Special Tier !tankinfo 3 (TI)

Jan 17, 2019
Special Tier !tankinfo 3 (TI)
  • Special Tier !tankinfo Page 3 (TI V1.0.5)

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    15. Shadow Tank

    This tank only appears when its dark. It is able to modify the colour of its cells to become invisible and quietly hunt its prey down.

    Health: 412,500
    Punch Damage: 1,000 HP
    Speed: 1.7
    Hit Delay: 0.35
    Blocks: Fire, Melee and Acid

    • (Passive) Shy: The tank will never attack or show itself if survivors are too close to each other. Survivors must be in groups of maximum 3 to allow the tank to appear.
    • (Passive) Firm Ground: The tank is completely immune to stagger effects.
    • (Passive) Shadow Resilience: Status effects on the tank only last half as long.
    • (Passive) In the shadows: The tank becomes invisible and takes no damage. Additionally, the tank does not collide with survivors and makes no noise.
    • (Passive) Shadow Recuperate: When the tank enters the shadows, it heals for 7.5% of its Max Health.
    • (Passive) Shadow Corrupt: While in the shadows, all survivors above 10% HP take damage each second equal to the tank's missing health percent.
    • (Active) Shadow Attack: When the tank reveals itself it will blind all survivors looking at it for 4 seconds and will stop being invisible. One survivor group will be Shadow Marked, causing them to gain 100% increased aggro and have their defenses disabled.
    • (Passive) Shadow Murder: If a Shadow Marked survivor is killed by any means, the tank will return to the shadows.
    • (Passive) Shadow Timeout: If the tank is hidden for 2 minutes it will forcibly reveal itself blinding every survivor for 10 seconds and dealing 25% current HP damage.
    • (Passive) Shadow Frustration: Each second the Tank hasn't punched a Shadow Marked survivor, it gains 1% bonus attack damage until it does.
    • (Passive) Shadow Taunt: If a Shadow Marked survivor hasn't damaged the Tank in 3 seconds, they will begin taking damage until they do.
    • (Active) Lethal Ability: When the tank performs a shadow attack, it will start gaining frustration stacks. Upon 100 stacks, the tank performs a lethal ability.
    • (Passive) Fury Guard: The tank gains % damage resist equal to half its fury level. While performing a Lethal Ability, the tank gains 99% damage resist.
    • (Passive) Blind Fury: The tank has a chance to blind on each punch. The chance is higher the higher the tank's fury.
    • (Active - Lethal) Division: The tank grabs a survivor and splits them in half. This results in an undefibbable death. The ability can be interrupted by freezing or stunning the tank before the animation completes. If interrupted, the tank gains 50% fury.
    • (Active - Lethal) Kidnap: The tank grabs a survivor and quickly takes them along into the shadows. The tank and the survivor will re-appear at a random location and the survivor will become incapacitated. If the survivor is not revived within 5 seconds, the tank will re-emerge from the shadows and murder them instantly. If the survivor does not die, the tank gains 50% fury.
    • (Active - Lethal) Toxin Release: The tank will shoot a powerful black gas all around it that will blind nearby survivors for 15 seconds and damage by 15% of the total damage they have done to the tank. The gas is capable of damaging and blinding survivors through obstacles.

    Additional Information:
    The Shadow Tank is the only tank in mgftw that when spawned naturally stays hidden until it reveals itself. It is part of the Cleanse Scenario which has been around since the release of V1.8. This tank has also had various changes done to it throughout the year in 2018.

    16. Supreme Duelist Tank <top>

    This tank uses different melee weapons to attack the survivors and kept the bullet immunity of its weaker version.

