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Image Title Text
Biggrin Biggrin :-D
Confused Confused :-?
Troll Face Troll Face :trollface:
Blink Blink :blink:
Bored Bored :bored:
Confused Confused :confused:
Confused Confused :confused2:
Cool Cool :cool:
Cool Cool :cool2:
Eek Eek :eek:
Frown Frown :redsad:
Frown Frown :frown:
Huh Huh :huh:
Laugh Laugh :laugh:
Laugh Laugh :laugh2:
Lol Lol :lol:
Mad Mad :mad:
Redface Redface :O
Redface Redface :redface:
Rolleyes Rolleyes :rolleyes:
Rolleyes Rolleyes :rolleyes2:
Sad Sad :sad3:
Scared Scared :scared:
Sleep Sleep :sleep:
Smile Smile :smile:
Smile Smile :smile2:
Smiley Angry009 Smiley Angry009 :smiley-angry009:
Smiley Angry011 Smiley Angry011 :smiley-angry011:
Smiley Angry015 Smiley Angry015 :smiley-angry015:
Smiley Angry017 Smiley Angry017 :smiley-angry017:
Smiley Angry020 Smiley Angry020 :smiley-angry020:
Smiley Angry027 Smiley Angry027 :smiley-angry027:
Smiley Angry029 Smiley Angry029 :smiley-angry029:
Smiley Angry037 Smiley Angry037 :smiley-angry037:
Smiley Angry047 Smiley Angry047 :smiley-angry047:
Smiley Angry048 Smiley Angry048 :smiley-angry048:
Smiley Computer001 Smiley Computer001 :smiley-computer001:
Smiley Computer005 Smiley Computer005 :smiley-computer005:
Smiley Computer008 Smiley Computer008 :smiley-computer008:
Smiley Computer011 Smiley Computer011 :smiley-computer011:
Smiley Computer012 Smiley Computer012 :smiley-computer012:
Smiley Finger004 Smiley Finger004 :smiley-finger004:
Smiley Finger007 Smiley Finger007 :smiley-finger007:
Smiley Happy008 Smiley Happy008 :smiley-happy008:
Smiley Happy014 Smiley Happy014 :smiley-happy014:
Smiley Happy023 Smiley Happy023 :smiley-happy023:
Smiley Happy032 Smiley Happy032 :smiley-happy032:
Smiley Happy036 Smiley Happy036 :smiley-happy036:
Smiley Happy053 Smiley Happy053 :smiley-happy053:
Smiley Happy055 Smiley Happy055 :smiley-happy055:
Smiley Happy057 Smiley Happy057 :smiley-happy057:
Smiley Happy064 Smiley Happy064 :smiley-happy064:
Smiley Happy065 Smiley Happy065 :smiley-happy065:
Smiley Happy066 Smiley Happy066 :smiley-happy066:
Smiley Happy070 Smiley Happy070 :smiley-happy070:
Smiley Happy084 Smiley Happy084 :smiley-happy084:
Smiley Happy093 Smiley Happy093 :smiley-happy093:
Smiley Happy096 Smiley Happy096 :smiley-happy096:
Smiley Happy110 Smiley Happy110 :smiley-happy110:
Smiley Happy120 Smiley Happy120 :smiley-happy120:
Smiley Scared002 Smiley Scared002 :smiley-scared002:
Smiley Scared004 Smiley Scared004 :smiley-scared004:
Smiley Scared006 Smiley Scared006 :smiley-scared006:
Smiley Scared007 Smiley Scared007 :smiley-scared007:
Smiley Scared010 Smiley Scared010 :smiley-scared010:
Smiley Sex015 Smiley Sex015 :smiley-sex015:
Smiley Sex020 Smiley Sex020 :smiley-sex020:
Smiley Signs001 Smiley Signs001 :smiley-signs001:
Smiley Signs002 Smiley Signs002 :smiley-signs002:
Smiley Signs003 Smiley Signs003 :smiley-signs003:
Smiley Signs004 Smiley Signs004 :smiley-signs004:
Smiley Signs005 Smiley Signs005 :smiley-signs005:
Smiley Signs006 Smiley Signs006 :smiley-signs006:
Smiley Signs007 Smiley Signs007 :smiley-signs007:
Smiley Signs009 Smiley Signs009 :smiley-signs009:
Smiley Signs011 Smiley Signs011 :smiley-signs011:
Smiley Signs012 Smiley Signs012 :smiley-signs012:
Smiley Signs013 Smiley Signs013 :smiley-signs013:
Smiley Signs014 Smiley Signs014 :smiley-signs014:
Smiley Signs015 Smiley Signs015 :smiley-signs015:
Smiley Signs016 Smiley Signs016 :smiley-signs016:
Smiley Signs017 Smiley Signs017 :smiley-signs017:
Smiley Signs018 Smiley Signs018 :smiley-signs018:
Smiley Signs019 Smiley Signs019 :smiley-signs019:
Smiley Signs020 Smiley Signs020 :smiley-signs020:
Smiley Signs021 Smiley Signs021 :smiley-signs021:
Smiley Signs022 Smiley Signs022 :smiley-signs022:
Smiley Signs023 Smiley Signs023 :smiley-signs023:
Smiley Signs024 Smiley Signs024 :smiley-signs024:
Smiley Signs025 Smiley Signs025 :smiley-signs025:
Smiley Signs026 Smiley Signs026 :smiley-signs026:
Smiley Signs027 Smiley Signs027 :smiley-signs027:
Smiley Signs028 Smiley Signs028 :smiley-signs028:
Smiley Signs029 Smiley Signs029 :smiley-signs029:
Smiley Signs030 Smiley Signs030 :smiley-signs030:
Smiley Signs031 Smiley Signs031 :smiley-signs031:
Smiley Signs032 Smiley Signs032 :smiley-signs032:
Smiley Signs033 Smiley Signs033 :smiley-signs033:
Smiley Signs034 Smiley Signs034 :smiley-signs034:
Smiley Signs035 Smiley Signs035 :smiley-signs035:
Smiley Signs036 Smiley Signs036 :smiley-signs036:
Smiley Signs037 Smiley Signs037 :smiley-signs037:
Smiley Signs038 Smiley Signs038 :smiley-signs038:
Smiley Signs039 Smiley Signs039 :smiley-signs039:
Smiley Signs040 Smiley Signs040 :smiley-signs040:
Smiley Signs041 Smiley Signs041 :smiley-signs041:
Smiley Signs042 Smiley Signs042 :smiley-signs042:
Smiley Signs043 Smiley Signs043 :smiley-signs043:
Smiley Signs044 Smiley Signs044 :smiley-signs044:
Smiley Signs045 Smiley Signs045 :smiley-signs045:
Smiley Signs046 Smiley Signs046 :smiley-signs046:
Smiley Signs047 Smiley Signs047 :smiley-signs047:
Smiley Signs051 Smiley Signs051 :smiley-signs051:
Smiley Signs052 Smiley Signs052 :smiley-signs052:
Smiley Signs053 Smiley Signs053 :smiley-signs053:
Smiley Signs054 Smiley Signs054 :smiley-signs054:
Smiley Signs055 Smiley Signs055 :smiley-signs055:
Smiley Signs056 Smiley Signs056 :smiley-signs056:
Smiley Signs057 Smiley Signs057 :smiley-signs057:
Smiley Signs058 Smiley Signs058 :smiley-signs058:
Smiley Signs059 Smiley Signs059 :smiley-signs059:
Smiley Signs060 Smiley Signs060 :smiley-signs060:
Smiley Signs061 Smiley Signs061 :smiley-signs061:
Smiley Signs062 Smiley Signs062 :smiley-signs062:
Smiley Signs063 Smiley Signs063 :smiley-signs063:
