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how to find golden necklace

Discussion in '[L4D2] Points Reloaded' started by blaacsa, Jul 27, 2021.

  1. blaacsa

    blaacsa New Member

    guys i have do this quest like too long :/ and i don't know how to get it and which map to find it :(
  2. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    The Golden Necklace Quest item is a standing golden towel (Similar in appearance to the clean towel you can find on some maps).

    As for the Golden Necklace, the chance to find it is a 1% chance on all applicable maps that it can spawn on, While I have been able to find it myself one time with only a few players on Normal difficulty, you may be able to find it easier on a server with more players.

    Do keep an eye out on the Global Chat, in-game and on discord since someone will always reply if they do find a Golden Necklace on any of the below maps it can spawn on.

    Dead Center 2nd Map: Towards the end of the map, check near the gazebo tent area where a CEDA PC would be found.

    Dead Center Finale Map: After going out of the elevator, check near the brochure where a set of dead pile bodies would be, its possible for the Golden Necklace to spawn there.

    Dark Carnival 1st Map: Towards the start of the map, after going over the first car in your way, make your way towards the middle of the field, it might show there.

    Dark Carnival 2nd Map: In the area with circular carnival rides, go towards the east side and find a trailer. Between that trailer and plant walls, its possible to find the Golden Necklace.

    Dark Carnival 3rd Map: After going out of the Love Tunnel, find a large tree outside a side building the survivors can sometimes go into, the Golden Necklace can appear beside that tree.

    Swamp Fever 1st Map: Inside 1 of the only houses with a climbable ladder indoors, you can go up said ladders to find a Golden Necklace on the floor above.

    Another location for the Golden Necklace on this map can be within the bushes near the same building mentioned.

    No Mercy: There have been reports of it spawning on No Mercy, although no concrete location has been given so far.

    Hard Rain 1st/4th Map: In the area with an ambulance parked in the middle of the road, find a trailer-like house with a bathroom area inside it. The Golden Necklace will be located within the bathroom.

    The Parish 3rd Map: When you need to go around a fence, by going into another area, go towards one of the dead end corners by taking a left. The Golden Necklace can be located at said dead corner section.

    The Parish 1st Map: After you go outside into the first street after the beginning area, you may see a Golden Necklace near the blockade fences to the right. While mentioned as a quest spot, there hasn't been any reports of finds in this location for a while.

    The Parish 4th Map: After going down a point of no return zone from the bar, check outside towards the corner of the next building you go towards. The Golden Necklace has a chance to spawn there.

    Death Toll 3rd Map: When you're passing by a bus along the main road after the train yard, a Golden Necklace may appear before it.

    Another location for the Golden Necklace on this map can also be the wooden table at the cabin that you must pass through along the way to the church.

    Blood Harvest 3rd Map: When you'd take a left to go into a building after going up the hill, instead continue straight towards a dead end section. A golden necklace can appear around the middle part of this area if you see it.

    That's pretty much it for all the locations I can remember from the top of my head, good luck!
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