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Visible Infected (SEIG V1.1.2)

Jun 28, 2017
Visible Infected (SEIG V1.1.2)
  • Visible Infected Good Status Effect
    All newly spawned infected will be visible to all survivors for 30 seconds. The currently spawned infected during that duration remain visible until they get killed or despawn.

    White Toaster Effect

    When you get the bonus toaster effect
    [PR] The bonus item made newly spawned infected visible for 30 seconds!
    When another survivor gets the bonus toaster effect
    [PR] Player's bonus item made newly spawned infected visible for 30 seconds!
    When the bonus toaster effect expires
    [PR] Infected visibility effect expired.

    Effect as seen from within game

    Buff Effect


    PR Notifications


    • When the Visible Infected Good Status Effect is currently active, it becomes much easier to kill Special Infected from much further away, especially with the AWP/SCOUT sniper rifle weapons due to the the SI's outline being seen by all survivors. Use this knowledge to gain more bounty overtime, while you have the Peanut Blessing and Hunting Reward Buff effects equipped with the former one being currently active.