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Discussion in 'Rules & Admin List' started by Bonekeep, May 1, 2011.

  1. Bonekeep

    Bonekeep Guest

    Can we add to the In Game Rules a rule on sprays? I've had a few issues with players over the content of their sprays or the spamming of their sprays all over a map and they love to point out how it's not in the rules so they're not breaking any server rules yada yada yada. Not that this has stopped me from dealing with them as I see fit, but it would help if we spelled it out explicitly.
  2. Mr Zombie

    Mr Zombie Senior Member

    Moved to Rules Section :)
  3. joerve

    joerve Senior Member

    Well, I think you know whats inappropriate or not? If you think its inappropriate then it is, its really the admins personal view I think.
  4. Bonekeep

    Bonekeep Guest

    I'm not asking for clarification on the rules. I am asking that we put it in writing for the benefit of players to know our stance on inappropriate sprays and general use. I get repeated arguments from players about how it's not in the rules. I agree that it's up to the admin to decide what's inappropriate, but the fact that it's subject to review is not covered in the rules.
  5. Stefeman

    Stefeman Head Administrator Staff Member

    edit: i get it now xD
  6. Bonekeep

    Bonekeep Guest

    I don't feel like my point is being understood but I don't care enough to belabor the point, so nevermind.
  7. joerve

    joerve Senior Member

    Ah, you mean there are no rules about inappropriate sprays in the rulessection?

    Well, that it is not in the rules isnt an argument. We make the rules and they are just guidelines. In the end the admin decides.

    I think players know which sprays are inappropriate or not. Its just common sense.

    If you don't think its clear, feel free to edit!
  8. Bonekeep

    Bonekeep Guest

    Ya, I agree that it's totally an admin decision and really that covers it... and let me add that I'm a fan of leaving rules somewhat nebulous so that it can be up to interpretation on the part of the admin. What made me wanna bring it up is that because we have no mention of sprays in the guidelines (rules), I have had to listen to players argue and argue that "it's not in the rules!", and I was just looking to at least not have to hear that anymore. But really, if someone is childish enough to fight over an inappropriate spray or for the right to spam their spray all over a map, they're gonna claim admin abuse or something else, so in the end it probably isn't gonna save me any hassle. If others feel think we should add to the rules list, then I'll add... but otherwise I'll just leave alone.
  9. Nova

    Nova Senior Member

    I believe what Bone wants is a line in the game-rules section that says "Inappropriate sprays may be subject to a kick or a short term ban, depending on how offensive the admin and players find it". The same thing that goes for the inappropriate names.
    This way, players can't accuse him of being unfair or abusing since there's a small paragraph about such matters in the actual guide-lines of MG gameplay behavior.
  10. Vulcan

    Vulcan Game Server Moderator

    As far as inappropriate names go I think we should unban Midnight Faggott. I have played with him quite a bit lately. I am not gay but not a homophobe either and did not find his name offensive. It is two different things to call someone else a fag and to call yourself a fag. If he wants to identify himself as a proud Midnight Faggott then so be it. Banning him for that might be considered homophobic. It's not like we have to worry about him poaching our penises. I say unban him and let him keep his name.
  11. joerve

    joerve Senior Member

    Well its pretty pointless to argue with an admin. Its no democracy :)


    First of all, I warned him 3 times, then renamed, and then let a message popup in the middle of te screen and still he wouldnt listen.

    second, its really not permanent. Its permanent untill he changes his name. That way he has to take the initiative instead of us constantly checking if he changed his name. The moment he posts on the forum that he changed it we will unban him.

    third, so we can let al black men call themselves niggers? Its not what you think is offensive, its what other players may find offensive.
  12. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    I have to agree with vulcan on that midnight guy

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  13. MissMaryJane

    MissMaryJane Banned

    So i was in the server today la points i belive and you guys need to tone down your sprays.... i have a screenshot of 2 sprays that were being sprayed all over the server of naked girls,.... this is really rude specially to me, i see sprays all day with girls getting cumed on ect... and its really rude, this is left for dead not a porno so knock it off
  14. vishus puss

    vishus puss MG Donor

    When I first joined the servers I sprayed my animated texas chainsaw spray around, and I got banned for it because I didn't want to change it. I was told it was vulgar even though people would spray hairy tacos and fat girls getting puked on, pr0n, etc.

    Like joerve says this isn't a democracy ROFL

    BTW someone needs an animated spray its what I do :P
  15. Kitties

    Kitties Head Administrator

    That's kickable/bannable imo. If you see sprays that are pornographic, racist, etc... in nature, tell an admin. Especially racist sprays, we perma for any racism.

    Like joerve said, it's usually whatever other players find offensive that we deal with.
  16. MissMaryJane

    MissMaryJane Banned

    i just find it funny that its a donor spraying these things
  17. Hazemberg

    Hazemberg Senior Member

    I see sprays of girls, but most of the times not exactly naked but, with tiny clothes and some nasty positions.

    Is it considered innapropriate?
  18. littlebrother

    littlebrother MG Donor

    i don't know.. this spray issue has been going on in circle with no solution to it..

    it depend on your point of view.. some players are open to it and some are not..

    for me if its total nudity, thats a warning and kick.. persistence one gets ban..

    for partial nudity.. it depends on how exactly offensive it is..

    have you seen madonna with her nipple covered bra.. and women all over the world still idolise her and men too.. so it depends..
  19. MissMaryJane

    MissMaryJane Banned

    sprays with gurls gettin gstuff sprayed on them is not okay i see alot of really cool sprays but this was just totally inappriariate
  20. vishus puss

    vishus puss MG Donor

    Kinda stinks that there is such opinionated views of vulgarity by the admins concerning sprays.

    I get one admin saying that he likes the spray and I get another one banning me for spraying vulgar things on the walls. Might it be possible to add this to the !rules and make clear statements depicting which is ok and which is a baddie... I do understand that if an admin says it is bannable it is bannable, but what do you do when one says he likes it beforehand?

    I brought this issue up in the ban complaints thing at least 6 months ago and nothing has been added to the !rules about sprays yet. Please update it! I make many 'violent' animated sprays and am scared to use them in MG for fear of a ban, while I watch other people spraying all kinds of pr0n on the walls and the admins don't even care someone underage might be looking at it.

    The spray I got banned for was not racist nor was it sexual in nature. What is the limit on violence that can be in a spray to not receive a ban (in a violent video game nonetheless ROFL)?

    Sorry if kinda lengthy, I'm slightly disgruntled nothing has been done about this yet.

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