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Discussion in 'Rules & Admin List' started by Mr Zombie, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. Mr Zombie

    Mr Zombie Senior Member

    If You Have Questions about the Rules, Then Please Post them Here!

    LEGEND Senior Member

    We should really add "Having the tag |MG| is a major offence, you will be punished severely".

    That would be good wouldn't it?
  3. L1teHawk

    L1teHawk Senior Member

    I agree. People who do that don't care for the rules, and they are the ones who threaten bans and abuse players. Added to the wiki.
  4. Mr Zombie

    Mr Zombie Senior Member

    well i added this here -

    Impersonating an MG Admin. The use of the MG logo(s) is Reserved for the use of Marvelous
    Gaming Admin alone. Being found with MG in front or Behind your name will be cause for a Temp
    Ban, Persistent offender WILL face a much longer punishment.

    I did not notice that you had added to the Wiki until after I had done mine.
    See which you prefer and I will adjust the forum one accordantly.
  5. L1teHawk

    L1teHawk Senior Member

    Ohh nice! I updated the wiki, mostly taking what you have but slightly modifying it.
  6. Mr Zombie

    Mr Zombie Senior Member

    aw man, just noticed my typos lol
  7. Nova

    Nova Senior Member

    What about this guy?

    Also wanted to ask a question about cheating.
    I have no idea what they are, and no idea how to spot someone using them... I didn't even think a game like left 4 dead (+2) had cheats D:.

    Another question on team killing.
    The rules specify on my team including myself, does that also apply to only myself ? When I want to go a bit crazy, I jump on a car and shoot the crap out of it so it explodes, while I'm on it. I try when nobody's around since I've already been killed by @!#!@s that destroy cars with grenade launchers, but technically I can down myself doing so :/. It's fun, when you're nuts like me :lock1:
  8. Mr T

    Mr T Member

    How come some people have tanks with 40k health while mine only has 15k? (and I've maxed out my tank abilities)
  9. L1teHawk

    L1teHawk Senior Member

    Are you part of the team? ;) I'm sure some people would get pissed if you kill yourself like that (those point-hungry people).
  10. Nova

    Nova Senior Member

    Just downed at the worst on my own, the reason I die is when I'm on low HP and this person trying to get Car Burglar (award) or thinks he's funny blows the cars NEXT to me, and yes that does piss me off, because the guy is carelessly killing his team mates, whereas if I'm on my own, I'm pretty much full HP and have enough bounty to fool around with medkits after...
  11. L1teHawk

    L1teHawk Senior Member

    I can't comprehend why you would want to injure yourself lol.
  12. Nova

    Nova Senior Member

    Out of boredom of waiting for people that don't take surviving seriously :/. Some people are so far behind it's unbelievable. Drives me nuts and I start to harass the first car I see... cars explode and it provides a lot more fun than shoving trash cans or machete-ing a tree :|

    I wouldn't mind some info on those cheats tho D:
    How exactly can I recognize them and report them?
  13. L1teHawk

    L1teHawk Senior Member

    lol! Whatever suits you man :)
  14. lvlrangel

    lvlrangel Member

    Biased Admins

    Ok, i didnt see any rule concerning sprays but, i was using a flag of Israel as a spray, noone ever complained, then one day i started to spray a picture of 2 man about to kiss each other, ppl make comments and such, but no major complaint BUT an admin, dont remember if was purple or renard told me i couldnt use that spray and threatened me to ban if i used it again. I even got kicked in the process.

    So, my problem is, if 2 man toutching each other (yes, they arent really kissing) is offensive, what about spray of explicit sex that other people use?? Penetration, valve icon raping a regular zombie, etc. Because i saw people spawning them and admins online and noone complained.

    There's 2 points of view for me here:

    1 - Admins didnt see the sprays im talking about which is unlikely to be the case once i alerted admin for such spray and it was purple who constantly ignored me;

    2 - There's a movement inside administration agaisnt LGBT members and hetero people has right which lgbt people don't. In other words, discrimination showing signs of homophobia.