    Health: 300,000
    Punch Damage: 300 HP
    Speed: 1.7
    Hit Delay: 0.4
    Blocks: Fire and Bullets

    • (Passive) Slayer: The tank uses melee weapons to attack dealing 10% of the survivor's current health as additional damage.
    • (Passive) Honored Combat: Both the tank and the survivors have all attack and defense modifiers nullified.
    • (Passive) No Guard: Damage from the tank cannot be blocked by any means.
    • (Passive) True Guard: True damage dealt to the tank is halved.
    • (Active) Melee Stab: The tank stabs a sharp weapon into a survivor, slowing him down by 75% and causing 2% of the survivor's maximum health as damage per second. The weapon can be removed by shoving the survivor 10 times or by using a medkit. The medkit will only heal for half and will be slow to use.
    • (Active) Dance of a thousand katanas: The tank throws katanas at multiple directions, dealing 750 HP damage, and inflicting a random bleed status effect. The katanas can pierce through survivors and may damage them multiple times. Each katana that hits a survivor lowers the cooldown for the ability by 1.5 seconds.
    • (Passive) Quick Dash: The tank will randomly drop machetes to the floor. If a survivor steps near one, it will explode, dealing 200 HP damage and flinging nearby survivors away. The tank then leaves a decoy made of pure skin and teleports to the survivor, focusing them for 6 seconds. The machetes can be shot to be destroyed.
    • (Active) Knife: The tank throws a knife in front that deals 250 HP damage if it hits a survivor. The knife has a 5% chance of hitting the survivor's spine which will deal 1500 HP damage instead.
    • (Active) Axe'd: The tank switches to an axe that will cause 80% of the target's current health as damage to its next victim and slows them by 75%. The tank will also heal equal to the victim's maximum health. If it doesn't attack in 10 seconds the axe is put away.

    Additional Information:
    The Supreme Duelist Tank can either be easy or hard to kill in the Special Cargo Scenario. It has been a part of the scenario back when V1.8 was released. It has had minor changes to some of its abilities and its health, but has otherwise mostly stayed the same.

    17. Awakened Brutal Tank <top>

    The Awakened Brutal Tank is one of the strongest tanks out there. Survivors should be very careful before engaging in combat with it.

    Health: 500,000
    Punch Damage: 2,000 HP
    Speed: 2.0
    Hit Delay: 1.0
    Blocks: Fire and Melee

    • (Passive) Brutal Death: When the tank kills a survivor, it will brutally damage the survivor's corpse and cause the fear status on survivors nearby for 6 seconds. The damage to the corpse will cause the killed survivor to lose 30% maximum health permanently should they be resurrected.
    • (Passive) Sadist: Upon killing a survivor, the tank gains 70% damage resistance which decays over 10 seconds. Each dead body on the map will also give the tank an additional 4% damage resistance.
    • (Active) Directed Detonator: The tank will slam the ground, spawning a projectile to chase after the furthest survivor in its current line of sight. The projectile will stagger and deal 10% claw damage to survivors nearby while travelling. After 15 seconds or if the projectile reaches it's target, it will explode, dealing up to 50% claw damage to nearby survivors depending on the distance from the explosion.
    • (Active) Brutal Leap: The tank jumps into the air and returns to the ground after a small delay, causing an explosion that deals up to 50% claw damage to nearby survivors depending on the distance.
    • (Passive) Penetration: The tank ignores defense.
    • (Passive) Fear of death: The tank punches cause fear status for 3 seconds.
    • (Passive) Crippling Fear: If the tank punches a feared target, they will not be knocked away.
    • (Passive) Incremental Power: The tank gains 200 claw damage every 45 seconds that passes.
    • (Passive) Taunt Resist: The tank ignores any aggro overriding effects.
    • (Passive) No survival: The tank gains move speed every second it hasn't killed a survivor. It's move speed resets once it does.
    • (Active) Brutal Parasite: The tank plants a biological entity into the survivor's back that will quickly eat their flesh. The survivor takes 300 HP damage per second. The other survivors must shoot the parasite to free their friend. If a survivor dies with the parasite it will quickly jump into the closest survivor available (Radius: 400).

