Hidden Infected Bots.

Discussion in '[L4D2] Hidden Infected' started by CommanderXx, Jan 23, 2017.

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    Well let me start by saying hallow to you mgftw community because been while since came here,so tonight from long time a go i found that Hidden infected server had 5 players,i thought about taking the opportunity to join and have some fun,so joining the server i have no idea about the new updates.
    playing the game i found bots after knowing they were from my dead spectate screen, i found the rounds called practice round i said to my self :''good now newbies can have some practice round before playing and same with me since i didn't play from long time ago" then 1-2round passes trying to figure out how do these bots work lack of human logic in the server.

    so i talked to few members of the community they told me:''if the current number of players down to 10 bots will spawn".
    and then i found that all of normal members are spawned as hidden infected and the rest of the bots are survivors,and almost these bots are good to do nothing but shooting hunters,the problem is this bots can not work as humans they miss 1 or 2 shots per round of ammunition,they only shoot hunters, you can have a any kind of bombs in your hand and they wont even shoot you and that why it's messing up the server back their you could play with 2 players hunter mode (playing as hunter without switching form or even buying items)

    and that what im talking about ladies and gentlemen i'm being forced to play as inf im being forced to kill brainless aimbot bots i'm being forced to stop using creativity like creating a knife duel or melee only or hunter mode or awp fight well as it's only my opinion about the game from what i saw today people dont really get on with it (bots) maybe bots good for 1 or 2 round for practice only but not always their existence mean nothing but it's hard yo have 10 players but it's harder to play with thing that can't think i appreciate the hard work that you guys done this is just my opinion and thanks <3

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