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    Infected have been getting some upgrades like the sticky bomb, invisability etc which are awesome and fun. They have now 2,5 pages of buyables to choose from while detectives only have 1. This makes the choice u make for spending the 2 creds u get very limited.
    I had some ideas, which i dont know if they are possible:

    - Weaponry -> Give the detectives also the chance to buy the SMG/AWP. Some players prefer these weapons or are skilled in using them. Because of the 2 creds able to spent at the beginning of a round u can still buy a taser and a weapon.

    - Deputy -> Idk if this one is programmable, but give the detective a buyable which gives him a list of all players from which he can choose 1 'sidekick/deputy'. This deputy will only gain the taser as an extra possibility. The fun part of this would be, that the detective has no knowledge of who the infected are, when he would buy it at the beginning of the round. It can be possible that he actually gives the right of deputy to an infected, giving the infected a taser.

    - Throwables -> Making the detective also able to pick up and use throwables. Pipebomb and molly with their same purpose but the bilebomb for blinding a hunter or maybe even as a way to make commons attack someone....doesnt get hurt = infected

    - X-ray -> This suggestion is pretty weak and maybe OP, thats why i would see it costing 3 the det has to kill a hunter before he can buy it. Basicly it will give him the ability to see through walls (the same as u turn hunter u can see the outlines of every player) with maybe infected being a different colour outline? To limit him into using it it might have a timer same as powershove and taser. activating by tapping double shift.

    It are just some ideas, maybe impossible to make/execute.


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