

    |Q| Poison Shield:
    I barely see anyone using this buff in COOP/Scenario. in VS it does have some usability in preventing the poison bad status, which can be helpful when facing poison witches that get spawned often. That is because it will prevent survivors from having to wait long to revive a survivor who would be poisoned. It also used to be buyable from the traveller token market as a 1 week buff, but since being removed, I can see why it was always considered a very underused buff.

    As for the Poison bad status itself, it used to be something worth worrying about back in V1.5 when everyone had low maximum HP pools, now it's something you can let pass by without a thought in most cases.

    Counter Slap:
    Could be underused depending on the situation, but has uses in all gamemodes. In COOP and Scenario, it can be helpful when you're met with an uber boomer who happens to get a lucky slap on you and can be used on some maps to prevent you from flying off the map boundaries. It also has some uses when you're in tank fights that require you to get close to the tank (in the case of Glutton/Supreme Glutton Tank).

    In VS, it's used sometimes and can be useful for preventing karma slaps in otherwise survivable cases. It may not always prevent fatal karma slaps though :P

    Don't think it may need any improvements for now, I'll have to see how it tests in practice.

    Still underused in V2.0, not sure if I see anyone using it for it's intended purpose of being a useful support against surrounding infected and when up against tanks that give out slows. You can obtain a mini-effect of this buff as a bonus toaster effect, so it's hard to say what can be done with this one.

    I may test this buff in practice to see just how useful it really is...

    Floral Grenade Launch:
    Probably considered the #1 underused buff within mgftw as of right now. For a 1 time use of this buff, it's only purpose is for dealing a major burst of damage at once to any tank 1 survivor would want to target for overall damage and or to get a bunch of spawned SI out of the way quickly. Otherwise, it's intended use is considered very unviable for what it can do.

    It deserves a major buff or a rework altogether along with it's buff enhancement. I'm sure many people would also agree ^^

    Heavy Gunner:
    This buff is considered #2 in the current underused buff list within mgftw. Don't think anyone would use a minigun on any days of the week much against the infected. If only we could carry it around, and or summon 1 using bounty in a defensive position, it could have more of a viable use within mgftw.

    Just right now it's current use can only be used within a few maps. It deserves a rework at most or it should be removed.

    |E| Bullet Scavenger:
    This buff is considered #3 in the current underused buff list within mgftw. We usually don't have to worry about ammo unless we're fighting the infected in an area that's scarce with ammo piles. Therefore, it can be considered to be mostly underused in most cases.

    It's worth improving on this buff, or removing it.

    |E| Duelist:
    It's useful for it's current purpose within COOP/Scenario, but only largely sees a use in survival buff sets and or when someone is using the controller class, hard to say if it's considered underused for that reason, but could use some improvements to make it more worth using elsewhere.

    It's not bad at first, but only is really used mostly by the low and mid level players. If it could give cash as well, that'd be 1 thing. But I doubt I see any high level player using this buff if they don't need to worry about the grind or don't want to level quickly.

    Otherwise, it is underused for some groups of players. Can use some improvements ^^

    Infected Buffs:


    it used to be available on all slower roles, but then it only got restricted to the boomer and the tank. While it's effects are balanced, if it should be allowed to work again with all other slower role infected, then the amount of slow a survivor should be given is much reduced per claw attack, especially given the jockey and only slow down the survivors to a minimum movement speed.


    Spit Fixed Damage:
    I'd like to think that most players as a spitter would prefer to deal increased spit damage based on their attack bonuses. Generally speaking, this buff could use an improvement since unlike damage, other effects aren't fixed too.

    I'd have to ask the other VS players about this buff.

    I don't think I see any VS survivor using this buff very much as a slower, but I could be wrong. It's effect is decent and doesn't need any changes.

    Healing Madness:
    I doubt anyone would wanna try to do damage to the survivors rather than healing other infected around as a healer spitter. Generally underused since I don't think anyone considered using this buff at all.


    Infected Fury:
    This was meant to be a boomer buff given the description of it. As for it's effects, it's quite balanced overall and wouldn't need any changes if we boomers had a chance to use this buff again.

    Why I see this buff in the tanky section of the Charger Buffs section within !buy buffs, I wouldn't be sure, but it shouldn't be there. It would be good to fix it by making it a buyable boomer buff and able to be equipped regardless of the role used. It would also be good to re-enable this buff for COOP boomers again, perhaps with a nerfed effect.

    Armored Skin:
    This was meant to be a charger buff within the tanky section given the description of it. As for it's effects, It's quite balanced overall and won't need any changes.

    As for why it's currently disabled, I wish I knew but would be good to know. It would also be good to fix it if it can be re-enabled for both VS and COOP chargers.

