A new form of buff? For weapon only? That doesnt affect balance (dps etc) too much or at all?

Discussion in 'Suggestions Box' started by Pinuts, Sep 17, 2018.


Would this be a nice implementation to have?

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  1. Pinuts

    Pinuts New Member

    This idea came up to me when I was using a weapon mod that has high recoil animations, which looks silly considering how fast i was shooting. I know this would be troublesome as a lot of testing would be needed.

    This would be a "buff" that would not be inside the buff section, but still can be equipped/changed/disabled without giving anyone much/ any advantage like normal buffs (eg. buffs like berserk, where a person who has it equipped would have more DPS on a high tier tank than a person without it), to suit a player's "gun style" more.

    You can call it gun gem/ gun soul/ or gun whatever. An example would be:
    Gun Buff (Sniper Slot)
    1. Just Like a Hunter*
    (yes i'm not creative at giving names like Hunter's Patience/ Fisherman's patience)
    2. Hunter with bad aim

    *Equipped, like other buffs during selection

    Just Like a Hunter
    The harder you aim(charge up), the stronger your shot(bs)
    -With military/hunting rifle equipped, Rifle firing rate -30%, Rifle damage +43%
    [** I'm not an expert in balancing this, but considering DPS, 70% firing x 143% damage = ~100% dps (0.7*1.43 = ~1)]

    Hunter with bad aim
    If you spray, you'll eventually hit your target?
    -With military/hunting rifle equipped, Rifle firing rate/Magazine capacity +15%, Rifle damage -10%
    [Of course, again, not an expert in balancing.]

    Why this suggestion?
    I just feel this could potentially "add new guns" to the server, allowing better game play in some ways.
    For me, I love the hunting rifle, but dislike clicking fast and using a scope (AWP/scout).

    However, I do not want this to affect DPS positively or negatively. This is buff whose only purpose is to make players find a game play that suits them more.

    Things to note?
    1.Reload time and ammo capacity should be considered within the formula? (with reload time increased together with damage, and ammo capacity increased together with firing rate?)
    2. Buffs like Piercing bullets too (which is affected by fire rate. Maybe it can be compensated by having slightly higher damage bonus for having a fire rate demerit, or vice versa)
  2. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    not a bad idea you got there pinuts. you can potentially add a new style of gameplay to the guns. however keep in mind that as of v1.8 the things we have to do have been increased a lot. not sure if we need more enhancements on top of the upgrades, skills, buffs, buff enhancements etc.

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  3. Wes [Ω]

    Wes [Ω] MG Donor

    It depends on whether Mute would implement them.

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