Hanging decreases life expectancy

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  4. No change, because getting incap below 600hp after release is normal from hanging with your fingers

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  1. Pinuts

    Pinuts New Member

    Yes, ignore the title, but this has something to do with the hanging to ledge status.

    This issue may have been brought up before, idk, but I will still give my suggestion.

    Many times in the past, with various reasons, I had experienced hanging on the ledge and ending up getting killed. Height, SI, no bounty and cant buy pills etc.

    As a tenacity user, the amount of HP I have pretty much allows me to survive most falls. At least, until I accidentally walked off a slightly higher than normal ledge, an example would be those platforms at dark carnival concert (not sure if high enough to cause hanging, but you get the idea).

    This problem is even more common when there are tanks like SKT, where the earthquake could make your entire team fly and hang from edges of buildings and nooses, to even stuff like a refrigerator.

    The problem with hanging is that at max level, we only have ~600 THP. It would be one thing if the 600 hp is a "Grip HP", in which you fall after it is depleted but no, you can die from 1 single punch from that 1 knight boi, even if you have 9999 hp before hanging to ledge.

    The second problem is the fact that you somehow ends up in incap state after releasing from ledge. Worse part, with under 600 THP.

    So here are my suggestions to improve the hanging system.
    1. The hanging status HP is a "Grip HP" in which a hanging person who originally had 9999 HP, be released from hanging status after receiving over the current hanging hp (600, i believe) with 9399 hp, or even lesser if more damage is dealt exceeding 600.

    2. Releasing from ledge should not incap a person, especially when a survivor is hanging to a damn fridge. I understand that non incap release may cause the survivor to hang to ledge again, causing a loop, but it would be nice to implement it with a 0.5 sec hanging immunity. Or an alternative, hold Space and then Shift to release from ledge (I think holding space prevents hanging).

    3. Give an option to totally disable hanging status in Control Panel > Settings.

    Thanks for reading my rant. Feel free to leave your comments/ votes.

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