    General Infected Buffs:

    Infected Yell:
    I can see why this effect was meant to be for COOP only infected. So it really should be removed as a buyable infected buff.

    Knife Deflection:
    Not used by many players as it's considered to be a not easy to use buff because of the skill required. Should really add in an option to be able to trigger this buff for players who want it to happen by chance, with either option only being able to be chosen between when a VS round isn't currently active.

    Otherwise it's current effect is balanced overall ^^

    No Rescue for You:
    This buff should be placed into the other buffs section so that both the survivors and the infected can use it. Given it's effect can come in handy if the survivors need more bounty and or if the infected need more time in VS to kill them.

    Overall it is underused which is why the above suggestion for it would do it good ^^

    Moustachio Bomb:
    Not many players use this buff, but its main use can come in handy if you're attacking a survivor who is on last strike that is on low HP. As an effect in COOP however, it is enhanced to deal a % of normal daamge that was dealt in moustachio bless once it expires. Can't say it needs to be changed, best to leave it as it is.

    Mark of Permanent Death:
    The #1 underused buff in VS, alone, and it's probably a good thing you don't see its effects in COOP on any infected. It could use some improvements, such as allowing slower role infected to take advantage of it since only the Jockey and Tank can use this buff overall.

    That's pretty much it for all the buffs suggested here that should receive improvements/be combined/be removed. Be sure to let me know what you think about the buffs suggested and or if you find any other buffs that could use some improvements.
  2. Vakarlan

    Vakarlan MG Donor

    The issue with buffs in general is that when you reach the class role level, you have to get certain buffs to make full use of the class, ending up making buff choices even more limited, hence some buffs WILL be underused.

    I have been thinking of class role giving SPECIFIC changes to buff in the base game if you are using it but I don't know how hard would it be to code these changes. For example

    Counter Slap
    If used on a controller. It no longer requires you to kill boomers, in turn it only requires you to shove a boomer to get the 2% charge. It would encourage Controller's to CC shoves any boomers they see indirectly helping the team. Cause in the right BLs, controllers don't deal mega damage and at times boomer kills will be stolen by others.

    I had an idea like this when I was playing debuffer. Shoving a tank with moli will inflict a special chemical defbuff that ignites the tank for XX seconds, affect tank takes XX damage per second and loses the ability to regenerate hit points in any fashion.

    Flora Rocket Launcher
    Clearly a buff made for hunters, when used by a hunter he can deploy a motor launcher on the ground that attacks like a turret firing 10 projectiles (same as buff) every xx seconds, last for xx seconds, cooldown xx seconds. Infected affected by the projectiles has a XX chance to be stunned for a second amount of time.

    Heavy Gunner
    Tech LEVEL 5 users can now DISASSEMBLE mini-gun turrets that are found in maps and add it on top of their special turrets when it is upgraded to the MAX level. This might need some balancing from mute's side (dps wise and placing turrets in maps/scenos) But this will truly show how interesting a TECH class can be at the max level.

    Bullet Scavenger
    I honestly use this buff on my m60 BL, its REALLY good with spray n pray + spin up m60. I honestly think its fine as its purpose serves, not every buff has to be universally used in every BL. Bullet Scavenger fits nicely in the m60 BLs. (I would suggest Mute to record the recoil on m60 with spray n pray a bit, it makes my head hurt KEKW)

    Sounds like a potential buff for agile class players whos going melee memes. You could make it so that when used on Agile class role, increase the facing angle to almost 280 degrees and making it so that you can parry tank punches if you land melee hit when the tank is throwing a punch at you, nullifying the damage, of course add a Cooldown to this.

    Give it a chance where it gives a really small but stable amount of EXP to your class roles when you perform class role abilities.

    As for VS buffs, I don't play vs KEKL.
    Last edited: May 25, 2020
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  3. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Had to go a bit off topic here to answer, at least this is how I'd thought about it:

    As for classes yes, some buffs become mandatory/optional to use on them, otherwise you wouldn't really be able to gain class exp with that class.

    Tech Class afaik requires the use of |E| Slaying Automata and either |E| Helping Drone or |V| Assassin Drone to utilise some of the class abilities and earn class exp with them. There's no other way around it.

    Support and Agile classes you'd be ok with levelling since only a few abilities use a few buffs. Health Dispenser/|V| Guardian Dispenser Buffs for support which can otherwise be done without and tenacity which most high level players use. Plus levelling wouldn't be slowed down that much.

    Controller Class, levelling becomes slowed down when you don't have the Unstoppable Buff, so if you do want normal levelling, it becomes a mandatory requirement to equip it.

