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Funny Buff Suggestion

Discussion in 'Suggestions Box' started by benny, Feb 9, 2020.

  1. benny

    benny MG Donor

    |Buff| Yoink Detection - After dying, notifies player of who stole their throwable or medkit/defibrilator.

    [PR] Binsen stole your medkit!
    [PR] Binsen stole your molotov!

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  2. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    hahaha xD
  3. ChaOs AliCE

    ChaOs AliCE New Member

    |buff| Buckshot bullet
    all range weapon (including pistols and magnum) turn into buckshot round :3 (FACEFUL OF BUCKSHOT)

    |buff| Premium bait (mg store exclusive buff)
    player equip this buff tire 2 and tire 3 tank has x10 spawn chance
    (buff can be stack)
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2020
  4. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    lol the 2nd buff xD
  5. Binsen

    Binsen MG Donor

    This is a Fun enhancement:

    Enhancement for Smasher pan: |God's Pan|
    When Using Smasher Pan against tanks, You gain a Stack of "Pan God's Blessings" At 10 stacks, the tank gets an inmense shock from an earraping Pan sound "Clang!" Dealing 75% of Tanks current health as damage And stunning The tank for 15 seconds. The Shockwave is so inmense that all Special Infected (Not Tanks) in the map will take Damage equal to 50 + 10% Max health health Per second for 15 seconds. All Common Infected in The map will have their head explode due to the eardrum sound of the pan, Instantly killing them, regardless of their Health. Ally survivors will suffer Dizzyness, Confusion and Daze for 15 seconds due to the Power Unleashed. The chat will also get spammed every time any CI/SI dies as the following:

    [PR] Clang!

    Activation Message is this one:

    [PR] Binsen Unleashed The Pan God's Wrath!
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2020
  6. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Here's a buff that was based off of that 1 buff before it became Tenacity, I don't remember what it's buff name was but here it is. This buff also assumes damage reduction values to balance things out weren't in place until 2018, since this buff was introduced well before then.


    Allows you to activate an extremely powerful bomb attack on you while any tanks are alive. When activated, you will flash for 3 seconds before sacrificing yourself to inflict an immensely powerful explosion, affecting all survivors and infected around within 500 units. Survivors in range take 15% Max HP as damage and get stunned for 5 seconds, while all infected in range instead take 15,000 blast damage and become stunned for 5 seconds. This blast damage bypasses all defense modifiers and cannot be reduced by any sources.
    <✖ VS>

    The buff itself since it didn't have any messages at the time, I came up with my own:

    [PR] "player" used Self-Destruct! GET AWAY!!!
    [PR] "player" sacrificed themselves.
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  7. ChaOs AliCE

    ChaOs AliCE New Member

    i got another joke buff
    • Corpse Shield
    Allow player pick up other player death corpse as your shield, when shield destroy the player body will destroy and becoming prema-death status
    <✖ VS>​
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  8. Parrots

    Parrots MG Donor

    Healing Cuts - When you hit a survivor with a melee weapon it heals them for 1% HP every hit. Melee weapon fatigue is increased by 50% on survivor hits.

    |E| Love Cuts - Gives a 9% chance of giving the healing to all other allies. Also will now make them scream friendly fire/hurt lines to notify them. Fatigue is reduced to 25% on survivor hits.
    <X VS>
  9. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Here's a meme buff and a not-so memey buff,

    Try to Avoid Dying

    For 30 bounty, you can select this option from the !buy menu to give yourself the "Second Chance" effect. if any infected is about to kill you, the effect is activated, giving you 2 seconds of moustachio bless, then gives you a 100% chance to dodge any damage taken while also giving 25 HP back on each successful dodge for 10 seconds. For each dodge success, the dodge chance drops by -5% and you cannot regain HP from all other sources until it drops below 20%.
    <Effect only activatable once per round>
    <X VS>

    Grappling Hook

    Across all survivors, gives them 3 grappling hooks to use. These hooks can be used for saving a survivor's body underwater/in a dead zone within 1000 units of you, to bring them back from the depths. To attach a hook to a dead body you need to hold WALK/USE and SHOVE keys together with a first aid kit for 3 seconds. Then you'll need to hold USE for 5 seconds to bring the survivor to your location. Grappling Hooks once used cannot be retrieved for the entire round.
    <Must not be pinned/incapacitated to use>
    <X VS>
    Last edited: May 8, 2020
  10. Binsen

    Binsen MG Donor

    How about this:

    Protector Of Places

    Equipping the buff allows your character and all ally survivors to be inmune to DDoS attacks in the current server along with giving them good luck by increasing exp/cash/FR-pill gain because we all love playing without getting DDoS! The beholder of this buff will get a Debuff of the following : "Jinxing Curse" ; Which means every thing you said can be jinxed and will affect players, mainly the beholder. An example would be Bomb tank teleporting to you when he has 1 sec of explosion (Enemy down!).

