Contact an admin

Here is a list of active MGFTW admins. You can contact any admin by visiting his/her profile and sending a Private Message. If the inquiry involves a ban, please contact the respective admin or start a topic in the Protest A Ban section. If you feel that you have been unfairly treated or would like to report admin abuse, post a topic on the forum with pictures/evidence. If you have any general inquiries or need MG Store-related support, please contact erik. For bug reports, please search the forums first, and if it is not listed, file one here.
Admin NameAdmin Position (and duties)Contact Information
MarvelHead AdministratorProfile
erikHead Administrator & Store ManagerProfile
HonorCodeHead AdministratorProfile
davzeeHead Administrator, Digital ArtistryProfile
Hey KoolaidHead AdministratorProfile
StefemanHead AdministratorProfile
KittiesHead AdministratorProfile
CocaineHead AdministratorProfile
RazServer ModeratorProfile
ChooChooServer Moderator, PR/HI Dynamic PathingProfile
PurplePuppetServer ModeratorProfile
CrazyRabbitServer ModeratorProfile
SandanteServer ModeratorProfile
IcedTearsServer ModeratorProfile
AdwardServer ModeratorProfile
StephServer Moderator, Hidden Infected ModProfile
FnordServer ModeratorProfile
JostServer Moderator, Hidden Infected ModProfile
DarkzoneServer Moderator, Hidden Infected ModProfile