    Debuffer Class levelling becomes slowed down when you don't have the |E| Zapping Gun Buff or |E| Blunt Force Trauma Buff for any stuns you want to apply to a tank since debuffing the infected gains you experience and a level 4 ability can utilise it, even if you only wanted to level without the |E| Zapping Gun Buff, sometimes only tanks will get stunned, especially when there's not many high level players around. So in short, you're recommended to use it.

    Hunter Class levelling can become slowed down a bit when you aren't using the Grenade Trap Buff for any throwables you want to utilise their power of.

    That's it for my thoughts on that.

    Counter Slap on Controller:
    That class change to the Counter Slap buff when Controller Class would be interesting, while you can't stop boomers from using their non-pin abilities on you, being able to crowd control them to reduce their effects in terms of slaps could make 1 survivable for you and perhaps other survivors.

    Immolation on Debuffer:
    Molotov is the only throwable to not have a debuff associated with it. Being able to ignite non-ignitable tanks would be nice too so it's not a bad idea.

    Here's how I'd change it:
    Shoving a tank with a molotov will set it on fire dealing Tier x 25 true damage per second and make it lose the ability to regen HP passively for 8 seconds. Tanks not immune to fire take double true damage. 45 second cooldown.

    Only active/passive abilities that allow the tank to regen HP on punching any survivor are unaffected, given they manually activate.

    Flora Rocket Launcher (Buff Enhancement for Floral Grenade Launch) on Hunter:
    Would make it interesting if the floral grenade launch had this buff enhancement to replace the current one.

    Here's how I'd change it:
    Allows you to place down a mounted grenade launcher that fires 10 projectiles in a 360 degree* every 5 seconds at a targeted tank or at all SI around within 1000 units, lasting 10 seconds. Any infected affected by the projectiles has a 50% chance to be stunned for 2 seconds (bypassing CD). Cooldown: 5 minutes.

    Heavy Gunner on Technician:
    It's an interesting change to allow disassembling miniguns found on the maps, though it would make the buff only viable for use as a technician class as a result.

    Here's what I'm thinking:
    Allows you to disassemble up to 5 miniguns placed on the map to upgrade your turret with when it reaches level 10. Each upgrade gives the turret a 1% chance to pierce defenses on true damage against all infected.

    Bullet Scavenger:
    Guess it ain't a bad idea to give reduced recoil when firing weapons while bullet scavenger buff is active, and it can stack with |C| Spin-up M60 Buff that can give the same effect.

    Duelist on Agile:
    Sounds good adding on a parry as a form of dodging, if it should be allowed to give a decent amount of class exp, given that it also has a cooldown.

    Can't say I couldn't agree more.
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  4. Kirisu ღ

    Kirisu ღ MG Donor

    Still viable imo with the Buff Enhancement and with certain weapons. Would be nice if it gets a buff somehow XD

    That and somehow all the stated buffs here needed to get some buff (and love), either combining it with others or downright making them viable than it was before.

    also including some buffs here that I think might need to be look at:
    healing pipe bombs (expensive in the long run, also need other buffs to work efficiently)
    peanut blessing (increased duration of the effect even if the buff ended)
    infected swarm protection (better effects somehow? idk since toaster has this effect somehow, I'd honestly want to see something that will make this more 'viable' somehow)
    fentanyl injector (regen even without getting punched by tank?)

    just my 2 cents though
  5. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Decided to add to this forum thread, given that the new melee weapons have been added. I was gonna suggest these changes:

    |E| Flaming Sword
    Sets your melee weapon on fire, making it instantly ignite the infected it hits and deal a mixture of fire and melee damage instead of just melee damage.
    <Works only with the Katana, Machete, Golf Club and Combat Knife>

    for the |E| Flaming Sword Buff, I would suggest buffing it so that it now also works with the new Pitchfork melee weapon. Given that flaming pitchforks have often been seen with demons from hell and from people who did witch hunts back in the old days, it would make sense that the pitchfork itself is flammable to some extent.

    |E| Blunt Force Trauma
    Every 3 melee hits on the same Special Infected/Tank with Bats/Golf Club/Tonfa deals double damage and stuns the target for 1 second. If stun immune or already stunned, they will instead be staggered. To melee breaking Tanks, the weapons won't break until a stun/stagger is dealt.
    <Tanks can't be stunned in 15 seconds of another stun/freeze>
    <Tanks can't be staggered in 15 seconds of another stagger>
    <✖ VS>

    For the |E| Blunt Force Trauma Buff, I would suggest buffing it so that it now also works with the new Shovel melee weapon. The shovel itself is known more to be used as a blunt weapon then something that you'd slash at the infected with. Can't see why not it would have better uses with this weapon to make it more usable.