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Discussion in 'Rules & Admin List' started by BluDogiee, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. BluDogiee

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    Hello admins, and mods i wanted to protest a ban because its been so long since i made one, i was banned due to racism (which is not nice) i didnt clearly read the rules nor remembered it, it was my fault for not reading it clearly, im very sorry, but anyway i did protest a ban, and it was ignored or it was declined, anyway its on my other account i cant remember my password nor username, which is not cool, but anyway sorry for being racist. i couldnt understand the rules very well coz i live in the philippines, im trying my best not to make my grammar shit. i wish u can unban me i really miss the server, i was banned from a server in csgo, 3 times in a month = perma ban, im too lazy to protest a ban because im so busy. this protest-a-ban is really really good for banned players out there. i know my english is shit. but anyway. thanks for reading and taking ur time.

    EDIT: my steam id was: STEAM_1:1:110239497

    then my name when i was banned : BluSpartan
  2. Stefeman

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    We have zero tolerance towards racism and hacking.

    Looking back at the case, you kept calling someone "nigga", who reported you and then you got caught red-handed by Erik who was moderating the server. He also rejected and archived your ban protest.

    That's not something you should tell us when doing a ban appeal.. lol

    Appeal rejected.

    You can protest again in 30-days and another admin will reject or approve it it.
  3. Jon Snow Lives!!

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    huh.|:( I play with plenty of Filipinos and they seem to know the rules better than you. The warning repeats itself in the chatbox.

    If you're gonna be so busy, the ban shouldn't really matter right?

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