    Additional Information:
    The Awakened Brutal Tank is one of the strongest tanks out there that is part of the Awakening Scenario back when V1.8 was released. It used to be able to heal from the dead bodies on the map but it was since changed to have damage resistance gain instead.

    18. Dormant Anguished Tank <top>

    A tank that went through a similar process as the Heartbroken tank. It is extremely dangerous and must be annihilated.

    Health: 150,000
    Punch Damage: 1,350 HP
    Speed: 1.4
    Hit Delay: 1.5
    Blocks: Fire and Melee

    • (Passive) Penetration: The tank ignores defense.
    • (Passive) No escape: The tank gains move speed every second it hasn't damaged a survivor. It's move speed resets once it does.
    • (Passive) Fury: The tank accumulates 1 stack of fury each 2 seconds. At 100 stacks the tank does the only lethal ability it knows yet.
    • (Active - Fury) Supreme Bullet Release: The tank throws all the bullets stuck in its body causing 15% maximum health damage per second to survivors in sight of the tank. Effect lasts 6 seconds.

    Additional Information:
    The Dormant Anguished Tank is the 5th dormant tank out of 6 dormant tanks that have to be defeated in the 'Dormant Apocalypse' Quest from Sara.

    19. Dormant Repugnant Tank <top>

    A very toxic tank alike the Sickening Tank. We do not want to know what it could do if it managed to fully awaken.

    Health: 130,000
    Punch Damage: 180 HP
    Speed: 1.3
    Hit Delay: 0.5
    Blocks: Fire and Melee

    • (Passive) Penetration: The tank ignores defense.
    • (Passive) Toxicity: Adds one stack of Toxicity on each punch. The first stack causes the survivor to receive 1% of Max HP damage per second. Each new stack multiplies the damage by 2. (1% -> 2% -> 4% -> 8% -> ...). Survivors lose toxicity by 1 stack each 8 seconds. (Max DPS: 128%).
    • (Active) Toxic Cloud: The tank releases toxic clouds that stay in an area for 16 seconds and deal 6 HP damage every 0.1 seconds. The cloud grows in size overtime.
    • (Passive) No escape: The tank gains move speed every second it hasn't damaged a survivor. It's move speed resets once it does.

    Additional Information:
    The Dormant Repugnant Tank is the final and 6th dormant tank out of 6 dormant tanks that have to be defeated in the 'Dormant Apocalypse' Quest from Sara.

    20. Manipulator Tank <top>

    This tank is capable of manipulating almost every aspect of the survivor, so much as to even being able to control them. It makes heavy use of abilities that severely hinder a survivor's ability to fight back. Exhibit great caution against it!

    Health: 650,000
    Punch Damage: 750 HP
    Speed: 1.8
    Hit Delay: 0.5
    Blocks: Fire, Melee and Acid

