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Area Mutation Ideas

Discussion in 'Suggestions Box' started by ChaOs AliCE, Dec 8, 2019.

  1. ChaOs AliCE

    ChaOs AliCE New Member

    seen no one making area mutation suggestion so i had some mutation idea

    Mutation : Bandit attacked!!
    • Event on chat : [PR] You have enter a bandit lair!
    • chat description : [PR] You found a fellow survivors but they are not friendly and want your life.
    • Event end : [PR] You have leave a Bandit lair
    • in event : game will random spawn 1-3 evil bot on any place
    • Sound Effect
    Nick chainsaw voice line "DIE DIE DIE" for L4D2 camping
    Louis horder voine line "INCOMING!!!" for L4D1 camping​

    if anyone had better idea please add more suggestion :3
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  2. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Nice idea AliCE, it makes for a good evil bots only map xD

    Here's my idea from having thought about it sometime back:

    Mutation: Lightning Storms!
    • [PR] Bad weather is occuring...
    • [PR] Look out for thunderstorms! They'll strike down on random survivors.
    • [PR] The storm has dissipated...

    Every 20 seconds, a random survivor outside will be lightning striked. The same survivor cannot be targeted again for 40 seconds afterwards. Every 45 seconds, an electric field will spawn (indicated by pulsating blue circle with lightning effects) within the area that the survivors currently are located within, sometimes being able to block the way forward. It'll last for 15 seconds.

    Stepping into an electric field deals a small amount of damage overtime, stuns for 2 seconds and has a small chance to give electrocution whenever you get stunned.

    Should make things interesting...
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  3. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Here's another map mutation idea:

    Mutation: Fire Weather
    1. [PR] Severe Fire Danger has been forecast for the area!
    2. [PR] Random fires will appear to block the survivors way... be careful!
    3. [PR] The Fire Danger rating has returned to normal.

    Random fires will spawn on the map, sometimes near survivors. Some of these fires will be permanent, as indicated by an orange circle and cannot naturally die out without the use of vomit jars and/or the |E| Ground Absorbent Buff.

    Fires with orange circles around them deal 25% of the normal fire damage per tick.

    Blue fires can have a low chance to spawn on the map, they may almost always block the survivor's path but will only last for 10 seconds. These fires will deal 5x normal fire per tick to any survivor who steps in 1 and can inflict burning status for 15 seconds after you stop taking any fire damage.

    The fires spawned on the map cannot ignite any infected that step into them.
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  4. ChaOs AliCE

    ChaOs AliCE New Member

    Mutation : explosive infected
    • [PR] Killing infected now have chance to EXPLODE!!!
    • [PR] You survive form EXPLOSIVE, NICE!!!!
    This mutation when Killing common or special now had 15% chance to exploded
    as common infected exploded it will deal 25 true damage to survivor
    as special infected will deal 150 true damage and had better range that common infected
    explosive infected had effect to car so car can blow up anytime​

    When infected that got killed with explode there random chat appear like
    • [PR] EXPLOSION!!!!
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  5. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    xDDD, that would the parish bridge chaotic :P

    Here's the next area mutation I could come up with ^^

    Mutation: Mutative Infected!

    [PR] The Infected are mutating quickly!
    [PR] There are increased chances of infected with mutations spawning. Watch out!
    [PR] Infected mutations have returned to normal.

    When this mutation is active,
    - Common Infected: Have a 10% chance on spawn to spawn as a demon, breeder or other ability mutated infected.
    - Special Infected: Have a 25% chance on spawn to spawn as a role class. Healer Spitters can spawn exclusively in this mutation, but as a much rarer rate (5%).
    - Shaman, Supreme Shaman, Breeder and Infernal Tanks have higher chances of spawning in this mutation.
    - All infected with their hits will have a chance to inflict mutation for 10 seconds, this chance is higher the current number of players alive (maximum chance: 1%).

    So... how will you deal with the mutations on this map? hmmm
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  6. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Here's the next mutation idea. This one is based on the Sub Zero one ^^

    Mutation: Frozen Wasteland

    [PR] Frozen Wasteland is active, making the areas cold.
    [PR] Cold air will randomly spawn around to slow you down. You can rarely freeze.
    [PR] The environment stopped becoming cold.

    While this mutation is active:
    All survivors suffer a permanent -10% reduction in maximum movement and attack speed. They also perform actions 20% slower.

