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Stun (S) (SEIG V1.1.12)

Aug 22, 2017
Stun (S) (SEIG V1.1.12)
  • Stun Bad Status Effect
    You are stunned, unable to do anything at all except chatting.

    Buff Effects

    Stun Buff (Charger Special Infected Only) (Damage Dealer + Tanky Role Only)
    Each 4th hit with your claw on the same survivor will stun him. Stunned survivors will not be able to command their character (move, buy items, change items, move camera). Stun duration: 2 seconds
    <You can only stun the same survivor once per spawn>

    Disoriented Buff (Jockey Special infected Only) (Damage Dealer + Debuffer Role Only)
    Survivors will be stunned for 2 seconds after you ride them.

    PR Notifications (Buffs)

    [PR] When you have been stunned
    [PR] You are stunned! Effect lasts 2 seconds
    [PR] "Player" is stunned!

    [PR] when you are no longer stunned
    [PR] You are no longer stunned

    Ability Effect (Infected Only): Electric, Supreme Shaman, Fighter, Infernal, Supreme Infernal Tank

    Electric Tank
    This tank utilizes electricity in its fists and rocks to shock and stun its victims, leaving them defenseless for a few seconds.

    (Passive) Shocking Source: Damage taken from the tank will stun the victim for a few seconds. A victim can't be stunned again for 10 seconds.
    (Active) Electric Shock: The tank will release a sudden jolt of electricity, stunning all survivors in its vicinity. This stun ignores the Shocking Source immunity.

    Supreme Shaman Tank
    (Passive) Debilitating Claw: The tank has a 1/3 chance of inflicting a random status condition on any non-downed survivor it punches.

    Fighter Tank
    (Active) Earth Smash: The tank jumps high in the sky and then launches with all its force into the ground causing a earthquake. Survivors standing too close to the tank will receive 0-600HP damage, will become stunned for 0-5 seconds and get confused for 0-10 seconds.

    Infernal Tank
    (Active) Eruption: The tank slams the ground causing a violent eruption, starting a fire. Any nearby survivors will also suffer a stun for 3 seconds.

    Supreme Infernal Tank:
    (Active) Tentacles: The tank uses tentacles to attack near survivors. These tentacles deal 90HP true damage per hit and can trigger the Earthquake passive. Tentacles stay in the ground for 3 seconds and then explode, damaging and stunning ANYTHING too close. Each tentacle hit reduces the survivor defenses by 10%. Survivor regains defense by 1% each 3 seconds.

    (Active) Eruption: The tank slams the ground causing a violent eruption, starting a fire. Any nearby survivors will also suffer a stun for 3 seconds.

    PR Notifications (PR-GUIDES/Ability Effects)

    (Same as PR Notifications above)

    • If you do get stunned, try not to get stunned in an unfavourable position. Such as in a corner or near a tank. Otherwise this can result in more trouble for you with the infected or alot more damage incoming your way.
    • If you are on low HP and don't want to get stunned again, activate the Health Dispenser Buff effect if you have the buff in your currently active buff set so you can save yourself from an incoming likely death.