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[ Calamity - Prologue ] (Nuclear Holocaust) with Richard Wagner's Tristan und Isolde

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Ernest goes to hell(camp), Aug 24, 2012.

  1. This was a class project for filming. Obviously, none of these images belong to me. ALL OF THE ACTORS AND COLLABORATORS FEATURED ARE SHOWN JUST FOR FICTIONAL PURPOSES AND THEY DID NOT, IN NO WAY, HELPED ME MAKE THIS.

    Story Description: The story begins in 1982 in South Wales, Britain. An uprising has occurred in East Germany, which has forced the United States to interfere with soviet advancement as citizens of the east defect into the West side in overwhelming numbers. As East Germany refuses to allow anymore of their citizens to defect into West Germany by any means necessary, the United States mobilizes their troops to secure the Iron Curtain. A short battle ensures between the two countries. 2 days after, the United States issues an ultimatum to the Soviet Union: retreat back into their side or it will be an act of war. The soviets refuse and invade West Germany. Both sides remain stabilized for 1 week before the United states gains the upper hand. The soviets become desperate: they launch an airbust over a Nato military base near Bonn, West Germany's capital. In retaliation, the United States enacts its Launch On Warning and enters DEFCON-1: afraid that a Full-Scale nuclear war is imminent. The US, Britain, West Germany, East Germany and the Soviet Union prepare their citizens for the following days ahead. In the third week, the soviets had reached as far as West Berlin. A training exercise in a Nato Base in Britain causes an ICBM to be launched into the sea. The Soviet Union panics by launching all of its missiles to its main targets, the United States retaliates. In just 15 minutes, 4000 megatons are dropped total on the US, Russia and Britain.

    The fictional drama depicts these events before, during, and after the nuclear war. Much like Threads and The Day After, the film explores the economical, financial, medical, and agricultural effects of a Full-Scale Nuclear War.[video=youtube;N25rDf2N9OQ]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N25rDf2N9OQ[/video]