Smiley Signs064 Smiley Signs064 :smiley-signs064:
Smiley Signs065 Smiley Signs065 :smiley-signs065:
Smiley Signs066 Smiley Signs066 :smiley-signs066:
Smiley Signs067 Smiley Signs067 :smiley-signs067:
Smiley Signs068 Smiley Signs068 :smiley-signs068:
Smiley Signs079 Smiley Signs079 :smiley-signs079:
Smiley Signs080 Smiley Signs080 :smiley-signs080:
Smiley Signs081 Smiley Signs081 :smiley-signs081:
Smiley Signs082 Smiley Signs082 :smiley-signs082:
Smiley Signs083 Smiley Signs083 :smiley-signs083:
Smiley Signs084 Smiley Signs084 :smiley-signs084:
Smiley Signs085 Smiley Signs085 :smiley-signs085:
Smiley Signs086 Smiley Signs086 :smiley-signs086:
Smiley Signs087 Smiley Signs087 :smiley-signs087:
Smiley Signs088 Smiley Signs088 :smiley-signs088:
Smiley Signs089 Smiley Signs089 :smiley-signs089:
Smiley Signs090 Smiley Signs090 :smiley-signs090:
Smiley Signs091 Smiley Signs091 :smiley-signs091:
Smiley Signs092 Smiley Signs092 :smiley-signs092:
Smiley Signs093 Smiley Signs093 :smiley-signs093:
Smiley Signs094 Smiley Signs094 :smiley-signs094:
Smiley Signs095 Smiley Signs095 :smiley-signs095:
Smiley Signs096 Smiley Signs096 :smiley-signs096:
Smiley Signs097 Smiley Signs097 :smiley-signs097:
Smiley Signs098 Smiley Signs098 :smiley-signs098:
Smiley Signs099 Smiley Signs099 :smiley-signs099:
Smiley Signs100 Smiley Signs100 :smiley-signs100:
Smiley Signs101 Smiley Signs101 :smiley-signs101:
Smiley Signs102 Smiley Signs102 :smiley-signs102:
Smiley Signs103 Smiley Signs103 :smiley-signs103:
Smiley Signs104 Smiley Signs104 :smiley-signs104:
Smiley Signs105 Smiley Signs105 :smiley-signs105:
Smiley Signs106 Smiley Signs106 :smiley-signs106:
Smiley Signs107 Smiley Signs107 :smiley-signs107:
Smiley Signs108 Smiley Signs108 :smiley-signs108:
Smiley Signs109 Smiley Signs109 :smiley-signs109:
Smiley Signs110 Smiley Signs110 :smiley-signs110:
Smiley Signs111 Smiley Signs111 :smiley-signs111:
Smiley Signs112 Smiley Signs112 :smiley-signs112:
Smiley Signs113 Smiley Signs113 :smiley-signs113:
Smiley Signs114 Smiley Signs114 :smiley-signs114:
Smiley Signs115 Smiley Signs115 :smiley-signs115:
Smiley Signs116 Smiley Signs116 :smiley-signs116:
Smiley Signs117 Smiley Signs117 :smiley-signs117:
Smiley Signs118 Smiley Signs118 :smiley-signs118:
Smiley Signs119 Smiley Signs119 :smiley-signs119:
Smiley Signs120 Smiley Signs120 :smiley-signs120:
Smiley Signs121 Smiley Signs121 :smiley-signs121:
Smiley Signs123 Smiley Signs123 :smiley-signs123:
Smiley Signs124 Smiley Signs124 :smiley-signs124:
Smiley Signs125 Smiley Signs125 :smiley-signs125:
Smiley Signs126 Smiley Signs126 :smiley-signs126:
Smiley Signs127 Smiley Signs127 :smiley-signs127:
Smiley Signs128 Smiley Signs128 :smiley-signs128:
Smiley Signs130 Smiley Signs130 :smiley-signs130:
Smiley Signs131 Smiley Signs131 :smiley-signs131:
Smiley Signs132 Smiley Signs132 :smiley-signs132:
