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Inviting Players to VS Statistics

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by timkit, Jul 7, 2017.


Do you guys like these Inviting Players to VS Statistics?

  1. Yes, I can make meaning from what they mean

    1 vote(s)
  2. Yes :D

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  3. Nah D:

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  4. No, I cannot make any meaning from these statistics

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  5. No Option

    2 vote(s)
  1. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    When the VS servers just don't fill up naturally without the events, you gotta invite people.

    On Friday, 7th July, 8 hours earlier (at the time of making this post), invited 39 players to EU VS over the course of a few hours.

    The result was
    9 Said Yes (out of them, 1 changed their mind) (23.1% of total)
    5 Players arrived naturally due to player count (12.8% of total)
    3 Said Later (out of them, 2 did get on in the end) (7.7% of total)
    2 Said Soon (out of them, 2 did get on in the end) (5.1% of total)
    15 Said No (out of them, 0 changed their mind) (38.5% of total)
    5 Didn't Respond (out of them, 1 did respond in the end too late (1 Said No (This Case))) (12.8% of total)

    34 people responded as to whether or not they want to get onto the mgftw EU VS server.
    18 players came onto the VS server
    16 players did not come onto the VS server

    Most Common Reason for not being able to get on: No Thanks (A few players who say this does not play on VS)
    Least Common Reason for not being able to get on: Not now, another time.

    When I do invite again, I will again be making another post. These posts are just for statistic purposes at the moment and therefore the reason why I decided to post here in the Off-Topic section of the forums.
  2. fufu

    fufu Junior Member

    am i getting any price from got in the vs server after invited in a very fast speed ?
    does not have to be expensive
    maybe like a "extra damage light saber" buff which does 5000 damage per swing ?
    but anyway
    thanks a lot timkit for keep trying to make vs server alive

    ive been playing in another server in vs mode
    which is almost full 24/7
    i have to say that mg vs server settings is way more fun
    but unfortunately its empty most of the time
  3. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    i voted no , didn't want be spammed and imo that don't going do anything for versus , that can work 1 or 2 weeks .

    Mostly search the reason why mgftw versus are empty compare to other server : level system , make thing more difficult and hard for a new/random players , you need to level up on Coop on mgftw but it's rare a coop players are a versus players
  4. chronic

    chronic New Member

    Yeah those statistics dont make any difference anyways, its a "root" server issue in my opinion. By root server issue i mean a lot of things should be changed (in a more simplistic way) to attract new players. People that actually play and like versus 90% or even more of them hate coop. As Roland mentioned above you need to level up in coop in order to get a chance to play against high levels/experienced players, and that's the issue, people that play versus mostly don't wanna play coop to level up, and in this case they are being technically forced to play there to reach a high level and obviously because its technically impossible to be a "pure" versus player and being able to level up in the versus server nowadays.

    After the new updates i really didn't feel the "old" versus in there. Especially after the level cap was increased to 220 along with new upgrades, skills etc. In my opinion almost all the new updates/content since 2015 started feel like the versus becoming more like the coop server and like was mentioned before, its an entirely different entity, 98% of people that are used to play coop they will never play versus for whatever reason, in my opinion its more likely because they don't wanna leave their comfort zone instead of learning something more challenging and "true" teamwork.

    Another funny thing, when i posted something related about versus about a year ago i guess, someone said that the main reason the server was dead is because the game is too old already.. and that's obviously not true at all. There aren't so many active modded servers around anymore but there are still some with a strong community, servers full everyday, at least when i'm able to play. So i believe that MG can still revert the situation becoming a more Simplistic versus server, leave the rest of content, new tanks, buffs and yada yada to the coop server but don't treat the versus server like is something related to coop. Said that, a lot of stuff and especially the "special" tanks should be removed definitely and focus improving, tweaking and rebalancing the normal tank. And about the incredible advantages the high level players/veterans have over new players its something really bizarre. And i still wondering if its possible to change that without rebalacing all the level system again, which would be a good idea in my opinion.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2017
  5. Chach

    Chach MG Donor

    1 big reason of many reasons i hate VS is the Smoker tongue spam.
    Smokers miss the tongue,takes cover,2 seconds later,pull survivor.
    And of course the tank rape.
  6. chronic

    chronic New Member

    Indeed there are some infected abilities that are kinda overpowered and nearly impossible to react in time to stop, unless you have low ping which is not the case for most of regulars here and the mg player base itself that play versus. People that say ping doesn't matter on Left 4 Dead is because they never played versus, you cant compare playing against easy predictable bots in coop and playing against other players. Back in 2015 when there was a US and EU server, the US was always the "Meta" to join and invite players because we knew that was the best choice to most people play fairly.

