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  1. timkit
    Time to get back to updating the Usage of Buffs and Buff Sets Guide!
  2. tank
  3. Tom1993
  4. benny
    benny davzee
    oyyyyy my name's davzee
  5. oinkoink
    oinkoink Horama
    Hello Horama, may I be added into DDs again? I have begun playing L4D2 recently :3
    1. Horama
      hello good to here this news , im don't still the leader its Byakuya aka zero now , notears is co-leader also , im confined at house by doctor order so we will problably meet ingame in future weeks ,
      Mar 15, 2020
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    2. oinkoink
      Hi Byakuya invited me to the clan. Thanks! :3
      Mar 18, 2020
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  6. timkit
    VS week extended until the end of 16th!
  7. benny
    Need poison witches :'( Hellllllllllp
  8. benny
  9. benny
    benny Parrots
    parrots xD
  10. Kirisu ღ
    Kirisu ღ
    lvl249, might be inactive once I hit S4 & lvl250
  11. timkit
    As soon as my guide updates are done, I'll be 100% inactive for sometime from mgftw ^^
  12. benny
  13. benny
  14. XxDarkus101Xx [⅋]
    XxDarkus101Xx [⅋] timkit
    Hey man Its me again. I'm just letting you know that I will be hosting "Humanity is not Playing" quest at 9am
    (or 9pm for your time) tomorrow. Hope to see ya then.^^
    1. timkit
      I'll be there tomorrow ^^, should definitely be able to make that time man. Thanks for letting me know about it :)
      Jan 6, 2020
    2. XxDarkus101Xx [⅋]
      XxDarkus101Xx [⅋]
      You're welcome^^
      Jan 6, 2020
  15. XxDarkus101Xx [⅋]
    XxDarkus101Xx [⅋] timkit
    hey Tim its Darkus, I have just got done with after the storm quest, and now I need to do the Paying a Visit quest. I was hoping I can host it tomorrow at around 3:30 tomorrow when I get off from my job.
  16. timkit
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year! :D
  17. TeDDee! [Ω] Taking It Slowly
    TeDDee! [Ω] Taking It Slowly Mute
    Hi Mute. I have reached lvl 250. Why is it that I can pick up Green Notes, but not others? Thanks for the reply in advance
    1. Mute
      At Level 250, you can only pickup Green CEDA notes if you have below 30, as you are max level you don't need them but some crafting recipes require green notes so I allowed green pickups only.
      Dec 12, 2019
  18. Ah_Roon
    Ah_Roon in Marvelous Gaming
  19. timkit
    timkit adosoman
    hey man ^^, horama isn't active anymore on mgftw these days. You'd be best to contact cocoa, the current leader of Dominions Dogma if you wish to join their clan ^^
  20. adosoman
    adosoman Horama
    Hello Could you invite me to DDs, please? I'd like to join.