    • (Passive) Toughened Skin: The tank has 30% damage reduction including True Damage.
    • (Passive) Harsh Conditions: Status effects applied by the tank cannot be blocked, shortened, or removed before expiring.
    • (Passive) Intimidate: Every punch has a low chance of inflicting Fear which increases as the tank's health lowers. If the tank punches a feared survivor they will enter the panicked state.
    • (Active) Claw Mutation: The tank will mutate its claws, such that the next 3 punches on unique targets will inflict a dangerous effect. If a claw mutation is currently active, Intimidate will not activate.
    • (Claw Mutation) Venom: Inflicts Venom status effect. Venom causes rapid non-lethal health loss until the victim uses Pills, Adrenaline or First Aid. Venom also slows the use time of these items.
    • (Claw Mutation) Neutralize: Inflicts a survivor with the Neutralize status effect which causes the victim to have all of their attack and defense modifiers set to 0.
    • (Claw Mutation) Meltdown: Inflicts a survivor with the Meltdown. Whenever a survivor with Meltdown takes damage, they have a 2% chance to be inflicted with a random other status effect. These other status effects also benefit from Harsh Conditions.
    • (Claw Mutation) Glimpse of Death: Sets victim to 1 HP but gives 8 seconds of Moustachio Bless. 50% of the damage blocked will be dealt once it ends. Buffs using Moustachio Bless won't work with this effect.
    • (Claw Mutation) Square One: Sets victim level to 1 for 15 seconds. Afterwards they will regain 4 levels/second. Upgrades/Skills/Buffs in slots above their current level will be disabled until they reach the level needed.
    • (Active) Life Link: The tank will tether a survivor. Any damage to the tank has a 20% chance to be split in half to the linked survivor. If the tank gets a status effect, the linked will also be affected. If the linked regains health, it will be split in half with the other being multiplied by 10 then healing the tank. Tether lasts 20 seconds but if linked dies before it ends, the tank's cooldowns are lowered by 5 seconds.
    • (Active) Possess: The tank will possess a nearby survivor making them hostile. Possessed will begin shooting at and dealing damage to other survivors. They can also be shot, which will slow them, or they can be shoved every 5 seconds. Possess will not end unless the possessed and the tank are over 600 units away or the possessed died. If they die the tank's cooldowns are lowered by 5 seconds.
    • (Active) Global Manipulation: The tank will manipulate the entire area with a random effect.
    • (Global Manipulation) Conceal: The tank disguises itself, becoming 66% invisible and moving 25% faster. It is also immune to statuses and has it's health hidden. When the tank's health is below 20% this effect becomes permanent.
    • (Global Manipulation) Timeout: All survivors will suffer a 50% reduction in move, weapon reload, fire rate, deploy and use action speed.
    • (Global Manipulation) Plague: The tank releases a horrible aura affecting all survivors, regardless of distance from the tank. All regeneration effects will be nullified with all other health gain being halved. Standing too close to the tank will deal damage and reduce Max HP by 4, being split across normal and incap HP.
    • (Global Manipulation) Terror from Beneath: The tank lets out a bellowing roar, which causes all survivors to be rooted to the ground by tentacles. The tentacles deal damage every half second, increasing the longer they exist. The tentacles can be destroyed by shooting them, but a rooted survivor cannot shoot their own tentacle, and must instead rely on their teammates to free them.
    • (Global Manipulation) Isolation: A dense fog will settle, severely limiting visibility. Due to the fog, all survivors will be unable to see the outlines or hear their teammates. The isolation will also inhibit all survivors' ability to talk or use the Bounty Menu. A survivor without a visible ally in 200 units will take 50% extra damage from all sources.

    Additional Information:
    The Manipulator Tank is the newest scenario tank to be released for mgftw in V1.8 since the Bounty Hunter Scenario was able to be hosted during the Halloween Event in 2018.

    21. Festival Tank <top>

    The tank loves to party a little bit too much...

    Health: 1,000,000
    Punch Damage: 350 HP
    Speed: 1.48
    Hit Delay: 1.0
    Blocks: Fire and Melee

    • (Passive) Celebration!: When a survivor hit by the tank's firework cannon, they will accumulate a flammable substance. After being hit 5 times by a firework, the survivor will become available for a Super Brutal Celebration.
    • (Passive) Super Brutal Celebration: When a tank hits a flammable survivor, it will trigger the celebration! The survivor will be stunned for 3 seconds and will become a source of endless fireworks shot at random directions. The survivor's flammable stacks are reset when the celebration starts and no more stacks can be earned during celebration. The celebration continues even if the survivor is dead and lasts 10 seconds.
    • (Active) Celebration box!: The tank drops a box filled with fireworks that will shoot fireworks at random directions for 8 seconds.
    • (Passive) Party Ending: When the tank reaches 5,000 HP, it will become desperate and be immune to all damage. Hitting survivors will instantly trigger a celebration regardless of stacks. The tank will then explode after some time.

    Additional Information:
    The Festival Tank was a scenario tank revealed back sometime during V1.7 when the New Year's Event was on for mgftw during December 2017 through to January 2018. It is part of the Festival Party Scenario that was able to be hosted during New Years.