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[Info] Tanks

Discussion in 'Guides' started by HonorCode, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. HonorCode

    HonorCode Head Administrator Staff Member

    Tanks that can be encountered around the infected world are classified on tiers. The higher the tier, the stronger the tank is.

    Tier 0

    Normal Tank:
    This is the average tank that can be found around the infected world. Depending on the current difficulty, the tank's rock may or may not explode and leave a trace of acid around.

    Tier 1

    Paranoia Tank:
    The paranoia tank is under a constant and strong state of complete madness and rage (even more than the normal tank) and thanks to his own desperation, he's has gained a lot of physical strength on his arms. The tank is able to create a small earthquake when he hits incapacitated survivors and the effect of this skill is multiplied if there are more survivors around in a small area. In addition, the tank's rock will always explode and leave a trace of acid.

    If the tank manages to hit a survivor he will disorient him and target him for as long as he can. The punch deals a strong explosion that may harm survivors around.

    The tank health varies from 40,000HP to 63,000HP.

    Drainer Tank:
    The drainer tank has a special ability that allows him to drain the health of nearby survivors at an alarming rate. It's highly recommended to stay away from the tank to avoid your health from running out too quick.

    This tank has been proven weak in open areas as survivors can easily outrun him to avoid the drain effect. In the other hand, the tank is completely deadly in closed rooms.

    The tank health varies from 35,000HP to 50,000HP.

    Metalized Tank:
    This tank's skin is covered with a lay of an unrecognized material that is similar to metal. However, the material is not able to resist fire and corrosive substances like acid and will be dissolved by them. The strategy is to simply throw a molotov and or acid bile jar and wait for the tank to die by himself. Weapons can also help if they have fire bullets, but otherwise it is wise to focus on common and special infected to void getting overwhelmed while the tank is around.

    Just as the Paranoia tank, the tank's rock will explode leaving a trace of acid.

    The tank's health varies from 40,000HP to 60,000HP

    Bomb Tank:
    This tank is immune to all kind of damage and has an inner biological bomb that will explode after some time. The biological bomb will kill all survivors within a range of 31 feet and the blast of the explosion will ignore if survivors are or not behind objects or walls. The explosion will not leave defib-able bodies and will leave ragdolls instead (L4D1 dead style).

    The tank tends to explode after 70 to 80 seconds.

    Bile Tank:
    This tank is able to bile survivors near an unknown range. The vomited survivors will receive 7HP damage per second while the vomit lasts. The tank is also able to place vomit traps in the floor randomly to maximize impact.

    The tank has never been defeated and there's no information about his health or other abilities.

    Ninja Tank:
    Named due to his ability to become invisible and after become visible again, able to rapidly swing his claw to deal a lot of damage. The tank is also able to created a fake copy of himself to cheat survivors.

    The tank has never been defeated and there's no information about his health or other abilities.

    Tier 2

    Shaman Tank:
    Named like this due to the amount of powerful special abilities the tank has. His skills are:

    -The tank is able to teleport to the nearest standing survivor if it gets too frustrated.
    -The tank heals by 1,000HP each 55 to 75 seconds
    -The tank is able to create an inferno. (Fire that deals incredible amount of damage).
    -The tank's rock will explode and leave a trace of acid.
    -The tank will randomly leave a trace of acid on his current position

    The tank has 235,000 Health.

    Supreme Drainer Tank:
    A more powerful variation of the Drainer Tank. The tank has the same Drain effect that his predecessor, but is able to use the drained health to restore his own.

    -The tank can reach unlimited health thanks to his drain effect

    The tank has a initial health of 40,000HP to 50,000HP but is able to reach infinite health with his skill.

    Knight Tank:
    This tank has an incredible amount of strength on his arms and has a huge earthquake effect, similar to the Paranoia Tank. The tank, however, is very slow and is not effective on large open areas, until he manages to create an earthquake.

    The tank's health is usually around 245,000HP.

    Bloody Tank:
    This tank has an unknown origin. The tank is purple and has encrusted dead bodies on his skin. His abilities are yet still unknown but it has been observed that the tank is able to compromise the survivor's immunity and will force them to transform after some time.

