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A few suggestions

Discussion in 'Suggestions Box' started by Pinuts, May 3, 2018.


Which would you think would be a good addition for the server?

  1. Limit break ability

  2. Change of survival bonus system

  3. Scenario player slots

  4. Cleanse supplies/ split up marker

  5. Pre-attached laser sights

  6. Item drop booster

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Pinuts

    Pinuts New Member

    First time giving suggestions, first time posting, please do not take this too seriously. Some ideas may have been suggested before, even so, I'm not aware of it. These thing just popped up in my mind while playing and i thought it might be a good addition.

    Limit Break
    -Separate power up that isn't part of buff/skill/upgrade/level
    -Could be done with using something like mutated fruit(?) at Lv 250(or maybe at the old level cap of Lv 230)
    -Level would be something like Level 250(+1), or 250+ (like those buff enhancement if it should be a one-time thing)
    -Effects of limit break: Thinking of an overall power-up, like 1% / x% increase in movement speed, firing rate, reload speed, base damage, status resist, damage resist etc, or something like permanent 1HP/s recovery.
    -One-time off at cap level or multiple times with when future updates increases level cap again.

    Survival bonus
    -At the end of every campaign, those who survived will be awarded with exp and cash.
    -Current Problems:
    1.Exp quantity is so little i could get it in few seconds.
    -Maximum level cap has been increased and more difficult scenarios have been added. It would soon be a little more difficult to catch up with just co-op alone)
    2.People who died were not able to get the Exp/ Cash, *Especially new players like those that don't know how some special tank works (Eg. Bomb Tank) could get a permanent death, or some that gets pulled away and die to their low health on expert when rescue arrives.
    -(Not confirmed if being dead receives bonuses) I feel that everybody who plays the finale should get the exp and cash bonuses, quantity dependant on number of those who managed to get rescued. By dying, it should not mean that one does not deserve the finale bonus. Some people tried to help out others when they get incap/ pulled away and ends up dying together, while others watches on in the rescue vehicle.
    (Also helps with new players catching up the lower levels, will be mentioned at bottom of post.)

    Scenario player slots
    -Many were frustrated when the scenario being hosted gets full
    -Increase maximum player slots for all(18+ players scenario) scenario to 25(?) or even more.
    -Minimum players will be set at (18/20)current maximum (who starts cleanse with 17 players only anyway?) so that a "base difficulty", could be set(current difficulty).
    -Every additional player above the minimum players that joins would increase the scenario difficulty, like more SI spawns and higher tank stats(for all tiers), with the tanks giving the same amount of experience.
    (I am aware of certain factors like many players breaking the jail too quickly would require something like tweaking the cooldown of Imprisoner's jail (and others) would require a quite a bit of work and testing, so please don't take this seriously.)

    Cleanse (or others, if any)
    -Supplies are all at the bottom level of the map, people would use the !drop command at the start of every scenario just to transfer supplies. Supplies are still available, so it does not really seem unfair that the supplies be spawned nearby of the scenario-starter-machine-thing. Probably would save a lot of time.
    -When shadow tank becomes hidden, players are required to split into groups of 3 or less. It would be a great addition if a circle would show up around players, indicating the range of "a group" whenever the shadow tank goes into hiding. Would be even better if the circles changes colour to indicate a group with >3 people.

    Laser sights (not really a big deal, but would be nice to have)
    -Gives a weapon with laser sights attached when bought from !buy menu, can make this feature activate from settings in case there are people who does not like laser sights.
    -Reason for suggesting this is because i frequently run out of ammo while being surrounded by SI and sometimes tanks. When the ping spikes, before the weapon appears in hand, I accidentally pressed my !laseron binding, which causes the weapon given have no laser sights and the laser command would be unable to be used for 10s. I am actually quite reliant on the Focused buff to kill SI.

    MG Store
    -Wanted to suggest for more items and review of prices regarding items like cash pack and FR pills, but it seems that it has already been in progress of changing.
    -Item drop booster(x2) : Doubles the items received from defeating infected, like Reinforced Tank Skin, FR pills(maybe not included), Sealed Toxic Gas etc.

