Level up, earn points to buy Upgrades and Skills, and explore the Market. Participate in Challenges and Quests, play the lottery, and join Guilds/Clans. Explore map modifications (pathing) and enjoy admin-hosted events. Build your character the way you want to.

Read more about upgrades and skills in the wiki.


Everything from Shaman and Knight Tanks to dangerous hordes. There are dozens of Special Tank types, variable level SI, and new attacks and defenses. How you survive entirely depends on how you build your custom character.


Solve puzzles, finish side quests, assist NPCs, fight other Guilds/clans, and much more. Get rewarded for your efforts with Gems, Points/Cash, and rare collectibles.


Admins will occasionally host thrilling events, often rewarding players who participate in them. On the weekends, there are special event servers where custom maps (like Helms Deep) can be played with Points Reloaded running on them!

Lastly, everything is free!

We don't charge money to play, but if you want to help pay for server costs, visit the MG Store. Note that everything you can buy from the store can be earned in-game as well.

Vicious Infected (VI) is a highly competitive, action-packed, fast paced L4D2 mod. There are several modifications that give this mod its unique feel:

  • Stronger infected: mobs are summoned when vomited on, deep wounds/bleeding after receiving damage, infections, smoker can drag survivors around, jockeys can blindfold victims, spitter goo is sticky, tanks are stronger, and much more.
  • Intense teamwork: either you work together or die. Strategy and efficient usage of resources is critical. For example, survivors can self-revive by using their first aid kit; how and when to self-revive adds a whole depth to gameplay that can only be experienced by playing!
  • Hardcore: Unlike Points Reloaded, Vicious Infected is hardcore to the bone; the only things you can rely on are your teammates. Team chat and mics are encouraged. Bring your friends for an action-packed experience!

Our private modded Day Z server features the following enhancements:

  • 1300+ vehicles.
  • TSW Anti-Hack.
  • Houses have lights on (when dark).
  • Nights always have a full moon.
  • Gender selection.
  • Self bloodbag.
  • 12 custom spawn locations around the map.
  • Fast roping from choppers (use scrollwheel).
  • There are AI soldiers that kill bandits at certain zones (Krasnosnamensk SW Airfield, Branibor, and Etanovsk). The soldiers will shoot at any bandit with a humanity of -2500 or lower. So watch out! There is an AI chopper patrolling SW airfield as well. Feel free to kill them but at your own risk!
  • Animated / AI flying crashsites: an AI chopper will start flying every 15 minutes. If it crashes or if you shoot it down, it will spawn loot at that place near the crashsite.
  • Crashsites have new added weapons!
  • Strip parts from vehicles (toolbox required).
NOTE: In order to play on our Day Z server, you need to add your BattleEye GUID to the MGFTW White List. This is a security measure to prevent hacking and to make your Day Z experience as enjoyable as possible! Add yourself to the whitelist here.

We also host a Chivalry: Medieval Warfare server. Search for mgftw in the Servers list to find our server. Here's what multiplayer mode looks like: