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Bird whistle Buff nerf Options (POLL)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by timkit, Jan 7, 2018.


Which Option of the Bird whistle Buff should mute choose as for the nerf to happen to it?

  1. Option 1

  2. Option 2

  3. I don't know

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  4. My response is in the post below!

  1. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Alright guys, here's the deal with this poll. I want to see which people prefer which option or path the Bird whistle Buff should go down towards when it comes to nerfing this buff. Now mute gave us two choices and I'm going to outline them below:

    Option 1 being
    No cooldown, 1 time use
    Increased damage dealt to tier 2's (from +0.4 to 0.6% per second for 5 seconds), nothing else changed.

    Option 2 being
    nothing changed with the cooldown.
    1500/sec damage cap

    Now I will show the current buff description of the Bird whistle Buff

    Gives you a bird whistle that will call an incoming horde of crows to attack. Infected will take damage per second for 5 seconds equal to:
    - Common and Special: 1000HP
    - Tier 1: 1% max health
    - Tier 2 or stronger: 0.4% max health
    <Cooldown: 5 minutes, cannot be used in closed areas>
    <Coop Only>

    This is what people say about the Bird whistle nerf options
    Doomie says
    DarkCS says
    NetXe says
    Now as for your choices, what do you vote? let us decide and convince mute which option is better : )

    VOTE COUNT (as of current)
    Option 1: 7 (MσcнαLαттε |, Yakusoku Hikari, Oshirai, eS > RTS Ξ-PuRΞ™ ✔, GuardianTigerLinHu, Doomie_22, DarkCS)
    Option 2: 21 (a-feiii, stephane7833, Gonzalo, NetXe, Ventussius, timkit, no one, Gaffense [Ω], Fallen Angel, Extrenger®, Finn's 115, GPineapple, Scherzie, Drakonic, Maelz, Royal Miku [λ], connetion, Plantifant, Cyanide [™۞], Saint. Notified [Ω], iÜ ` 아이유 ツ [Ω]
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2018
  2. Finn's 115

    Finn's 115 Member

    Now most people want to pick Option 2 , because there is no fun if there is One-Used Buff
    Option 1: 4
    Option 2 :11
  3. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    i cant response because i dont have the buff i didnt want play on versus so if we can have a way to have it by coop i will think about after try it

    NYAN NYAN New Member

    Since I din't have the BW buff yet and I've only play once on VS here are my opinion for both option 1 and option 2. IMO

    Option 1: well it's good tho just like an burst damage or somethings, even if most of players on scenario/co op are able to deal ton of damages and whats should you aim here was probably 10~14 minutes max for the main tank like festive or SIT need to takendown and it can be considered a win win even with the one time usage

    Option 2: since i din't know the damages on the current 0.4%/sec lets do a rough math i don't know if my calculation are on the point or completely miss since we do have like damages reduction etc, but lets calculated it without a damage reduction

    Probably it's around 20k+- at max 5 second if it's used on festive/SIT ofcourse being nerfed to 1500/sec was a huge blow to it. It got nerfed to more than a half damages if it's used on festive/SIT

    So with that being said option 1 was deal more damages for a short term, like once per chapter on co op and if it was scenario case you can only use it on 10 minutes+ mark after the SIT are spawn if it was on HD
    option 2 was more like a long term fight with festive/SIT since it will deal more damages on 20 minutes++ mark or can be use it for ealry harass at t3/supreme tanks under 10 minutes on HD or another map with the same concept as HD

    TL;DR pros and cons:

    Option 1:
    >full burst damage/short term fight but only to a specific tank since you cant spam it.

    Option 2:
    >more harass - aggro eater - poke damages whateveryounameit/longer term fight since you can spam it with a 5 minutes cooldown with a 1500/sec for 5 sec per use

    So yeah for me it's doesn't matter with one it is it just a buff ones with earlier burst/short term fight and the other one was for the longer fight. Although i prefered the option 1 rather than option 2

    But if im being asked with one is better. My option will be 2 surprisingly right? but, it's for the VS server sake, without being said people will be like ah, it's just a one time use buff why should i equip it, it just a waste of slot since i also need to grind the point for buying the buff (srsly this was what im thinking when i read the option 1 for the first time)
    and since we have a HD/Heartbroken/Festival scenario its considered option 2 is better for under 10 minutes since it can be used for once or twice before fighting the main tank

    Nyan Conculsion: both are good to go it just on which one you want to choose, short/longer fight and for the sake of the fun part.
    Since it was already overwhelmingly 5-21, My choose are still with the option 2 as being said above and for the lul style point, all round balanced either on buff or player perspective

    Best Regards with Love, Nyan Nyan
  5. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    I appreciate your post Nyan Nyan, really thanks. Even if the majority of players including myself are in favor of option 2, that still doesn't mean that option 2 will be more considerable than option 1 to go with for the buff nerf, or vice versa. The choice for which option is better is up to mute for the Bird whistle Buff nerf.

    BTW, these are the correct calculations of the Bird whistle Buff below incase you haven't checked out the calculations section of the Usage of Buffs and Buff Sets Guide.

    Here are the calculations if you were to have Option 1 for the Bird whistle Buff
    Now if you were to have Option 2 for the Bird whistle Buff, the following tanks are affected:
    Breeder Tank, Executioner Tank, Supreme Knight Tank, Joker Tank, Sickening Tank, Jelly Tank, Heartbroken Tank, Supreme Infernal Tank, Soldier Tank, Hybrid Tank, Supreme Executioner Tank
  6. fufu

    fufu Junior Member

    How about do not nerf at all
    what is it always thinking about nerfing this and nerfing that
    bird whistle in coop mode doing a little bid more damage to the tank does not really cause any trouble
    as long as people has it

    STOP thinking about nerfing
    just like you were talking about nerfing vampire buff of the tank
    1. tank is already regenerating very slow thanks again for the nerfing
    2. with no powerful vampire buff , tank will once again go back to an useless die very fast in saferoom
    3. tank can be killed and it still takes skills to kill all the survs in safe room even with the buff

    just a one or two month ago
    we were still talking about bring people back to the server
    and why did not people not join vs server anymore
    one of the main reason is because they nerfed everything
    and the sever lost the fun it used to be

    and what conclusion we had at last
    people wanted the old style good tank fight game

    and now you are again trying to nerf things up
    and try to bring everything back to just few months ago that no one wants to join the server

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