    I agree about the "tank rape" is something really annoying despite the fact tank is a part of versus, I really dislike tanks, it can become a total clusterfuck because of the selfish attitudes of some players. I remember someone told me once that a specific clan here in mg destroyed versus mainly because of tank players. And I totally agree with that. I think it takes some time to realize how obnoxious is to a point to become totally bored, because some players cant realize their attitudes can affect the gameplay in a negative way and therefore keeping people away from playing, even though its a competitive environment and the point is not both teams always reach the safe room easily, its not a competitive "healthy" but more like Toxic, since its inducing people to rage somehow.

    The other point I wanted to make clear here is that I wish most of people that play versus should use the forum and post their thoughts, ideas, criticism etc. instead of most of the time just complaining in game or even doing nothing about to change even though they join the server when they are invited which shows they care about it but they expect to wait to change things doing nothing.. Clearly this community isn't being strong enough to set what ideas and changes should be implemented or not, since most of people don't use the forum to express their opinion. Therefore almost all the changes made in the server since 2015 was made without the consent of the entire player base. I remember when the "jocslap" was removed just because few people were complaining and right after that things started to fall apart. So as long the majority agree with changes or what should be removed or not, it would be fine, but not change it or keep some stuff because just a couple of people want that.

    So, my new idea now is to set somehow a level system exclusively for versus, trying to reach a balance point between low levels and high levels without big disadvantages (as it is now). I wouldn't mind at all to level up again, perhaps would even make people more interested about it. I believe would be way better for new players. And about the new ranking system is cool, a way to separate skill despite the high level, which doesn't mean someone is actually good based on how high their level is, since that was the main reason scramble was always messed up.
  7. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    The only thing I'ma mention here is about the new ranking system. That for mgftw uses one similar to League of Legends in terms of how players get ranked in Ranked Matches (HonorCode plays it a lot, that's where the idea comes from).

    "View and automatically assign rankings to players (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond)"
  8. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Invited to ASIA VS on the 9th July, 6 hours ago since the time I wrote this. However most people ended up joining later than normal (which was probably worth doing in the end to give a greater chance of more people joining naturally).

    Invited: 40
    Yes: 7 (Changed their mind: 1) (Some indicated yes without having to say it by joining through the invite or manually)
    No: 19 (Changed their mind: 1) (Some indicated no, through reasons that meant they really couldn't be able to play)

    For the players who said no (10 responses at random, I didn't include their respective steam nicknames)

    "i'm on coop eu now"
    "gotta go out in 10 minutes"
    "so yes :D"

    "sorry man"

    "nah sorry i didn't want :("

    "I have very shitty ping on Asia servers, don't like VS though. Thx, I'll pass."

    "hmm kinda busy"

    "i'm not into vs or like that mode :("
    "i'm more of the campaign / coop"

    "Sry, I can't"

    "no thanks, not on asia server due to my high ping there"

    "i would love to, but unfortunatly im just about to leave for work :("

    "no thanks, i'm prefer COOP !!"

    Joined Naturally: 24 (approximately from the screenshots)
    Joined Soon: 3
    Joined Later: 6
    Didn't Respond: 7

    Players who were on VS
    40 Players were on VS (16 if you don't count the naturally joining players)
    19 Players werent on VS

    Screenshots of players who were on VS at various times

    Remember that from these screenshots. It's clear you cannot get a full server happening immediately on a VS server unless HonorCode was on doing an event on that server.
    Sun Jul 09 19:19:58 2017

    Sun Jul 09 20:20:15 2017

    Sun Jul 09 20:35:57 2017

    Sun Jul 09 20:49:16 2017

    Sun Jul 09 21:32:56 2017

    Sun Jul 09 21:50:25 2017

    Sun Jul 09 22:14:43 2017

    Sun Jul 09 23:03:54 2017

    Sun Jul 09 23:21:39 2017