    Please tell me what you think about this, mainly people who point these admins.
  15. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member


    I would advice against spraying such images, we have a lot of players from a lot of different countries. It's pretty much accepted in some countries while in others it's totally not. We're just a gaming community, we're not a group trying to defend the rights of gay people and thus allow such sprays. It's a too difficult subject for that matter.

    And yes, people almost never take offense if you spray a pair of tits. That's how the world works I'm afraid. I'm not trying to walk away from it because yes it might be discrimination to allow tits but don't allow two guys almost kissing but it's just something that doesn't belong on our gameservers.

    Two tits is funny, while that picture raises a lot of questions and will get a discussion going and all we want is just play a casual game.
  16. lvlrangel

    lvlrangel Member

    If you're suggesting islamic based countries, i'm aware of it, but i'm aware aswell that nudity is offensive in those countries too, not to mention explicit sex.

    It never crossed my mind as a LGBT member to ask support of MG to our rights given thats a gaming community, the point of the post was about objective dealing with player regardless sexual orientation, which by my version admins were/are biased.

    I'm a bit confused, what doesnt belong in your servers? LGBT players?

    Ya, they can just play the casual game like i do and don't comment the sprays. I never asked anyone to comment on the spray, they did because they wanted to.

    Anyways, from your post i see it's kind of pointless try to get some common sense but i just wanted to comment on your post and thanks for attention.

  17. Nova

    Nova Senior Member


    If you're an LGBT member, you should be aware of how shocking such images can be... so why would you make one as a spray in the first place?
    As marvel said, it's just a game, where people come to have fun, and it would be wise to avoid something like that. Personally I find that image quite disturbing, which also goes without saying to sprays that include nudity or any sexual orientation. *repeat* it's just a game...
  18. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    I'm just saying that a game community is the wrong platform to discuss matters like this, of course LGBT players are welcome as well but they have to keep in mind that players might take offence of a spray where two guys are (almost) kissing where some players already take offense of a sexy girl with her clothes still on. If you're a LGBT player that's fine with me I respect that but you can't expect every other player to do that. Sprays are at your own risk.

    We do have rules for this though (inappropriate sprays) which include nudity, also female nudity so this is nothing new. The fact is though, that a lot of sprays are in the grey zone, one admin will warn you for it while the other one doesn't.

    Spraying a picture like yours is an attempt to bring up some reaction from the other players, why else would you spray it? You can expect negative reactions with that spray, that's how the world works. Nude girls are just more accepted, you see them on billboards, movies etc. you see them all day long. I'm just being realistic here.

    Of course we have rules for discrimination as well, which is even a major offence. I just don't understand why LGBT people always need to tell the whole world about their sexuality even in a casual game like L4D2. There are probably much better places for that.

    I'm not trying to offend you, it's just that I can't see anything positive coming out of spraying a picture like that.
  19. lvlrangel

    lvlrangel Member

    You couldn't be more wrong, i dont find those pictures shocking at all, 2nd, the spray i made has nothing going on, just 2 men, perhaps
    something can go on after, thats up to your imagination.

    Thats my point, its just a spray, nothing to discuss about, you're the ones discussing about it since begining.

    Again, its just a spray, i dont see why take it so seriously, plus in a game.

    So if i have a spray of 2 guys about to kiss means im a lgbt member?
    What if im heterossexual that is ok with it?
    Does it even matter?
    When someone prints a spray, its implicit they are expecting a reaction? Didnt know that, but after the 2 guys pic
    i definetly learnt that.

    Lets just forget this issue then, its obvious admins are biased and thats "how the world works", sadly.

  20. davzee

    davzee <img src="" />

    lol @ the admins being one cares man and like ice said....why would you even have a spray like that in the first place? blatently just wanted a reaction.

    I personally wouldnt have kicked you for a spray like that but in all honestly i wouldnt really wanna see that kinda stuff while playing l4d not homophobic or anything but this is a game man, keep that shit to yourself :)

    and this:
    Melodramatic much?

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