1. Ammo Dispenser, Zapping Gun & Helping Drone buffs are now live!

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  3. The Easter event has concluded. You have until the 1st of May to exchange your chocolate eggs.

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New Profile Posts

  1. bludogie
  2. Tali
    Tali Erika {C²}
    Secret gang meeting tonight at 9 around the library. Don't tell anyone.
  3. timkit
    will be trying again to get invites to VS from tonight (lGMT+8 local time)
  4. timkit
    Gonna try to get a VS game up and running tonight
  5. Adward
    so i was just yeah ok whatever
  6. Shaikh Nedab
    Shaikh Nedab
    damn wanna play custom coop but this college monsters wanna kill me everyday. hope one day they will leave me alone.
  7. Horama
    Horama Atlas
    And clan grow up on a few days , like 5 new members and 5 new level
  8. timkit
    timkit Atlas
    welcome back man, you didn't miss much at all. the only thing happening daily atm is those posts on the Reviving VS thread. :P
  9. Atlas
    Back from school vacation :D
  10. timkit
    timkit bludogie
    good to see you on mgftw again :D
    1. bludogie likes this.
  11. bludogie
    just got unbanned by someone, thanks!
  12. Atlas
    i will not be online from monday to wednessday, maybe online on steam mobile for chats, so feel free to message me if you have something :)
    1. Horama
      You can post on steam group too if you want atlas , good return soon :)
      Apr 25, 2017 at 1:26 PM
  13. Horama
    Horama vollaster
    Congrats :)
    1. vollaster likes this.
  14. vollaster
    woooo level 220 :D
    1. Tali
      sweet! congrats ^^
      Apr 23, 2017
      vollaster likes this.
  15. timkit
    enjoy your weekend guys! :)
  16. Horama
    Have a good week-end
    1. marvel likes this.
  17. Tali
    Mommy's home
  18. jrng0403
    Fluffy【ℓ ღℓ i】
  19. timkit
    Finally got all 3 new event buffs. :D
    1. jrng0403 likes this.
    2. jrng0403
      o.o Which buffs are they? I don't even know there are new buffs for this event :P
      Apr 20, 2017
    3. timkit
      Apr 20, 2017
      jrng0403 likes this.
  20. timkit
    been a while since an old member came back into my clan. but im glad Rikka♥ [™۞] has finally returned :D