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He's back... kinda

Discussion in 'Introductions & Member Gallery' started by benny, Jan 5, 2020.

  1. benny

    benny New Member

    Most of you knew me as |MG| erik from back in the day. I decided to play a little L4D2 again. Hope to see you guys in game.
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  2. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    I never knew I'd see the day when you would return yourself, since the last few years.

    Never the less, it is good to have you back. Even if it's only for a moment, welcome back :)
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  3. benny

    benny New Member

    It had some difficulties staying on the server when I did try to play, that's why the "kinda" in the title lol. I kept timing out every 5 minutes. I asked about it in the chatbox, actually.
  4. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    Long time no seen man, welcome back lol :)
  5. benny

    benny New Member

    Hey, Marv, yeah it's been years. Good to see you
  6. raz

    raz Head Administrator Staff Member

    zzzzzzzzomfg it's erik, welcome back man :smiley-happy014:
  7. benny

    benny New Member

    zomg xD

    you're head admin now, nice. all my old posts are gone, that's depressing

    thanks for the kind message. i haven't really had any success playing on the servers, though. i keep getting flooded with this in my console " reliable stream overflow," whichever server i get on... which times me out. it's only mg servers. i have great internet, so i don't know what the problem is.
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  8. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    mgftw's gone through quite a few forum changes, with the one in April 2017 where most of us with our tags in our name had to resign up again. This was because we migrated over from the old mgftw forums to the one we use now.

    I heard mute helped you out with your overflow problems though ^^ good to see your issue was solved :)
  9. Tom1993

    Tom1993 Head Administrator Staff Member

    zomg erik is back to play more zombie games :smiley-computer008:, hope you still remember me as well (went by the name |MG| Tom)
  10. benny

    benny New Member

    zomg Tom. Of course I remember you! xD
  11. davzee

    davzee <img src="http://mgftw.com/webdesigner.png" />

    ayyyyyyyyyy, where all my posts gone
  12. benny

    benny New Member

    oyyyy my name's davzee oyyyyy
  13. Gonzalo

    Gonzalo MG Donor

    Welcome back Erik!
    Good to see you again :smiley-happy014:
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  14. benny

    benny New Member

    Thank you so much! It's been such a long time. After I quit MG some years back, I removed pretty much everyone from my friends list, and since I'm active again, I'm trying to rebuild it. It's nice to see some old faces around here :D
  15. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    Don't spam mic stupidely like you doing in past and we are okay to play with you . take your medecine

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