Binds to use menuselect on numpad for quicker use

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    Paste each of these lines into your console and hit enter, it will rebind all the keypad keys to their respective numbers to match up with the menuselect menu that is used on the server.

    bind kp_end "menuselect 1"
    bind kp_downarrow "menuselect 2"
    bind kp_pgdn "menuselect 3"
    bind kp_leftarrow "menuselect 4"
    bind kp_5 "menuselect 5"
    bind kp_rightarrow "menuselect 6"
    bind kp_home "menuselect 7"
    bind kp_uparrow "menuselect 8"
    bind kp_pgup "menuselect 9"
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    Nice man, didn't know you could just bind the other miscellaneous keys like that lol. I'll definitely let shaikh know to add this to the wiki :D

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