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Disable rushing penalty in end safe rooms

Discussion in 'Suggestions Box' started by Chach, Apr 7, 2020.


Should rushing penalty be abolished?

  1. Yeah but only in end safe rooms

    5 vote(s)
  2. Abolish it completely

    0 vote(s)
  3. Leave it as it is.

    1 vote(s)
  1. Chach

    Chach MG Donor

    I would like rushing penalty to no longer apply to survivors if they have made it to end safe rooms.
    Reason is we encounter very hard tank with lots of specials and commons so we just leg it safe room
    because we don't want to do the map again and get our trust on black market.

    Usually tanks chase after people running to safe room and ignore players in back and sometimes
    they take long to die and in meantime when we are waiting in safe room we keep getting Rushing Penalty.
    1 instance of this is when Sona and I made it to safe room i had about 700 rep.
    When last survivor finally died my rep turned to Dangerous with -648 after barely making to to
    end safe room.
  2. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    I'm gonna go middle ground here, I can't entirely agree with it.

    If in COOP, there are no tanks around and you're at the end saferoom, there should be no reason that you cannot go back out and help out other survivors who may be in need of a helping hand, especially if it is any low level player. This applies to many players, including myself (even though I do go back out sometimes to help). Thus the rushing penalty in this specific case should still be applicable, because you aren't helping the other survivors that are behind and dying.

    Also, at all times if any players are behind, it should be in any player's best interest to go back and help them out. After all Left 4 Dead 2 is meant to be a team game.

    In the case of tanks, it largely depends on whether or not you can kill the tank or go back and defib the other survivors if there's only a few survivors remaining. If its a tier 1 tank or a weakened tier 2 tank, you may be able to go back and defib the other survivors, especially if they are not that far away. In the given case of a tier 3 tank where it's quite hard to kill it, it's considered an exemption to run for the saferoom when there aren't that many players left. For the rushing penalty itself, it should still be applicable when it comes to the tier 1 and tier 2 tanks when you're inside saferooms.

    If it's a tier 3 tank, I can understand getting rid of the rushing penalty in such a case for these tier 3 tanks only. They weren't made to be easy after all in some maps.

    The bottom line that I see here with the tanks is that if you must run, run together as a group and do not leave anyone behind if you can. In the event that you must, try to keep everyone else alive at all times while you run together to the saferoom if need be.
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  3. littlebrother

    littlebrother MG Donor

    I was thinking instead of penalizing players with negative rep for rushing, why not just paralyzed those rushers from moving instead. It can be a pain to regain back the rep after those unnecessary rep points taken away from you.

    Sometimes it is not the players fault for rushing. Below are a few factors that can cause unnecessary negative rep.

    1. Last minute players joining the game and spawn wayback from the main group.
    2. SI slapping/charging players way forward from the main group.
    3. Events by admins that sometimes require players to rush forward as no matter what players do will result in repeat of the same map.
    4. Players spawning OP tank in map that current level or number of players may not be able to handle and resulting in repeat play of same map.
    5. Players stopping to do quest without informing other players like killing certain number of SI/CI.

    Mainly, i recommend players just be paralyzed in their movement if system caught them rushing accidentally or intentionally and enable them to move again once system deems players are not rushing. players can still attack/heal when in paralyzed mode.
  4. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Just my 2 cents of thought

    I went ahead and spoke about my points, for what you say. I don't think players should be paralyzed, but rather warned that they're rushing ahead of the team, and also slow down their movement speed. I guess they'll need a further decrease to their movement speed (with not being able to use anything to increase it back until they stop going ahead)

    Players joining usually join by the 1. player on the list, who isn't usually at the back.

    As for SI's slapping/charging players away from the main group, said players already gain immunity to rushing for a short amount of time before being marked for rushing by default. If there is a need to increase the immunity time gained for rushing, then that can be done, but so long as that survivor heads back right away.

    As for admins, may as well force them to disable rushing penalty if 1 is needed to rush during an event.

    As for players spawning OP tanks, we simply stop them from being able to spawn it in the very first place by placing down a player limit. Tier 2 tank spawns will require a minimum 10 players with only 1 allowed out at a time under minimum player count with a max of 2 at maximum players. If more than 16 players, then limit can go up to 3 at once at 24 players. While tier 3 tank spawns will require a minimum 14 players with only 1 allowed out at a time regardless of player count, if more than 16 players, then limit can go up to 2 at once at 24 players.

    Now as for the case that a randomly spawned OP tank forces players to run for the saferoom, we can't do much about that. Reducing rushing penalty gained by 80% may make it a bit easier on everyone, but I'd rather leave it up to Mute to decide.

    As for players doing quests, it's up to them and everyone else to let each other know that a player is doing a quest. In some cases, some players may choose to wait nearby them and help them with whatever infected they don't need attacking the quest player. Not all players will get that message so they may need to be asked to wait, in which case most will "wait" until everyone else is ready to proceed.

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