    (I feel the need for new players to level up faster and get into player upgrades as
    it is to mainly to attract more new players who stumbled upon this sever, if they like this modded server's RPG+FPS feel. System message like "type !cp in chat to access control panel and purchase upgrades for your character" should appear more frequently for players below lv 100 as i feel some new players may not be as aware. The lower levels (1st or 2nd level) of certain upgrades like immortal blood and keep coming back should be made insanely cheap(if not) so that new players could afford it and get into the "feel", and also to die less(especially in higher difficulties). Personally, I have not experienced the "type !up when you reach level 50" thing so i'm not sure if they are allowed to buy upgrades for their characters before level 50, but it would be nice to(if they are not) expose new players to such elements.)

    Would be nice if you could consider some of these. Apologies if I was too ignorant of certain things and their possible consequences.

    -End of Essay-
  2. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    As for your idea these are my 2 cents on them...

    - Limit Break
    Nah... With the things that you can benefit from within mgftw in terms of upgrades, skills and buffs, white toasters and boosters I don't think we need to have another good benefit to help us out against the infected. There are probably already enough options there.

    - Survival bonus
    Definitely Yes. Change the amount of exp and cash gained when you survive the finale (you could potentially ask to have it scale up based on your current level and be able to be affected slightly by other factors). The current amount right now doesn't really help anyone whose level is around 200 or above. If you wanted, you can say earn a reduced amount of exp and cash for participating within the finale (you need to have been joined before the start of the finale to be able to benefit from this bonus though) should you happen to die before reaching the finale vehicle at any point in the finale.

    NOTE: Dead survivors right now don't get any survival bonus. That has always been a thing (but correct me if I'm wrong and there was an update for that since 2014 or earlier).

    - Scenario Player Slots
    For the scenarios where the maximum amount of slots is 20... I say leave them as they are. You can only have up to a maximum of 32 slots (1 for you and 31 for other players, which also counts any infected clients (even if they are AI controlled) for any one server. Anyways what you should do in the case of the scenario server being full and or a scenario is currently in play is to just wait until the scenario server is free again for missions. IDK about the other points for this section so I'm going to leave it there.

    - Cleanse Supplies
    Well... if people want to use the supplies elsewhere where they found them, I say they should pick up the items that they want to carry/need and then use the !drop command to place them elsewhere. No need to change the position of the supplies, they are fine where they are. I'm not sure about the other point for this section.

    - Laser Sight Weapons from !buy menu.
    Let people decide if they want to have laser sight weapons or not. Again this isn't a bad idea.

    - MG Store
    the booster item is a nice idea. Might help people who don't play on mgftw often if they still would like to help out their clans or themselves. IDK about the new items that might appear on the MG store so just wait and see for now :)

    that's all for my initial 2 cents on the ideas. I've only voted on the 2nd and last idea which would be good additions to the server.
  3. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    I'll throw in my thoughts as well:

    Limit Break
    We had an idea similar to this in the past and decided against it as for now we didn't want anything branching off levels towards a separate mechanic. There are also enough mechanics as is to make a survivor feel stronger.

    Survival Bonus
    I can agree with this, this mechanic probably is one of the oldest, and therefore untouched. I might consider doing to this what I did to EXP toasters recently; have them give separate rewards if the player is above level 201. (EXP toasters now give a random value between 1500-3000 if Lv. 201 or higher now). Rewards for dead might not be a bad idea, as people sometimes die right at the end and get nothing.

    Scenario slots
    Unfortunately not really possible. L4D2 has a hard limit of 32 player entities. (being Survivors/Special Infected) Increasing the value any higher would end up reducing the number of Special Infected on the map and therefore making each scenario significantly easier. Balancing right now is enough of a headache, so implementing some form of scaling based on player count would be a nightmare.

    I'd say no. People used the pre-time in HD when medkits used to spawn to move them and no-one had any issues doing that, so I'm sure the players can do a bit of work to move some things. As for the indicators, it's not so simple to map them visually as the systems behind it are fairly complicated, and also for efficiency sake, once one person is deemed to have too many nearby it doesn't check the others.

    Laser Sights
    Seems like a simple enough request.

