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A few things I thought of while playing

Discussion in 'Suggestions Box' started by Pinuts, Nov 10, 2018 at 8:21 PM.

  1. Pinuts

    Pinuts New Member

    As the title says, had more but couldn't remember.

    1. Scenario join requirements
    • Join as per normal, but on the last slot, if the other 3 cannot host any scenarios, only people who can host may enter. (1 slot reserved for host)
    2. Joining an active scenario
    • Allow others to join scenario within the first 5 or "x" minutes in the event that there are people who quit/ don't have map, etc, which causes the player slots not to be full (for scenarios that the main tanks wont spawn within "x" minutes).
    3. Sticky bomb on bomb tanks!!!
    • A few months?? ago there was someone in coop using sticky bomb on bomb tanks. Doesn't sound that bad, does it. Not if that guy purposely sets the bomb when bomb tank has 31-35 seconds remaining, causing the sticky bomb to detonate and stun survivors just right before he explodes.
    • Please disable sticky bomb for bomb tank.
    4. Shooting (S)Glutton Tanks when there are survivors inside
    • It is known that shooting a glutton tank when then are survivors inside would kill the survivor faster. So in a way, shooting the tank with survivor(s) in it can be considered "friendly fire". So just like throwing Molotov at your own teammates, I feel that there should be a rep penalty (maybe at least after shooting 1+ mags without shoving).
    5. Tempest's tornadoes
    • Happened to me once, while I had quite a lot of hp remaining, when I was accidentally sucked into the tornado and somehow "hold on to ledge" while the tornado just rips my "hanging hp" apart. (Can refer to previous posts, something like hanging decreases life expectancy). Would be great if a survivor would be immune to grabbing ledges while inside a tornado.
    6. Slaying Automata
    • I know that it was just that the turret count was increased to 4. During BH, and probably all other scenarios from now on (so many people have it now), I seen many people taking over another's turret when it just becomes inactive and slowly progressed into a "silent turret capture war". It would be nice if the turret limit is removed, or at least greatly increased, with penalty for turret's fire rate and/or damage for number of turrets > 4.
    • Example:
    1. 1-4 turrets in game, no change.
    2. 5 turrets, -15% damage for all turrets
    3. 6 turrets, -15% damage and -15% fire rate for all turrets
    4. 7 turrets, -30% damage and -15% fire rate for all turrets
    5. 8 turrets, -30% damage and -30% fire rate for all turrets
    At 8 turrets,
    CI killing efficiency = Approx 140% of 4 turrets
    (-30% fire rate, 70% shooting speed [0.7] x double number of turrets[2])
    True damage efficiency = Approx 98% of 4 turrets (70% damage [0.7] x 70% fire rate [0.7] x double number of turrets[2])​
    • And maybe remove the 30 sec inactive disable, at least for finale maps and scenarios?
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  2. Gonzalo

    Gonzalo Junior Member

    I think increased sentries would cause the server to lag more and they changed it so that the sentry no longer goes inactive if the owner is near it.
  3. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Alright... here's my 2 cents.

    1. Not sure if its a good idea to restrict it so there has to be 1 person who can host in scenario server there with 4 players.

    2. Hmmm no. If its just for the players who don't have the map, usually they'll go download it and they will be able to join back after their required map has been downloaded. Rarely I've seen people quit within scenario and usually some scenarios can be cleared with less players.

    3. It depends on the player who wants to set Sticky Bombs. As for a smart player, I'm sure they would save it for a tier 2/tier 3 or special tier tank. To be honest though, ...no to your idea, I think its fine if someone wants to blow up bomb tank for a bit of a laugh.

    4. I don't think this is a good idea as it could defeat the purpose of shooting at the Glutton Tank to deal damage to it. I mean people will still shoot at it, especially if the tank's HP is low. If it's Supreme Glutton Tank though then it's much more likely that you can see people shoving it to get any eaten survivors out before shooting at it.

    5. hmmm, not a bad idea. Still I think its funny if someone happens to grab a ledge while being whirled around by a tornado xD

    6. Not yet. It would have to be tested first if the additional turrets would cause server lag. Also its 20 seconds for the turrets to go inactive (which won't happen if the owner is near it within 300 units (similar to what gonzalo said))
  4. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    1. Wouldn't really work very well, server needs to take time to see who can host a scenario, and what would end up happening is someone would join, then in about 30 seconds they'd get kicked, then someone else random who may/may not be able to host would join, and again would take time for the system to notice.

    2. For the most part if people don't have the map they usually ask in global or in the discord and are usually back in a few minutes, not sure it's wholly necessary.

    3. I don't really want to add limits to this buff, it's meant to be a risky one given it's nature. There's also the fact that the buff itself gives of giant red circles when it's about to blow, so you should have more than enough warning to avoid it. If someone wants to waste it on a Bomb tank, its on them.

    4. Again, not sure it's a good idea, since there can be valid reasons to shoot it (e.g. to burst it down when it's low HP). On a side note, the people inside only get hurt if the Tank is shot in the stomach, if you shoot near its head, or its arms, the people inside are safe.

    5. I'll see if it's doable.

    6. The limit (as mentioned in the recent changelog) is tied to system performance. The turrets are extremely heavy on server load as they scan through every available entity to search for a valid target, as well as performing various line of sight checks on them. Having so many of them would cause the server to screech to a halt. The timeout is to prevent the turrets from pointlessly taking server load if there's nothing near them for a while, or if the turret was abandoned.

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