Smiley Signs133 Smiley Signs133 :smiley-signs133:
Smiley Signs135 Smiley Signs135 :smiley-signs135:
Smiley Signs136 Smiley Signs136 :smiley-signs136:
Smiley Signs137 Smiley Signs137 :smiley-signs137:
Smiley Signs138 Smiley Signs138 :smiley-signs138:
Smiley Signs139 Smiley Signs139 :smiley-signs139:
Smiley Signs140 Smiley Signs140 :smiley-signs140:
Smiley Signs141 Smiley Signs141 :smiley-signs141:
Smiley Signs142 Smiley Signs142 :smiley-signs142:
Smiley Signs143 Smiley Signs143 :smiley-signs143:
Smiley Signs144 Smiley Signs144 :smiley-signs144:
Smiley Signs145 Smiley Signs145 :smiley-signs145:
Smiley Signs146 Smiley Signs146 :smiley-signs146:
Smiley Signs147 Smiley Signs147 :smiley-signs147:
Smiley Signs149 Smiley Signs149 :smiley-signs149:
Smiley Signs150 Smiley Signs150 :smiley-signs150:
Smiley Signs152 Smiley Signs152 :smiley-signs152:
Smiley Signs153 Smiley Signs153 :smiley-signs153:
Smiley Signs154 Smiley Signs154 :smiley-signs154:
Smiley Signs155 Smiley Signs155 :smiley-signs155:
Smiley Talk001 Smiley Talk001 :smiley-talk001:
Smiley Talk002 Smiley Talk002 :smiley-talk002:
Smiley Talk003 Smiley Talk003 :smiley-talk003:
Smiley Talk006 Smiley Talk006 :smiley-talk006:
Smiley Talk014 Smiley Talk014 :smiley-talk014:
Smiley Talk020 Smiley Talk020 :smiley-talk020:
Smiley Talk034 Smiley Talk034 :smiley-talk034:
Smiley Whacky007 Smiley Whacky007 :smiley-whacky007:
Smiley Whacky024 Smiley Whacky024 :smiley-whacky024:
Smiley Whacky056 Smiley Whacky056 :smiley-whacky056:
Smiley Whacky061 Smiley Whacky061 :smiley-whacky061:
Smiley Whacky069 Smiley Whacky069 :smiley-whacky069:
Smiley Whacky084 Smiley Whacky084 :smiley-whacky084:
Smiley Whacky086 Smiley Whacky086 :smiley-whacky086:
Smiley Whacky097 Smiley Whacky097 :smiley-whacky097:
Smiley Whacky108 Smiley Whacky108 :smiley-whacky108:
Smiley Whacky109 Smiley Whacky109 :smiley-whacky109:
Smiley Whacky110 Smiley Whacky110 :smiley-whacky110:
Stupid Stupid :^
Tongue Tongue :tongue:
Wink Wink :wink:
Biggrin Biggrin :D
Bloos Bloos :blush:
Bonk Bonk :bonk:
Bye Bye :W
Clown Clown :+
Confused Confused :?
Coool Coool 8-)
Cry Cry :cry:
Devil Devil :devil:
Devilish Devilish :devilish:
Emo Emo :')
Frown Frown :(
Frusty Frusty :frusty:
Heart Heart :heart:
Hypocrite Hypocrite :hypo:
Koffie Koffie :coffee:
Kwijl Kwijl :drewl:
Loveys Loveys :love:
Nooo Nooo :N
Nosmile Nosmile :nosmile:
Puh Puh :puh:
Puh2 Puh2 :P
Pukey Pukey :r
Push Push :push:
Sadley Sadley :sad:
Schater Schater _O-
Shiny Shiny :shiny:
Shutup Shutup :X
Sleepey Sleepey :sleepy:
Sleephappy Sleephappy :sleephappy:
Sm Eerie Sm Eerie :eerie:
Smile Smile :)
Spinsmile Spinsmile :spin:
Static Static *O*
Swhip Swhip :whip:
Thumbsup Thumbsup ^O^
Vork Vork :vork:
We We :we:
Wink Wink ;)
Worshippy Worshippy _O_
Yawnee Yawnee :yawnee:
Yes New Yes New :Y
Yummie Yummie :-9