    The store is getting some general tweaks, the EXP/Cash packs probably won't be returning however, they just don't seem to be worth very much as they can be earned fairly easily in game. As for the item booster, I think items are easy enough to obtain as is, and having them give double would make some intentionally hard to get crafts significantly easier.

    As for people leveling up faster, well I'd say it is fine right now. New people need to learn things before gaining too many levels, else we'll have situations where level 100+ players with hardly any upgrades being unable to survive.

    If there's one thing I've learned in my time here is that no matter how many message we throw on screen some people will always ignore them. There's already a message on every join about the !cp commands and the PR-Guide is force enabled below Lv. 150 so those also give hints towards obtaining upgrades etc.

    Most survivor upgrades are already dirt cheap costing merely a few hundred cash or even less on the first few levels.

    Players can upgrade at any time, the point of the Lv. 50 limit is simply to help other players. What used to happen in the past is that some had no idea how to upgrade and would go beyond level 50 causing them to then become victims of friendly fire. Others would then shoot and incap/kill them fairly easily as they had little health. If a player hasn't upgraded and are at level 50, every time they earn over 1500 exp a PR-Guide message will be displayed to them letting them know they must upgrade to gain further levels. Players level 50 or below also already have several hidden benefits to help them survive on higher difficulties (up to 90% damage reduction, status/friendly fire immunity, 50% slow resist, shots ignore defense, ragdoll immunity), and some even persist until higher levels, but as ever, other players must look out for them too.
  4. Rym™

    Rym™ Junior Member

    I also had thoughts about a more extreme type of Limit Break gained automatically when reaching the level cap, it would grant the user immense power at the cost of losing an entire level and more consequences such as completely disabling all upgrades and buffs for 1 hour after the effect ends.

    It is a one for all thought, where one max level player would sacrifice one level to ensure the victory of the entire team.

    I could write an entire paragraph of what abilities could be granted while using this thing xD
  5. tank

    tank MG Donor

    Hi ii m one old mg player, had a break one year from steam,now i recently back on game and MG servers.
    I see there are many new players,and high lvl, good guys,girls,and many kind people, its very pleasure and nice feeling get back on MGFTW.
    I liked you when you write that "sacrifice", i was thinking actually last day that i missing that "sacrifice" today on MG servers. Example: When 10 guys standing in safe room on end of chapter while 2 guys are smoked 5 meter from SR and nobody goes put to help them...You can't just leave this guys die, they are your buddies. Sometimes need to sacrifice, even die to try to save teammate or low lvl. Its a game, i always carry extra defib with me, ready to help fellow survivor. But people are scared for hlstats -.-
    Its always the same couple of players who go out risk and try to save fellow survivor.
    I write this 'cos i see often this in game this days on coop servers, almost every day, and make me sad 'cos we had similar problems in past on versus servers when VS was popular but not on coop.I dont say you need go all back to start to save guys, but that passivity when is somebody 2 meter from you and you dont wanna go help is boring.

    I liked that fix when rusher cant pick up the items
    Rushing is old disease one MG ;D thx for fix, maybe also use teleport back like old times

    People are to much focused on tank and who will make more dmg then see around who is smoked and who laynig on the floor and hope that someone will came and pick him up.

    So would be very happy if on next update could focus on and make some challenge
    Maybe make some daily quests [don't look numbers is just suggestion]

    Go out from SR on end of chapter and save 100 survivors grabbed by smoker or charger = 1 candy

    "Jesus baby"
    Defib 1000 fellow survivor on scenario = 1 candy

    "Buddha 1"
    Don't heal whole scenario, use all your kits on on others (can be healed only by boosters or by healing skill from other survivor) reward?

    Heal 1000 survivors on scenario (healed player need be red bar or not work, cant do twice on same player in same round) rword???

    Pick up 1000 incap survivors and heal them (1 pick up 1 healing,)

    Candy's maybe could exchange for some Awesome special buff which is not on store or event or HD ticket.

    I know you guys are busy with life but maybe one day you could make one extreme survival challenge server
    Starting from normal tanks up, like 5 levels, t1,t2,t3,t4,t5 plus SI and UBER
    where players could play and try to win some rewards, but must be very hard, and lv5 should be insane mod ,only uber SI,possible to win 50-50 to win only if all is lvl250
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