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[Anex] PR V1.8 - Clan changes

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HonorCode, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. HonorCode

    HonorCode Head Administrator Staff Member

    Hello guys!

    I know we already have a thread for discussing the next version of PR, but we have come up with something interesting for clans that will make them more than just a source of passive benefits and I would prefer to bring the discussion of it here.

    There is a lot going, specifically for clans and I'll talk about each point individually.

    Clan crafting

    In the next version, clans will have a storage that is shared among clan members. Any member will be able to store items in this storage but only members with higher positions can manipulate the content of the storage (such as remove items, destroy items and use them for other purposes).

    This storage is necessary with the introduction of the Clan Crafting system. Basically, clans will have contact with unknown external survivors that have the knowledge to create powerful buffs, benefits and items. The recipe for these is very valuable and they will not reveal the recipe to anyone, including your clan. They will instead ask for specific materials and perform the crafting process themselves for a fee.

    The point of this is to allow clan members to cooperate by donating materials to the clan to, in return, help everyone else in the clan. To detail it a bit more, among the things that clans can craft are:

    • Benefits: These are passive abilities that everyone in the clan have access to at any given time (unless a particular condition of a benefit is not met).
    • Buffs: Only one instance of a buff can be generated from a craft. The idea is that the clan has to craft the buff several times to provide it to everyone.
    • Items: Only one instance of an item can be generated just like buffs. Among the items that will be able to be crafted are Binders, that can allow you to convert any buff of your desire into a skill.

    Clan Quests

    We will introduce 4 new scenarios that only clan members with enough permissions can start. Some of these scenarios require special items to be started and the clan must work together to obtain them.

    These scenarios come with their respective daily quests, granting a lot of experience and other assets. Since it is really hard to coordinate your entire clan to fight, we will still allow outsiders to participate in the scenario. Inside the scenario, external people will still get experience and item drops from special and regular tanks, but won't be able to complete the daily quest if they don't belong to the clan.

    Even though the quests are daily, the scenarios will have limited days of the week that can be played. For example, one scenario will be only available on Monday and Wednesday (for the entire day).

    Fortress occupation

    We will run a weekly competition among all clans to spark the competitive soul on all of you. We want to accomodate all preferences here, so we have thought of the following system:

    Each week all clans will be able to gain Community and Domination Points. They work differently as follows:

    Domination Points

    The philosophy of these points is that it shows how good and active a clan is and how it dominates the rest in versus games.

    Each time a clan member wins a versus round, they will contribute with domination points to the clan. At the end of the week (Sunday night), we will rank the domination points of all clans and choose a winner based on who has more points. The winning clan will occupy the Helms Deep fortress, gaining the following benefits:

    -Able to start the Helms Deep scenario without the need of a Helms Deep Ticket for the entire week
    -x2 Honor Point gain for all clan members in versus games for the entire week
    -10% discount in the Pill market for the entire week
    -Access to the title of <Dominator>, which can be displayed similarly as the <Donor> and <Novice> titles for the entire week
    -x10 Tank baits, that instantly spawn a random powerful tank in coop
    -3% of the bounty that the server earns during the following week in L4D2 maps will be converted into cash and be passed to each clan member.

    Clans that win the domination point ranking can't earn domination points during the period they occupy the Helms Deep fortress, which will guarantee an opportunity to all clans each week.

    Community Points

    The philosophy of these points is that it shows how cooperative a clan is with its environment and the remaining survivors that are trying to restore society.

    Clan members can contribute with community points by killing tanks in cooperative mode and by completing daily quests. At the end of the week, similarly as with the domination points, we will rank the community points of all clans and choose a winner based on who has more points. The winning clan will occupy the Prison fortress, gaining the following benefits:

    -Able to start the "Prison" scenario without the need of a Prison Key for the entire week
    -100% additional experience points rate. Applies to quests too. If members have boosters, the percentage will be summed (e.g x2 -> x3). This is for the entire week.
    -10% discount in the Pill market for the entire week
    -Access to the title of <Contributor>, which can be displayed similarly as the <Donor> and <Novice> titles.
    -x10 Tank baits, that will instantly spawn a random powerful tank in coop.
    -3% of the bounty that the server earns during the following week in L4D1 maps will be converted into cash and be passed to each clan member.

    A clan can't occupy two fortresses, and in the event of having winning in both categories, the clan will occupy a random one.

    Everyone in Points Reloaded is immune to the green flu, while most of the surviving humanity is not and relies in a steady flow of FR-Pills to survive. it is the duty of your clan to maintain a friendly relationship with everyone to prevent your own destruction.

    People that are not immune will be wary of your clan and will grow to fear you if your clan or your clan members do certain actions.

    Fear will be a way to measure how fearful people are of your clan and is a value ranging from 0 to 100. Fear can be slowly lowered by performing positive actions (for example, finishing clan daily quests).

    An example of a bad action:
    Crafting binders: It is a highly dangerous and contagious substance that can easily trigger a powerful mutation on non-immune survivors, just as Will did in this countless experiments. This is almost considered treason and will instantly grant your clan with 100 fear.

    Why is Fear important?

    Many actions in the future will require a minimum amount of fear to be performed to avoid survivors to revolt against you and cause unnecessary deaths and chaos. This is why Fear acts as an action blocker that should not be ignored by your clan.

    So, now...

    This is everything we are going to implement for the next version. Is a lot, and we will try our best to speed things up to bring you guys more fun and excitement as soon as possible.

    Let us know your thoughts on this here! :smiley-talk020:

  2. A Pastrami Sandwich

    A Pastrami Sandwich New Member

    Good god man, this shit looks DOPE! A huge ass thank you is deserved for everyone involved in making it happen. This is a huge addition to the server so please take your time!
  3. Shaikh Nedab

    Shaikh Nedab Active Member

    OMG this is awesome rally can't wait for it.
  4. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Woah, HonorCode, now thats one HUGE UPDATE FOR CLANS THAT I LIKE. I was not expecting this, but now I can really say that PR V1.8 might end up becoming the best Points Reloaded Version to date...

    You guys deserve the biggest thanks that I can give out to everyone that helped to make the update possible, even if it was just a small suggestion.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
  5. Phuriphat

    Phuriphat MG Donor

    Awwwwwwwww. So cool! i can't wait for this >.<
  6. Rascale

    Rascale Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    Nice huge update there, i totally can't wait for it :)
  7. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    look good , thanks mute and you hc for work
  8. Vanz

    Vanz New Member

    Can't wait for these updates :)

    Dominator and Community clan have slightly different benefits (x2 honor/100% exp)

    Getting random-ed for exp if the clan is highly active and prefer honor points in VS would be unfortunate tho :(
    If it's possible to make it a selection or both have the same rewards such as x2 honor and 100% exp, it would make it alot less agonizing!

    Just my opinion.
  9. NetXe

    NetXe Junior Member

    1 question what will happen with all the cash that old clans still have?
  10. LeAF

    LeAF New Member

    Actually, can we have a color in contributor or dominator title? Like contributor has blue color on text and dominator has red one as well

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