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  1. ʕ •ᴥ•ʔHayateAyakasi8
  2. 22 ✓
    22 ✓ timkit
    How have you been?
  3. Casderai-Dest
    Veteran has return.
  4. Casderai-Dest
    Returned to MGFTW after 4 and a half of years.
  5. ratchet
  6. duckyy
    It's been so long.
  7. Pain
    Someone here playing Brawlhalla?
  8. Pain
  9. Bad Memes
    Bad Memes
    "John Madden!"
  10. Princess Slimey
    Princess Slimey
    Jumping off a cliff with a chicken was not a good idea, I blame Zelda games for this.
  11. timkit
    Usage of Buffs and Buff Sets Guide will finally get updates again! Sorry to keep you all waiting :(
  12. ratchet
  13. benny
    benny Method1988
    methodddddddddd <3
  14. timkit
    Happy Halloween to you all!
  15. timkit
  16. Ds-Hs 【 ♥ L 】
    Ds-Hs 【 ♥ L 】 Mute
    Hi Mute,

    My rep is 1000, can i pay to buy my rep?
    1. Mute
      You cannot spend money to change your rep, if you meant your rep is -1000, then my recommendation is to not use throwables like molotovs or pipe bombs until your reputation slowly improves.
      Aug 9, 2021
    2. Ds-Hs 【 ♥ L 】
      Ds-Hs 【 ♥ L 】
      I am not using. however i had being kicked out many times.
      Aug 14, 2021
    3. Mute
      You might be rushing too far ahead then, if you haven't already, in game, enter the Settings option, Chat Settings, Notifications, and turn on Rep Notifications, with that you can see in chat when you rep increases or decreases.
      Aug 14, 2021
  17. Levins
    it's been 3 years
  18. Levins
  19. Frypapa
    Frypapa Mute
    Hi mute, I have reached lvl 200 yesterday, but it seems my exp doesn't increase until now and I stuck at lvl 200. Does it require to upgrade something or what? because I do kill SI, tanks and CI but still remain unchanged. Could you pls fix that? Best regards.
    1. Mute
      Once you reach Level 200, you will have to complete some quests, there is a new quest line from 'The Voice' that you must complete. Upon completing all of those quests, you will receive an item called the Enhancer, using it will escalate you to Level 201 and you can continue from there. Alternatively you can purchase the Enhancer from our store.
      Jul 12, 2021
    2. Frypapa
      Thanks for your clarification.
      Jul 12, 2021
  20. Tucap Shakur
    Tucap Shakur Mute
    Hello mute I'm new player mgft servers currently playing in eu server but my level stucked at 50 with uber percentenge 42601.8% my in game name is Tucap Shakur can you please deal with that issue thanks already regards
    1. Mute
      Hi, if you're stuck at level 50 it's because you need to upgrade your character. To do so, type !up in game, select Survivor and then select upgrades to improve your stats, such as health, damage, ammo capacity and so on. After at least one upgrade, when you gain experience all the stored experience should also be used, which should be a fairly large level up.
      Jun 13, 2021
    2. Tucap Shakur
      Tucap Shakur
      Unfortunately it didn't work out. I've fully done all the upgrades but still stucked that percentenge and lvl 50
      Jun 13, 2021
    3. Mute
      That is strange, I'll try to work out what is wrong and get back to you. In the mean time, can you confirm your upgrades are properly loading when you join the server? (e.g. you join the server with more than 100 health) If they are, can you quickly try to kill a Special Infected and see if you gain anything?
      Jun 13, 2021