    The tank is in this tier only because of his health, which is around 195,000HP, and is considered weak.

    Tier 3

    Supreme Shaman Tank:
    A stronger variation of the Shaman Tank. His additional abilities are:

    -The tank is able to poison nearby survivors
    -The tank is able to call a meteor shower that could instantly incapacitated survivors upon a hit.
    -The normal Shaman Tank skills cool down time is reduced.

    The tank has usually around 300,000HP.

    Fighter Tank:
    Considered the brother of the Knight tank. His skills are:

    -The tank has rocks on his arms to quickly take down survivors
    -The tank's earthquake will randomly only affect surrounding survivors and not the victim
    -The tank is able to perform a earth smash. The tank will jump up in the air, and then charge against the floor dealing a huge amount of damage to survivors around. The tank is not able to perform the earth smash in closed areas.
    -The tank has a huge running speed
    -The tank has a huge claw swing interval

    Infernal Tank:
    The tank won this name due to the fact that he's on fire and is also able to create fire around him and where his rock explodes. His additional skills are:

    -Demon witch: A small witch will be summoned to randomly attack any survivor. Once a successful hit, the witch will implant a biological bomb in the survivor's body that will detonate after 5 seconds. The more distance the survivor travels, the higher the damage the explosion deals.
    -Intelligent Meteor Shower: The tank is able to cast a meteor shower, but each meteor will randomly choose and follow a ensure an impact.
    -The tank has a fire shield that reduces damage by 50%. The shield is disabled if it is either raining or if the tank is in water.

    Tier 4

    Assassin Tank:
    If you see this tank, lay down and cry.
  2. TaLi

    TaLi Guest

    new tanks?? :D
  3. Tom1993

    Tom1993 Head Administrator Staff Member

    No supreme knight tank anymore? Or is the info about it just not included here?
  4. I have not seen tier 3 tanks onwards before in my life.

    I would really love to see them.

    How can i see them(tier 3 onwards) in action?
  5. Tom1993

    Tom1993 Head Administrator Staff Member

    Tier 3 tanks seem to be extremely rare, apart from the supreme shaman which used to be in tier 2. I would like to know how small the chances really are for them to spawn
  6. HonorCode

    HonorCode Head Administrator Staff Member

    the highest chance is 0% at an expert finale. But using the Lure buff, it will increment by 1 for each survivor that has it :d
  7. The new tanks are a nice addition.
    The infernal tank on the concert map was great last night and we managed to kill it, also the little fire witches are very funny.
  8. Kakarot

    Kakarot Senior Member

    I don't like the Bloody tank so far. people just melee it down like they used to do to the old baby tanks except that it takes more time to die. :(

    But the noises it makes is so funny only if it was a little harder to fight would be fun
  9. JavCube

    JavCube MG Donor

    I got confused here... The effect is multiplied by the number of survivors around or the number of incapacitated survivors around?

    I read this in English accent :D
  10. Tricky

    Tricky MG Donor

    I always thought the more incapped the greater the earthquake power however I've seen some powerful ones with only a few incapped so now I'm confused too :(
  11. Cocaine

    Cocaine Head Administrator

    Guys, we need constructive critique, complaining or whining doesn't help us..... ;)

    These Guys (the Tanks XD) are supposed to be a Challenge, not a victim to get easy Rewards....

    I miss the old Days when all start to cry like little Girls when a Shaman has arrived... :( ;)
  12. Scorpion

    Scorpion Banned

    In that case toughen up the bloody tank as it's too easy in my view (like a normal tank but with more hp) it's needing an edge of some kind. :)
  13. Tricky

    Tricky MG Donor

    Having such a large community, knowledge is shared fast. The bloody tank is cut down like a tree and everyone knows it. Make all tanks break melee, that way everyone stays afar. :)
  14. KilluaZoldyck

    KilluaZoldyck Junior Member

    It's time to update this thread with new types of tanks, so that people know how to handle them.
  15. raz

    raz Head Administrator Staff Member

    New tanks were added to an update thread, copied them here.

  16. If possible, just hope some information about the latest tanks could be updated_(:з」∠)_

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