    - Randomly, cold air areas will spawn, as indicated by fast pulsating blue circles. These areas will slow down survivor movement speed by -5% per second until they reach -40% movement speed reduction. Survivors cannot be frozen by these ones. Cold air area spawns that stay around for a permanent duration will instead only reduce movement speed by -3% per second until the survivors reach -25% movement speed reduction, with these ones being indicated by a light blue aura as well.

    - Rarely, extremely cold air areas will spawn, as indicated by fast pulsating light blue circles with that gas effect. These areas will slow down survivor movement speed by -10% per second until the survivor becomes frozen for 5 seconds. These areas stay around for 10 seconds at a time and have a cooldown on respawning. There will only be 1 of these areas active at any 1 time.

    - Any infected that slow you down (including tanks) can only slow you down until you reach 50% movement speed reduction. You also become immune to becoming anymore slowed down after you reach maximum slowness from any sources for 15 seconds.
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  7. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Here's the next area mutation idea ^^

    Mutation: Whirlpools

    [PR] Whirlpools have appeared in the water, watch out!
    [PR] Don't get dragged into one or you'll become trapped...
    [PR] Whirlpools have stopped spawning... you're safe!

    While this mutation is active:
    Random whirlpools will spawn around the map to try and ensnare survivors who cross paths with any one of them. Once a survivor is caught by the whirlpool, they'll be spun around for 5 seconds, taking 5 true damage per second until they become trapped. Only 1 survivor can be trapped at any 1 time.

    The whirlpools have 25 durability can be destroyed by shooting them them, each gun shot has a chance to reduce the durability by -1.

    While the survivor is trapped, they take 1% of their maximum HP as damage per second while drowning. If they end up dying to the whirlpools, they'll suffer a stack of drowning, reducing their stats by -12.5% per stack. If they reach 4 stacks with this debuff, they'll become permanently dead instead and cannot be rescued.

    These whirlpools will only get you should you actually get into range of them. Whirlpools are indicated by blue circles that circle inwards towards the center position from 500 units.
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  8. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Here's another area map mutation idea:

    Mutation: Radio Interference

    [PR] Radio Communication has been interfered with!
    [PR] It'll be hard to know which infected are active, be careful.
    [PR] Radio Interference has ended.

    While this mutation is active:
    - Any Special Infected that spawn won't show an orange glow if they are an Uber Infected. Additionally white glows on survivors doing actions/when pinned are removed.
    - Any Tanks that spawn are unannounced, including the announcement sound. Additionally, tanks make no sound except for movement. You also won't hear any tank roars for tier 2+ tanks.

    Don't get lost with only infected around you. :P
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  9. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Here's the next area mutation based on thoughts that I had at work.

    Mutation: Pounce Party!

    [PR] Pounce Party! Only Hunters and Jockeys will spawn on the map!
    [PR] Be careful! They are out hunting for the survivors...
    [PR] Pounce Party is now over.

    While this mutation is active:
    - Only the Hunter and Jockey special infected will spawn. They have a normal chance to be uber infected. All other Special Infected with the exception of Tanks and Witches cannot spawn.
    - If any hunter pounces on a survivor and successfully lands it, they will deal distance pounce damage based on their distance from where they pounced to where they landed it on their victim (Maximum: 1000 HP). If they pounce from more than 100 feet, that survivor is instantly incapacitated. For Tenacity survivors, they instead take 25% of their maximum HP as damage as well as becoming confused/dazed for 10 seconds.
    - If any jockey pounces on a survivor and successfully lands it from a high distance, they will deal 500 true damage on impact and slows current movement speed in half after the survivor is freed.

    Don't let them pin you, simple.
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  10. Binsen

    Binsen MG Donor

    Honestly, For a controller, Have Unstoppable + Duelist = Free xp + health since rage restores 1% of health (5% if you parry em. Tbh these 2 and the charger are the only ones that can be parried).

    Farming heaven there.
  11. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    ^^ It would work out well for them.

    Here's a new area mutation idea:

    Area Mutation: Corrosive Fields

    [PR] Corrosive Fields are active! Look out for acid!
    [PR] Some infected can also use acid. This acid can be corrosive...
    [PR] The acid is dissipating away.

