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ello lads

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SuperBunny, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. SuperBunny

    SuperBunny Guest

    just a hi from an old admin, like to play you lot some time, just tell me the buttons =P
  2. Penguin

    Penguin Guest

    Ello superbunny, well if you was here before then i guess welcome backs are in order :)

    just remember, we dont kill the living
  3. SuperBunny

    SuperBunny Guest

    Id kill all that stands in my way!!!
  4. Penguin

    Penguin Guest

    you'll fit right back in then >:)
  5. Tom1993

    Tom1993 Head Administrator Staff Member

    Zomgg it's superbunny, I remember you from like 4 years ago. Doesn't feel like that long though, time passes by so fast. I'm kind of astonished to see you back here, looking forward to meet you on one of the servers again :D
  6. SuperBunny

    SuperBunny Guest

    well i thought i play today, go kicked for using mic on points reloaded sever after just joining, rejoined back and who ever it was did not say why, then got banned for saying iv not playined in a while, well fuck me wtf? root admins can use the server logs for reference
  7. SuperBunny

    SuperBunny Guest

    just check via "https://mgftw.com/sourcebans/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_1:1:28504888&advType=steamid&Submit" admin erik

    he said nouthing, no warnings or even like i did any thing wrong
  8. erik

    erik Senior Member

    I wasn't in a position where I was able to chat with you.

    I saw that admin Sandante kicked you. Upon your return, you had quite literally kicked up a bunch of shit with him directly, and the rest of the server before you found out who kicked you.

    The server was busy, and very close to being completely full, which makes it all the more critical of a time to not* specifically try to redirect the game to something else.

    I saw that you had mentioned being an admin here previously. Ex-admin or not, it's pretty much common sense to sort out those types of things in private, or if you legitimately feel you weren't kicked within protocol, or for a good reason. So coming back and lashing-out at the entire server ("who did this? who kicked me? why? no such warning. who is the admin?") looks like griefing from where I stand. It was a busy server that, at that moment, already required his full attention, so I decided to institute a short ban myself.

    Regardless, this is all sort of moot. Sandante has since unbanned you, and also stated that you two sorted it out.
  9. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    Yo Bunny what up? Long time no seen :)

    Did u get banned already? zomg
  10. Vulcan

    Vulcan Game Server Moderator

    Very happy to see Bunny make an appearance after being gone for so long, welcome back :)

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