    If multiple players have the buff equipped, The Jinx Debuff will be selected at random to one person. Message would be "Be wary! Binsen holds the Jinxing curse".

    Usable on Versus as well.
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  11. ChaOs AliCE

    ChaOs AliCE New Member

    more joke buff

    Mirage Disguise gear

    Equip this buff make survivor can be anything form tree,pot,ammo,crate,ceda note,pile of money etc.
    you will disguise when stand still and you will detected when taking damage or start moving
    special infected won't see you because you look be the one with natural (not really)
  12. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    that's a vn idea for trying to hide from the infected AliCE xD

    A buff for those who want to try utilising classes before they even get 1 or if they wanted to use the effects of another class. Considered a joke buff since I don't think this could ever get implemented xD


    When equipped, you can use a spherical object to transfer some class power from 1 survivor over to you by holding WALK + E and then shoving them. This will allow you to utilise the class abilities of any other class other than your own going up to level 2 abilities for 30 seconds. Additionally for any class actions done through specific classes, it will earn you 50% of normal class exp.
    <Cooldown: 5 minutes, cannot be reduced>

    <X VS>

    These would the PR messages if this buff was to be active

    [PR] You have transferred some class power from Player 2! Granting you some of their power.
    [PR] You have gained the effects of the <Class> for 30 seconds.
    Last edited: May 18, 2020
  13. Vakarlan

    Vakarlan MG Donor

    Ventor's Gamble

    You will be able to choose one of the eradicator scenario materials in your inventory and put into a pot (Once per day). After 7 in takes of materials, you can setup a gamble and collection the reward or nothing.

    • 80% chance of losing the entire pot
    • 70% chance of nothing happening
    • 69% chance of getting 5 million cash per materials (you lost the materials tho)
    • 60% chance of nothing happening and you lose 6.9 million cash (If you don't have enough cash you get banned for 6.9 hours)
    • 50% chance of doubling the material reward
    • 40% chance of transforming all 7 materials into 7 legendary CEDA notes (they give 5% flat exp for classes from level 4 to 5)
    • 30% chance of tripling the material reward
    • 21% chance of losing 33.3% of your total cash
    • 20% chance of getting a one week 3x booster
    • 10% chance of getting 1 x mutant enzyme
    • 5% chance of getting a binder (yes you can now have 4 binded buffs from this)
    • 2.5% chance of getting perma banned (No mute/marvel will not unban you)
    • 1% chance of getting a special ticket that allows you to choose a class in mgftw to be maxed out (if you have all classes maxed out you can hold it and use it when new classes get released)
    • 0.5% chance of getting a special clan power that makes crafting scenario tickets free, and you can host any scenarios without daily restriction
    • 0.25% chance of getting permanent 5x booster on your account. (Yes it stacks when you buy x50 booster, making it x 250)
    • 0.01% chance of getting an request to UN NERF a buff to its original state when it was release or most OP patch.
      **Mute cannot deny this request**
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  14. ChaOs AliCE

    ChaOs AliCE New Member

    |E| Dark spike T magic book
    Catagory : Equipment buff


    < 30 Second cooldown on used >
    <X VS>
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  15. Sяεтzø

    Sяεтzø New Member

    |X| Air Jokes on you
    Category : Defensive

    The survivor will never believe to be fly. Immune on knockback but received stun effect whenever get staggered by 2 sec. Player cannot get stunned again after 10 second of the last stun. Knight Tank or Boomer Slap won't be able knock you but get staggered instead.

    +99999.99% Knockback Rate Resistance
    +Immune Knockback Damage.
    +100% Can't Fly
    -Knockback turn into Staggered.
    -5 Sec stun whenever get staggered.
  16. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Some of this is a vn idea if you could ever implement a gamble item on erad materials xD
  17. Binsen

    Binsen MG Donor

    Enhancement for |E| Ammo dispenser:

    Global Ammunition:

    Doubles the price for ammo dispenser and reduces to 1 placement only but allows everyone in the server to obtain unlimited ammo, Shooting and pewpew-ing till there is no tomorrow!
  18. ChaOs AliCE

    ChaOs AliCE New Member

    |E| Shammy the assistant
    • Now you can summon pet as Shamman Tank fight along with you.
    that is
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  19. Vakarlan

    Vakarlan MG Donor

    |E| Spray Disabler

    Uses 500 bounties to permanently disable/remove all sprays that are currently present. If the spray has ANY weeb content, the user gets removed from the server with a 500 seconds time out.

    If the user gets removed from SN server, the time out will be 500 days instead.
    <Activate in !buy menu>
    <Cooldown: NOPE>
    <Immunity pierce firewall and adblock + IP Address hack>
    (Command: sm_handsup)

    Category: Ability Buffs
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