    While this mutation is active:
    - Any source of acid damage you take will inflict stacks of Corrosion. The more potent the Acid Damage the higher the amount of Corrosion Stacks you gain, up to 4 stacks per tick.
    - Smokers and Spitters will only spawn in this area mutation. Smokers inflict Acid Damage when they get near any survivors and leave behind a Corrosive Gas, which damages, slows and inflicts Corrosion stacks overtime. Spitters will inflict more Corrosion stacks with their acid. They'll also deal additional acid damage equal to a small amount of your current HP as a %, with a minimum value.
    - Acid Puddles may randomly appear when you're in outdoor areas every 20 seconds with up to 3 acid puddles appearing instantly. They can vary in size.
    - Corrosive Tank has a higher chance to spawn, compared to normal.

    If you have slow resistance/increased movement speed and or health dispenser buffs equipped, you'll probably be able to have an easier time surviving ^^
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  12. ChaOs AliCE

    ChaOs AliCE New Member

    Area mutation : Raining gun

    [PR] Is anyone asking for "GUNS!!!"
    [PR] A random weapon will spawn form sky and it disappear when gun not bring pick up for 10 second

    Addition gun in map will not be spawn and force spawn form sky (except railgun)
    and if your tried buying gun form shop the shop will reply you with this massage

    [PR] I'm busy about swimming gun bath go buy other instead​
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  13. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Here's a new area mutation idea based on 1 part of the event that stefe did.

    Area Mutation: Attack on Titan!

    [PR] Attack on Titan now active! HUGE Common Infected only!
    [PR] These infected are extremely powerful! Don't let them hit you at all costs!
    [PR] The infected have shrunk in size, returning to normal...

    While this mutation is active:
    - Only several Common Infected spawn at once. There can be up to 8 Common Infected at a time. Tanks and Witches can still spawn as normal while all other infected cannot spawn. If any tanks are active, they'll reduce the maximum amount of Common Infected active down to 5 at a time.
    - The common infected deal 500 HP damage per punch from the front and 250 HP damage per punch from the back. This damage bypasses all defenses and damage reductions. The CI have 5000 HP each.

    EDIT: Went ahead and edited most Area Mutation ideas, some have been nerfed, others were buffed.

    Just don't get overwhelmed :P
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  14. ChaOs AliCE

    ChaOs AliCE New Member

    more mutation idea
    vanilla mode

    [PR] Whoops script broken it has take a time to restore it
    [PR] The entrie game will use original vanilla game rule set (also affect with special infected and tank)
    [PR] The script is fixed it back to work on next map

    druing vanilla mode all survivors,SI and tank with dont have special effect buff and passive that make entrie game like normal gameplay but survivors can still claim exp form killing infected but cant access shop for buying gear,healing or throwable stuff feel like you bought l4d and play on quickmatch making on official server
    you can still able access buffshop , craft and clan menu for editing craft or whatever you want
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  15. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    xDDD, it makes it a challenge.

    You also should add that ammo piles when used will only give you ammo up to the limited ammo size. This makes it so that ammunition is really limited.

    Nice idea ^^

    for Tanks though (especially those with very high health pools), they should be allowed to take an additional percentage of maximum HP as damage, subject to gun damage limitations. Like with a small damage buff so they aren't taking chip damage :P
  16. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Even though the start of this post is vakarlan's idea, wanted to expand on it here:

    new mutation in coop, you turn everything invisible and becomes a infected

    Area Mutation: Complete Invisibility (Advanced)
    These advanced mutations have a higher degree of difficulty. For this mutation, it has a chance to replace the normal invisible common infected area mutation whenever the latter should become active. A much more drawn out indication of going into ghost mode sound will play when this mutation is to occur. This could also be activated via the Area Mutator item at random, at a lower chance.

    [PR] The common infected have turned invisible... but they don't!
    [PR] Instead most things become completely invisible! Be careful! (When the map is started)
    [PR] While the infected deal significantly less damage, be careful where you move. (2nd part)
    [PR] Things appear to become visible again... (When the map is finished)

    This area mutation makes it so that most things become invisible to all survivors. The only things that become visible are buildings, so you'll need to know your way around the map. As for the infected, only the common infected, normal special infected and tier 1 tanks spawn. Witches, unique common and special infected (including uber infected), tier 2/3/4 tanks cannot spawn. The infected also deal significantly less damage, making it more survivable.
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  17. Vakarlan

    Vakarlan MG Donor

    Think you spelled it better than I could think, this is actually interesting. However one major suggestion is that this mutation is only limited to the normal COOP maps and not custom, cause I feel this single mutation can make or break hardcore custom maps.
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  18. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    good idea there, while I have not seen any Custom COOP maps break with the invisible bug, it be hard to imagine it causing crashes for everyone due to the entity limit.